Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 33)


Hi guys I am back with my FF…

The episode starts with Raman and Ishu in Darjeeling.
They went to many places and enjoyed their trip to the core..

Ishu : Raman.. U know..
Raman : What?
Ishu : I love you Ravan Kumar..
She hugged him..
Raman:Love you too Jhansi Ki Rani
Ishu : Raman.. If our marriage had not happened,what you would have done?
Raman : I was happy being bachelor..
Ishu stared at him..
Raman : Can I say something?
Ishu seeing his eyes:Hmmm
Raman : I was happy being bachelor.. thinking about a truth..
Ishu : What?
Raman : My love.. I would have spent my days.. with your thoughts.. Because of Guru only I agree to this marriage.. U know how I felt when I saw you and I came to know that I am marrying you

Flashback showing
Raman giving mixed feelings of cry,joy,excitation in his room with Ishu’s photo
Flashback ends

Ishu : Me too Raman.. I was in cloud nine
Flashback showing Ishu dancing happily in rain with tears..
Ishu : Rain is my bestie Raman.. It hid my tears for many days… Now see I am sooo happy..

Raman smiled and hugged her..

In Raman’s home
Vijendar came to his home and started shouting at our super heroes actions…
Vijendar : Listen.. If you are not interested in this marriage,send my daughter to my home.. I will take care of her..
Guru : Whats your problem now?Ask your daughter if she is having any trouble here.. Can’t you see her pain? Why you want to separate us? For your fight!!
Vijendar : Don’t talk too much..I need a solution by tomorrow..

He went.
Aarthi and Guru started thinking their moments..
Guru went out in balcony.. He stood still..
Someone touched his shoulder..


Ani : I am ready for this marriage Guru.. I can’t see you like this..
Guru : Ani..
Ani : Its not my decision..
Guru : Then
Surya came there..
Guru : Surya
Surya : Guru.. We can’t stop anything whats happening… By the way I am leaving tomorrow..
Ani went by hiding her tears..
Guru found a solution.. He smiled and went to his room..

Next day
Raman and Ishu were in a restaurant.. Raman received a call
It was his mom… She told everything.. Ishra got upset..

Raman : Ishu.. U know,.. We can’t believe this Surya and Guru
Ishu : Raman…Be serious.
Raman : Let me call Surya Ishu…
He called him..
By mistake the call is attended.. Without knowing that Surya is telling something to someone..
Raman stunned to hear that..

Raman : Hello idiot.. Surya.. Hey
Surya found what he did and ended the call..
Raman : Ishu I told you na.. See this idiot..
Ishu : What Raman?
He tried Anitha’s number..
Surya saw and ended the call

Raman: Ishu.. Big problem is coming..
He explained
Ishu : Seriously Raman.. Can’t tolerate this.. Can’t he think about others?
Raman : Exactly.. Let me call Guru

He called Guru

Guru : Bhai.. How are you?
Raman : Guru.. Whats going on there?
Guru :Bhai.. Aarthi’s uncle….
Ishu : Oh we know that .. Now we called Surya.. He was saying to someone that he is taking Anitha to register office to register their marriage..
Raman : I think Anitha don’t know this.. Situation will get worse if he do this.. Ask him to wait for few days……..

Guru : Wait Bhai.. Surya is coming here.. I ll talk to him.. U please make a skype call..
Raman and Ishu went to their room

Raman opened his laptop and opened his skype account

They shocked to see..
Raman’s Surya’s parents
In Register office

Guru : Idiot Surya.. I planned to see his shocking reaction.. You leeked it out
Surya : Hey I attended it thinking of rejecting the call..

Raman : Hello.. Hello..
Sanjay : Bhai… Situation is getting worse
Ishu : So
Sanjana : First registering by law.. Then by ritual..
Raman : What about Aarthi ?
Aaru : We planned that too Bhai..Now come on Surya..

Surya signed the papers.. Anitha too signed it with happy tears..
They had a cute hug..
Raman :Maa you too hid it from us na
Toshiji:Oye..I know now only.. These idiots brought everyone here by plan.. Even Anitha

Ishu : You two Saitans..
They smiled…
Raman: Ok.. We are returning tomorrow..
Guru : Ok.. Bhai..

Everyone reached home..
Anitha’s parents were in US.. They wished her through skype as Ishra…
In home everyone is chatting..

Aarthi is seen packing clothes
Guru came there

Aaru smiled at him
Guru : Aaru .. Are you OK with my decision?
Aaru hugged him..

Aaru : I gonnaa miss you
Guru : But I won’t..
They smiled..

Next day….

In Raman’s home.. Vijendar entered..
Vijendar : Send my daughter Aar,… He saw Aarthi lifting luggage .. She kept it before him.. Guru went to keep that in car..

Our super couples shocked .. They noticed Aaru going to her room and locked..
Vijendar puzzled.. Our super couples understood.. They were laughing..

Vijendar shocked to see Guru sitting in Vijendar’s car..
Guru smiled at him…

Raman : Guru.. How can you leave your Bhai and go?
Guru : Oh.. Who went to Darjeeling these days?
Surya : Uncle can you understand whats going on?
Ishu : Your daughter ll be safe here… No worries
Anitha : Or if you feel that she is insecure.. See we are sending our lovable portrait with you.. So we can’t harm her here
Vijendar : Stop idiots.. Aarthiii

He screamed

Raman : Shhh… Uncle I don’t know what fight you had with my dad? I am sure we won’t take such cheap revenge like this.. Believe us..
Vijendar : Acting Smart.. I just need my daughter’s happiness… She is believing you guys.. I ll make her realise your cheap behaviour..
Surya : So till that. Aaru will be here.. For your belief we are sending him..
Vijendar got irritated.. He went with Guru

Sanjay : I hope Guru ll start his work today itself
Ishu : What about now? I am imagining uncle’s reaction.. They laughed

Guru playing pranks on Vijendar.. Aarthi and Guru’s meeting…
Trying to know the fight’s reason..

Guys… Please comment to let me know whether I am moving in right track or not..

Credit to: nivedha

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  1. So much fun
    They married and
    Wtf guru to his in laws house

    1. For finding the cause of their fight.. Kajal

  2. Ha ha ha awesome plan yaar

  3. I missed ur FF a lot yaar………….. u rocks…………asusal ishu raman flashback and guru sitting in car both are very nice …………… How was ur exams nivi……..

    1. Yeah chinnu yesterday’s was nice.. But today it went little bad..

  4. Kamatchi Ravi

    Semma….u only could write like this kind of solution

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Awesome yaar…..Have so much of FUN……….I really like it…..

  6. Don’t worry nivi result ll be positive. ……………..

  7. Wow yar guru plan was amassing …

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