Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 37)


The episode starts with Sanjana sitting sad..
Ishu noted this.. She sighed Aaru and showed her state..
Aaru to Aasha.. Aasha to Mihu.. Mihu to Ani..
Everyone noted..
Same way Sanjay was sitting sad.
But our boys were busy in their work.. (Seeing their girls)

Ishu: Sanjana… Why sad?
Sanjana: No ishu.. I m not feeling good
Aaru: Why?
Sanjana: Bcoz I had no problems…
Aasha: What?
Sanjana: Yeah Ishu Raman had Mihu problem……. Aaru Guru had Uncle problem…… Surya Ani had Harish problem….. Pranav Aasha had their first love problem… Mihu Harish had Subatra aunt problem….
Me n Sanjay don’t had anything.. Its bore na…

Everyone stared at Sanjuss…
Guru: So you need a problem now right!!
Sanjana: A small one is enough!!
Guru : Get out of here now…
Sanjana: Why?
Raman: You are not gng to marry Sanjay..
Sanjana: Then who?
Surya: Not Sanjay…
Sanjana: But I love him..
Surya: But now some girl is coming to propose Sanjay…

Sanjana: Ahhh… Very funny
Someone pressed the calling bell.. Sanjana looked confused..
Sanjay went to open the door..

There stood a gorgeous girl with pink long top.. Long hair..
She smiled…
Sanjana to herself: Long hair…
She saw hers..
Flashback showing Sanjay praising about his mom’s long hair…

She fumed…
Sanjay: Who are you?
The girl: My name is Sanjana..

Our Sanjana stared..
Pranav : Hey Sanjay.. I think this Sanjana will suit you..
Sanjay: I do think so..
Sanjana : OK.. Stop kidding me.. No issues.. Hello Ms. New Sanjana… Can you move
The girl: But mam…
Sanjana: No nothing.. You can leave now..
Guru : Hello mam leave my PA inside.. She came to give these files…

Sanjana: Ohh sorry.. She just smiled..
Sanjay laughed.. Sanjana pinched him..

After the laugh…
Aaru felt something.. She fainted..
Everyone is shocked…
Ishu sprayed water.. She woke up..

Ishu: Are you OK ?
Aaru: Yeah..
Guru: Shall we go to hospital Aaru?
She stood up smilingly.

Aaru: Bhabhi… Just imagine.. How I am going to handle another Guru?
She smiled and went to her room..

Guru: What she is telling Ishu?
Ani: Seriously you are not genius as everyone saying..
Guru: What? She just told she cant handle ano…..

Guru stopped… The boys hugged him and screamed in joy…

He had happy tears…
He excused himself and went to his room..

Ishu: I am making sweets.. Mummyji LL be happy hearing this…

Raman: Ya Ishu… Let them come..
Ani: Bhai.. Who am I to new comer?
Raman: You are his aunt.. Chachi
Ani: How come Chachi?
Surya: Ani… Who are you to Guru?
Ani: Niece..
Surya: So LL get this relationship only.. I m his/her chachu…
Sanjay : Jus imagine another Guru..
Raman: So pity on Aaru…

They laughed…
In Aaru room

Guru just sleeping in Aaru’s lap.. Wrapping his hands around her stomach..
She felt happy seeing him sleeping like this..

Aaru: Guru..
Guru: Mmmm..
Aaru: Guru wake up..
Guru: Don’t disturb us..
Aaru smiled at his word “us”..
She was carresing his head

Everyone blessed Aaru and Guru.. They went for checkup..
Doctor said that she is not tat much anaemic. But caring important.

In home..
Surya and Raman threatens her
Surya: Eat this..
Giving a spoon of food..
Aaru: No…
Raman: Otherwise I LL slap you..
Aaru: You wont do tat… I know
Surya: Ohhh..
They started diverting her and made her to empty the plate

Aaru: Ahhhhh…. Cheaters…
Raman: Wait.. LL come afternoon
Sanjay came with juice..
Harish with tablets..
Pranav with her fav items…
Guru…. Full time taking care of her….

The girls were making healthy foods for her..

Next day…
Raman and Ishu in hall..
Guru feeding Aaru . Others doing something…

Raman saw Ishu…
Raman sighed: Tell them..
Ishu sighed : You tell…
Guru without seeing them: Anyone pls tell..

Raman: Nothing Guru..
Guru: Then something there right!
Raman: Yes
Guru: What it is?
Raman: Baby…
Guru saw him… He smiled…
The girls hugged Ishu..
The boys screamed in joy..

Ishu saw Raman.. Raman too

They had a flashback..

Ishu: Raman..
Raman(in laptop): Mmmm
Ishu: See how happy Aaru is…
Raman: Mmmm…
Ishu: Guru… He had tears itself
Raman: Mmmm…
Ishu stared at him..
Ishu: Raman…
Raman: Arre what yaar?
Ishu: Why always shouting Raman?
Raman: Let me do my work.. Why you are just keep on talking?
Ishu: Back to Ravan kumar..
Raman: Always Ravan kumar.
Ishu stared at him..

Ishu took his hand from laptop and kept in her stomach..
Raman shocked at her action..
He understood …

Ishu: I was about to say this… My Ravan Kumar going to become Papa..
He had tears..
Raman hugged her..
Flashback ends..

They were smiling..

Aaru: Hey.. Now LL share my more food with Bhabhi ..
Surya: You LL get separately don’t worry

They laughed..

Raman and Guru were happy with the feel of getting their completed life..

Guru n Raman had a hug..

Mihika Harish and Pranav Asha engagement

Credit to: Nivedha

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