Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 34)


The episode starts with Guru standing with luggage..
Harish was laughing uncontrollably..

Sathyendar(Aarthi’s dad) : Beta.. What are you doing?
Guru came in.. Vijendar stared at him..
Guru : Why uncle.? I want to stay with you and aunty.. Can’t I?
Sathyender (smiled): Sure… You stay in Aarthi’s room..
Guru went..

Vijendar: He is thinking himself smart.. I will show him who I am..
He left..
Harish informed Mihika about this.. Mihika laughed to the core..

Guru in Aarthi’s room.. Aarthi in Guru’s room..
Guru noticed Aaru’s photo in a table.. He took that..
Similarly Aaru took Guru’s pic in her table..

Aarthi : You are impossible.. Guru…
Guru : Anything for you Aarthi..
They were smiling..
Raman came to see what Aaru is doing..
Seeing her state.. He smiled and went..

Surya and Anitha… Surya getting ready to leave.. Anitha smiling..

Surya : Don’t laugh.. No one should get my state… Leaving my wife here and moving.. That too on the day of marriage itself…
Ani : Oh. sir.. We need to get married by rituals.. Wait for that.. Maa’s strict order…
Surya pulled her and said

Surya : No ritual or registration is needed for my heart..
Ani smiled..
Surya : Registration is done for that uncle.. Rituals for your parents..
Ani : So what for me?
Surya : My love.. Till my last breath..
Ani : Ohh… After that in your next birth you ll go behind someone else ah..!
Surya laughed
Surya : Ani!! I thought you ll get emotional at my phrase.. But you… are typical..
Ani held his collar..
Ani : I don’t know either its seven lives or what… I ll be your torturing typical wife.. Got that..
He smiled..
They had a hug..

Ishra in Kitchen..
Ishu making Anitha and Surya’s favourite..
Raman.. just sitting on the kitchen slab and admiring her..
Ishu : Raman.. Go and sit in the hall
Raman : See I am not disturbing you.. But you are disturbing me..
Ishu hit her head.. and busy in cooking..

Sanjay : Hello… Business Tycoon.. What are you doing in kitchen?
Sanjana : Can’t you see what he is seeing?
Sanjay : Ya..
Sanjana : But Bhai.. How you are continuosly staring at her..
Sanjay: Simple Sanjana… Its Bhabhi.. So he is starring.. If it were you…..
Raman acted of doing vomitting..
Ishu : Raman what?
Raman : Wild imagination Sanjay…

Sanjana chased Raman and Sanjay..
Ishu : Great relief… Ravan kumar left.
After a pause.. Ishu smilingly says.
But…. It was nice Ravan Kumar… Come back soon..

YHM plays..

Dinner time..
In Aarthi’s room
Guru was in phone
Super couples on the other hand..

Raman : Idiot did you called Aaru ?
Guru : No..
Surya who was in conference call
Surya : Guru you and me are in same state yaar..
Guru : No ways..
Ishu : OK..Time for dinner.. Guru you go and eat… I ll make your wife to talk with you after dinner.
Guru : Aaru Didn’t you have your dinner?
Ani : No Guru.. Wait I ll call her..
Guru : Why you lied to me Aaru?
Raman : Idiot wait.. She went to call her..
Ani came running

Ani : Bhai.. Aarthi is not here
They looked at each other..

Surya : Guru..
Guru : Yess..
Surya : Aarthi..
Aaru’s voice : How long will you guys speak with him?
All were shocked

Raman : Idiot when you went? How you went? Where are you both?

Ishu came with glass of water..
Ishu : Drink it.. Aaru… Reply for the questions..

In Aarthi’s room.. Aaru and Guru sitting on the bed.. Aaru leaning on Guru.. Phone was in speaker on the table..
Aarthi : Two hours back… I jumped out of our house’s window.. and jumped in through my house’s window..
Sanjay : Can’t you use door?
Aarthi : Actually everytime men are doing these things for their loved ones..
For a change..
She hugged him..

I did this for my hero..

Guru smiled..

Surya : Do you know Aarthi?My wife will also do everything typically.. By kidnapping me.. But can’t do these things..Right Ani..
Everyone laughed
Ani : I can’t take that much risks..
Surya:Well and good then

Guru : OK… I am feeling sleepy.. Good night guys.. Aaru will come there by morning..
He ended the call
They smiled..

Next day morning..

Aarthi and Guru were sleeping..
Suddenly Guru came in senses

Guru : Aaru.. You have to move now.. See we are in your house..
He noted Raman’s missed calls.. Sorry calls missed by him.
He saw through the window.. Raman with his car staring..
Guru first get out through window.. and helped Aaru carefully..

He sent Aaru out of gate safely.. He made a sigh of relief and entered through main door

Vijendar who was in sofa shocked to see Guru coming from outside.. Harish too
Guru sat in another sofa

Guru : Good morning Harish… Good morning uncle..
Vijendar was looking at his paper..
Harish : Guru .. When you came out.. I didn’t noticed you
Guru : Ya I came out through window.. Went for a jog
Vijendar looked at him. Harish laughed

Vijendar : Why then he came now through main door?
Guru : Uncle now I need to read paper.. Paper is in hall.. so this distance is short na..What Harish?
Vijendar put the paper on sofa left the place staring at Guru..
Guru saw him smilingly.. Harish was laughing uncontrollably

In Raman’s home
His father seeing a photo and cried..
Raman saw that
It was the photo of his father and Vijendar
Raman’s dad kept that photo safely and left

Raman to himself : It is hard to unite enemies papa… But easy to unite friends … I ll do that…

Raman informed everyone about this..
Guru : OK.. Boss .. Now Guru is in action..
Everyone laughed..

Ishra in their room
Aaru and Guru in phone

Aaru : I want to tell something for you..
Guru :Poet.??
Aaru : No not like that but what is going in my mind.. That one..
Same Ishu is telling to Raman
Raman : Ok..Tell me

Aaru and Ishu started

Aaru : I asked God a gift… A gift .. A typically different gift..
Ishu : He gave you to me.. I was angry on God for this

Guru and Raman shocked at this line..
Aaru : I asked God is this different?
Ishu : He asked me to feel for the difference..
Aaru : I am fed up with trying differences and asked him to tell me the difference
Ishu : OK.. This gift will do anything for you..
Aaru : Can think anything for you.. Is this not different?
Ishu and Aaru : But he lied… My gift is doing anything..

Raman and Guru stared

Ishu and Aaru : Ya.. No anything.. EVERYTHING for me..
Raman and Guru were speechless..

Aaru and Ishu smiling..
Raman : God.. Its nice.. I can’t say anything other than this..
Raman and Guru : This gift loves you..

They had happy tears

Credit to: nivedha

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    Gone for jogging from window hahaha
    Last seen was so cute
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