Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 35)


Hi guys Its my 35th epi.. Hope you ll like it..
The episode starts with Raman and Guru sitting in a park..Keeping hand in their chin facing each other..

Raman : Guru…
Guru : Yes Bhai..
Raman : Why our life is moving like this?
Guru : Its all fate
Raman : Our dad and this uncle were best friends before it seems.. But something big must have happened..
Guru :Better we can ask our dad..
Raman : No Guru we have to know the real truth. We can’t get that from both sides.. Both of them will justify themselves.. Wee should ask this from someone.. Who is aware of their fight?
Guru started thinking..
Guru : Lets think..
Raman : OK.. bye..
They had a hug..

Guru reached Aarthi’s house..
He saw Vijendar seeing something in the garden.. That too(the window where Aarru jumped..)
Guru got shocked..
He went there..(Ran there)

Guru : Hi uncle..
Vijendar : What is this?
He pointed at the ladder..
Guru : Ladder uncle..
Vijendar : I know this… Why it is here?
Flashback showing.. Aaru waiting down… Guru took a ladder and both climbing up..
Guru : I don’t know uncle.. But this was very helpful for my jog..
Vijendar : Harishh..
Harish came..
Vijendar : Took this ladder and put it in that dark room.. Lock it…
He turned to Guru
Guru : If you need to go for jog.. Jump from there.. OK!!
Guru smiled sarcastically…

Guru called Aaru and explained about the missing ladder..
They got upset as how they are going to meet

In Ishra room
Raman’s phone rang..He took Ishu’s phone in deep sleep..
Ishu in her sleep annoyed with phone.. Wake up to see Raman taking wrong phone.
She hit herself .. Took Raman’s phone and in sleep she attended and kept the phone in Raman’s other ear..

Guru : What are you doing?
Raman : Can I tell you tomorrow morning?
Aarthi : Help us by giving a perfect idea to meet bro..
Raman’s eyes widened at Aaru’s voice..

Raman : Conference call!!
Aaru & Guru : Yesss
Raman was fully awake..
Raman : Wait a minute..
He saw Ishu sleeping peacefully…

He took a water jug and poured it on her. She woke up..
Ishu : Raman.. What??
Raman : What to do?I got such a nice brother.. You too join me come on..
Aaru and Guru were laughing..

Raman being kind hearted called every super couples…
All were in half sleep..
The time is 1 o clock

Surya : Time is now 1.. Do you need plan now?
Aaru & Guru : Yes
Harish : Shall I open the store room?(Sleepy tone)
Guru : Key is with your dad..
Sanjay : You come here na.. (Sleepingggg)
Guru : Uncle sitting in sofa .. Doing some work…
Already Sanjana and Anitha were sleeping by holding their phone..
Guru : Hello. Helloo
Aaru : Hello
Everyone didn’t cut their call.. Kept their phone away and slept..

Aaru : Ok..Good night Guru
Guru : No we should meet now..
Aaru : How?
Guru : Come out..
She got excited and came out..
She was in hall…
Aaru : Where are you?
Guru : Turn around..
She turned to see Guru.. They hugged happily..

Aaru : So you were talking with me from here!!
Guru : Yaa…
Aaru : But how…
Flashback showing Guru coming out of the hall… Without Vijendar’s knowledge..
Aaru : I hate you..
Guru : I love you..
They laughed and hugged..

Next day
In Raman’s home everyone were involved in their own work
A old friend of Omprakash came
Both were talking..
Raman to himself : I think I can get this info from him..

Next day everyone gathered at a park with that old man

The old friend : I know beta.. Omprakash and Vijendar were thick friends.. We guys were sometimes felt jealous.. OmPrakash used to visit Vijendar often.. Vijendar’s sister fell il love with Omprakash..

Mihika and Pranav shocked to hear this

He continued : Omprakash rejected as he don’t have that intention.. She got furious and informed wrongly about Omprakash to Vijendar and got a tight slap from Vijendar..
After that I don’t know how they separated.. But I am sure it was of Subatra..

Mihika cried..
Ishu : Mihika..
Mihu : No Ishu… We are always troubling you.. We don’t deserve any happiness with you Sorry guys..
She went away crying..
Pranav : Sorry Raman..
He went..
Everyone shocked..

In Pranav’s home
Mihika was crying..
Harish and Aasha were trying .. But they didn’t picked it..

Next day
Pranav and Mihika with their luggages

Subathra : Ammu
Mihu : You deserve this Maa.. You have to face our separation… Our lost happiness should make your sins to get lost.. Come Bhai..
They left..

After a while Raman and Ishitha came there
Raman : Where are they ?
Subathra explained and cried..

Ishra left..
Ishu : Where they might have went Raman?
Raman : Lets go to Airport..
After their car left..
Mihika and Pranav came out from the bushes in their garden.. Subathra shocked to see this

Flashback showing Mihika seeing Ishra coming while they are going out.. So they hid themselves

Mihu turned to her mother : No one can stop us..
They went

They went near a taxi..
Pranav : Go to Airport..
He was keeping luggages.. Mihu get in..
The cab went without Pranav..

Pranav : Hey you.. Ammu..
Mihu : Hello stop who are?

She got stunned

Mihu : HARISH…
He went on driving without uttering a word

Pranav ran behind the cab .. noted the number of car..
He took the phone to call police

Someone snatched his phone

Pranav : AASHA…
Aasha starring at him

Precap :
Union of Friends..

Thank you…

Credit to: Nivedha

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  1. How can u write it possible? It’s look like morethan superhit film. I said only u r unbelievable and masshit ff writer. Keep going and rocking asusal

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  3. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Awesome….

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