Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 31)


The episode starts with Harish coming.. No no running towards Raman home..

He came in.. He started panting..
Raman: Hey Harish.. What?
Harish sighed wait..
Sanjay: What?
Guru: Tell yaar idiot..
Harish: U know what happened today in my home..
Guru: Ya I know
Harish: What? How? Who told?
Guru held his neck: Idiot.. Stop irritating n tell me what happened
Harish: Mihika n Pranav apologised n ask him to go compromise with your dad

Everyone is shocked hearing this..
Sanjay: Why this sudden change?
By the time Mihika came in..

She went near Ani..
Mihu: I shouldn’t have done this to you.. By the way I don’t need urs.. N u too return mine..

Ani who can’t control herself.. Laughed at her and hugged her..
Surya: Finally… I am relieved..
Mihu: Hello.. Till now my uncle has not accepted for my proposal of compromise.. Till that u have to act
Surya sat down with his hand holding his head.. Ani smiled

She went near Aarthi..
Mihu(holding her chin): What a slap!! But you are right… I shouldn’t have used friendship… She wiped her tears.. Sorry..
Aarthi smiled and consoled her..

She went near Guru.. Guru smiled at her
Mihu: Sorry… For troubling you guys.. Because of me u n Aaru are now..
Guru: No Mihika.. I am not angry on her for any of you guys.. She is getting because of her act.. Let her bear it and

He lowered his voice audible to Mihu.. Aaru came near n overheard..

Guru: Actually I cant act more Mihu.. Definitely I LL be out one day it seems

Aaru smiled.. Mihu laughed..

She went near Sanjay n Sanjana..
Mihu: Sry guys..
Sanjana: Sry Mihu I too behaved harshly on that day..

Mihu went near Ishra

Mihu: I know I am wrong.. I know I am not fit for your friendship.. I know you wont forgive me.. But I know you guys will do it one day.. Will you?

Ishu hugged her and cried…
Raman smiled
Mihu: Sry Raman.. Sry for everything
Raman: Y over senti… Come on now I m getting hungry..

They all left..
Guru: Harish… I think you are not feeling hungry
Harish: No I am
Mihika hit herself
Harish: Ya.. Ya I am not feeling hungry
Raman: No probs.. Go n feel some fresh air on terrace
Mihu.. Harish went..

In ishra room..
Ishu: Raman.. Pranav called me n apologised
Raman: Ya he apologised to me tooo
Ishu: Raman we have to think about Pranav n Asha
Raman: First think about me..
Ishu smiled..
Raman: Do you remember what day is today? Two months over with our marriage.
Ishu: I know Raman.. How can I forget tat?
Raman: Then you didn’t celebrate
Ishu: Ravan kumar.. This is not time for celebration
Raman : Idiot see how enemy turned as a frnd.. Hurdles are reducing..
Ishu: Reduced.. Not over..
Raman: Ok.. Leave it.. I don’t ask anything

He came out.. Ishu smiled..

Everyone is planning for Pranav Aasha unity

Raman Guru Sanjay Pranav Surya Harish seated in sofa…
To their opposite.. Ishu Aaru Sanjana Aasha Ani n Mihika seated

Raman: Are we going to have dinner?
Surya: No..
Raman: Then leave them alone..
Sanjay: Raman why don’t we move out..
He sighed to accompany for drinks.. Raman understood..
Guru Surya everyone understood..

Surya saw Ani.. She smiled at him showing poison bottle..
Surya coughed ..
Surya: Ani.. Lets go for a walk
Ani: Sure..
They went

Sanjana: Sanjay.. I think you need some doses from me..
Sanjay: Sanju.. I planned to take you out.. Shall we move?

They went..
Ishra n Aarru seated..
They don’t know when Mihika Harish left..

Aasha: Pranav.. Lets move out.. I don’t think these guys move from here
Pranav laughed..
Guru: My dear sister.. You have to come back here again!!Remember that..

Aasha went out

Ishu: Aaru lets go to temple..
Raman n Guru stared at each other..
Aaru: Ok.. Bhabhi.. Lets get ready
They left..
Guru and Raman saw each other sadly.. Raman went to balcony.. Guru took his phone..
Raman admiring in balcony.. Guru smiling at his phone

Aaru n Ishu thinking that their hubbies LL plan to stop them.. But they didn’t
They came out..
Aaru went behind the sofa silently to notice what Guru is seeing..
It was their marriage pic..
She smiled and sat beside him..
He smiled at her..

Ishu too went to see what was Raman seeing..
She saw a baby girl smiling with her mother..
She smiled at Raman..

Guru to Aaru: Very beautiful..
Aaru blushed..
Raman to Ishu: How cute na her actions..
Ishu nodded

Guru: What’s her name?
Aarthi: What?
Aaru noticed that he is seeing her relative girl..
Guru: Such a beauty

Raman: It’s not like she is a mom to the child
Ishu stared at him..
Raman: Lagtha hai ki sister to that baby..
Ishu: Shall I go n ask?
Raman: Ohh.. With pleasure..

Ishu: Raman.. I m sorry..
Aaru: Guru.. I m sorry
Ishu n Aaru left to kitchen

Raman n Guru confused..
” What we did? We tried to that they can fight with us but”

There came a noise in kitchen
Guru n Raman went to see what’s happening

Ishu n Aaru fighting for a knife..

Ishu: No Aaru.. I need this.. Today I have to kill that Ravan kumar.. How dare he?
Raman went behind Guru..
Aaru: No.. Bhabhi.. Its my turn.. Your friend is beyond his limit.. I warned him already..
Guru went behind Raman..

Ishu: No Aaru..
Aaru: No bhabhi.. You take some other knife..
Ishu: There is no spare knife . Don’t know where mummyji kept

Raman: Thank you maa.. Today you saved us..
Guru: Bhai.. No way lets surrender..
Raman n Guru went near them..
They started doing sit ups..

Ishu went to her room.. Raman followed..
Guru stood still..
Aaru: I didn’t ask to stop you
Guru: You didn’t ask me to do also
Aaru: What?
He started doing..
She cant control herself.. She went and hugged him..

Aaru: I hate you
Guru: I too hate you..
They laughed..

In ishra room

Raman: Ishu..
Ishu: Too much Raman
Raman: Ishu.. Sorry
Ishu: Why you did that Raman?
Raman: Arre.. Bandh kar yaar … My ears are paining..
Ishu smiled at Ravan kumar’s reply..
Ishu: Mmm… I don’t like Raavan kumar begging.. This only suits you..
Raman smiled
Raman: As you wish

They hugged..

Raman and Ishu plans for a trip..

Credit to: nivedha

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