Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 36)


The episode starts with Harish driving car silently..
Mihika sitting silently..
Pranav standing in front of Aasha..

Mihika and Pranav’s phone rang…
It were Raman and Guru..

Raman: Hello madam.. Can you think this type of things to cheat me?
Mihu: In tension.. I forgot Raman..
Raman: What?
Mihu: To notice the cab driver…
He laughed

Pranav and Guru

Guru : Hey Pranav… How are you?
Pranav: Till now I am fine.. Don’t know after this…
Guru: So sad… Take care..

Harish went near the forest.. He went into the dense forest..
Harish: So planning to leave!!!
Mihu: Yes
Harish: Why?
Mihu: I don’t deserve anything..
He stopped the car..

Harish: Get down..
She got down..
Harish: You don’t deserve anything right! Its waste of talking with you.. I have lots of work. Bye

He left
Mihu: Idiot.. How to go from here? No coverage in mobile too..
She started roaming…
Mihu to herself: I know he ll be roaming here.. He ll come..
She started roaming… Roaming.. Night came… She got little fear

She struggled to get out of forest..
Finally when she came out..

The time was 12..
Again a car came. Harish…
Mihu stared at him..
She started moving..

Harish followed her…
She started walking a little fast and went in all directions…..

Finally she stopped..

Mihu to herself: Nonsense Mihu… U reached your house finally!
She turned to see Harish smiling at her..

She got hungry..
She went to open the gate..
Ishu came out

Ishu: You don’t deserve this Mihu..
Mihu: Its ok Ishu..
Raman: No Mihu.. No one can stop you
Mihu: Idiot.. I m telling you na.. You are stopping me now. Leave the way..

Ishu: No Mihu..
She just pushed Ishu and about to move..
Raman laughed at them..
Suddenly Harish hold Mihu’s hand..

Harish: Everytime you want to prove yourself in different way to others.. But I can trace your originality…
She bent down..

Harish: I was moving in a normal speed.. If you had idea of leaving me.. You might have jumped.. You didn’t..

She had tears..

Harish: Don’t try your smartness with me.. You can’t..

He left..
Mihika hugged him from backside…

Ishra made excuse and left..

Here Pranav begging Aasha..
Aasha just standing in the bridge top..

Pranav forcing her to get down..
Guru and Aaru just wandering in the bridge chatting among themselves.

Pranav : Its my fault Aasha.. Y u r giving this punishment to yourself..
She got down.

Aasha: OK.. Then you jump..
Pranav: What?
Aasha: Yeah.. I was just seeing depth level.. Why should I jump?
Pranav: Aasha.. Don’t play.. I m sorry for what I did..

Aasha: You are planning to leave me again!! Please make this fact to enter in your pea sized brain.. .

You cant escape from me .. Only one way you can go like that..

By jumping from here.. Other than no way
Think and tell..

She was about to leave.. Pranav hold her hands..

Aasha: What?
Pranav: I have decided..
Aasha: What decision?
He went on his knees..

Pranav: Arrest me.. I don’t want any bail.. Or releasing from this jail.. I need to be life time prisoner.. Will you provide justice???.

Aasha: Permission granted..
She laughed and hugged him..

Guru: Wow.. Finally ended.. Ok lets go..
Pranav: Why you came here?
Guru: If you jump from here.. Then she LL jump too… Who LL inform everyone.. So we came..

Pranav chased him..
Aaru hugged Aasha..

Pranav’s mom revealing what she has done..

Subathra to Omprakash..
Subathra: I lost my brother because of you..
Omprakash: I didn’t ask you to blame me wrongly to Vijay..
He wont believe anyone..

Subhathra: He LL believe you na..
He stared..
Subathra: He should be my old brother . You should not be his frnd..
Omprakash: I cant
Subhatra: Then I LL die.. Making your frnd to feel forever…

Omprakash shocked to hear this..
Omprakash: I need my frnd to be happy…
Here after I wont come in your life…

He went and acted in front of Vijendar that he is not treating him as frnds.. For money only they are being frnd

On hearing this Vijendar broke down and fought with Omprakash..

Flashback ends

Vijendar saw Omprakash with teary eyes .
Omprakash left from there..
Vijendar went to his room..
Subhatra went out to apologise to Omprakash..

Surya: Finally.. Problem over..
Sanjana: They didn’t talked till now..
Guru: Let them have some time..
Sanjay: OK Bhai… Lets move.. We have many more work..
Surya: What work?
Sanjay: Arranging for your marriage!! Don’t need??!!;
Surya: Please carry on…

Everyone laughed..

Credit to: Nivedha

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