Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 32)


The episode starts with Ishra packing clothes..
They are moving to Darjeeling the next day..

Mihika,Anitha,Aasha,Ishitha,Aarthi and Sanjana were chatting.

Mihu : Seriously Anitha. You are brave yaar.. Kidnapped Surya..
Sanjana : Ah.. I got a news yesterday too Ishu and Aaru scared the naughty brothers..
Mihu : What?
Aasha explained her everything.
Everyone laughed.
Raman and Guru heard this and they gathered men folk..

Raman : See… These girls making fun of us..
Guru : We have to prove ourselves..
Surya : I have no issues like that..
Guru : Ohhh.. I see.. Your kidnap is hot topic there..
Surya : Ya Guru.. Have to do something..
Pranav : Excuse me after a longgg back we united. Don’t do anything yaar..
Raman : Sh.. Pranav stop.. Tomorrow I am planning for my honeymoon.. See how I am planning aware of consequences..
Harish: Ya Pranav.. Raman may get scoldings..
Surya : Raman may get broomstick beats
Guru : Why not ? Chances of honeymoon getting cancelled..

Raman went to touch their feet
Raman : Consider myself.. Make me a promise
Sanjay : What Bhai?
Raman : Whatever happens my trip should not cancel.. and we have to kid them like this.. Plan for it..

Surya and Guru were walking here and there.
Harish : Why they are walking?
Sanjay : To get good idea
Harish : Shall we walk
Sanjay : We ll get only pain in legs.. Not plan in mind..
Surya got an idea..

Surya and Guru talking loudly audible to Ani who came there..
She hid herself to hear their convo..

Surya:No Guru you are wrong
Guru : I am right
Surya : No they can’t bear our scoldings.. They won’t argue always.. If we are in tension they won’t argue
Guru : No they won’t change
Surya : Ok.. We ll check now..

Ani informed this to the girls..

The guys acted perfectly as they are tensed.. The girls who were having prior knowledge of their plan wants to prove what Surya said..
Surya and Guru did too much.. But Ani and aaru were silent..
Raman disliked Ishitha’s silence..

Raman: Ishu speak up Don’t be like this
Ishu : Raman you are in anger na
Raman : Ohh Don’t act like you are a fearing wife and I don’t like this
She smiled.
Pranav,Harish Sanjay can’t act and got surrendered
After a while..
Surya : Guru.. I told you na.. They are having fear for us..
Guru : Ya I agree

Raman : Oh.. So you guys threatened them!!
Guru : Of course..
Sanjay : I heard someone begging to someone

Actually in their rooms Guru and Surya begged to them to act as if you are fearing for us
After a long time they agreed

Harish : Ohh then nice..
Surya to Guru : Everyone believed us
Guru to Surys : We are the best actors right!!

Aaru and Ani smiled at them

Ishra went for their honeymoon

Ishra came to know about Surya.. They are trying Anitha.. Surya attended the call
Hearing Ishra voice he ended the call
Ishra in tension

Credit to: nivedha

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    1. Something ishra found about Surya.. Trying to contact Ani.. But Surya picked the call n disconnected it

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    It’s So nice…& also it’s so short….plzzzzz update the next one soonnnnnnnnn…… & try to make it long one….

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