Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 30)


Hello Guys.. I am back with my FF

The episode starts with Surya sitting in a coffee shop.
While coming he sensed someone following him.

The waiter gave him the coffee.
Surya drank it..The waiter is watching this from a corner and showed thumbs up to someone..

While moving,Surya felt dizzy.
He saw someone coming in front of him..
Surya : You.. and he fainted.

In Raman’s home

Raman was continuously calling someone.
Guru : Bhai.. What happen?Is Surya kidnapped?
Raman : I think so.. Surya is not picking up..
Guru : Try to your friends who went there for kidnapping.
Raman : Ya..

Raman called to the guy(Remember the one who came in Bracelet problem)
The guy:Hello Boss..
Raman : Hii.. What happened?
The guy: I saw him entering coffee shop but he didn’t get out boss..
Raman opened his eyes widely and ended the call
Guru : What Bhai?
Raman explained what he told..
Guru : Where he could have went? Idiot!!

Surya’s parents called Anitha.. Anitha hesitatingly

Anitha : Maa..
Surya’s mom : Ani.. Surya is safe there na..
Anitha :Why ma?
Surya’s mom : Ani.. his dad is getting calls like someone going to kidnap him..
Anitha : No worries ma.. I ll call him..
She tried for Surya.. She got fear

Sanjay came in.Raman and Guru came out of room

Anitha explained everything to them. Raman and Guru saw each other
Sanjay went in search of him
Anitha started crying. Ishu and Aaru consoled her.

In Raman’s room

Guru : Bhai.. Our plan is executed by someone.
Raman : Ya.. We thought of making Anitha to make feel her love towards him.. Its proven now but Surya is not safe now.

Few minutes later. Anitha shouted from her room
Raman : Ani.. What?What happen?
Ani : Bhai.. Surya. Surya .. Save him na please..
Guru : Oh.. Ani.. Come out of this room first.. Stay with Aaru.. Don’t be here.. They took Ani..

In a dark place..
Surya gained conscious

Surya : What the hell?Where I am?Ahh…
Suddenly the lights switched on..

Surya was seated in a chair…
His hands were tied.. His legs too..He was trying to remove..He stopped and regained whom he saw in that coffee shop..

Surya : This place.. This is…
He got everything.
Surya : Why this idiot?

Door opened and then closed.

Anitha stood in front of him.. It was Anitha’s room..

She was the one whom Surya saw in coffee shop.

Surya : Idiot.. Why are you doing this?
Anitha took a chair and sat in front of him.
She got a plate of food and took it to feed him.

Surya : First.. Tell me whats going on..
Ani : You are kidnapped..
Surya : Why ?
Ani : I am bored.. Thats why?
Surya : Oh.. no.. My Mihika will feel sad na..
Anitha : Come again..
Surya : Mihika..
Ani : Before that..
Surya : My…

Anitha took another plate and feed him..
Surya(Mind voice) : Why? No reaction
He ate that..
His eyes opened widely

The food is fullll spicy.. She added more chilly powder..
Surya screamed..
Anitha shut his mouth..

Ani : I know you will tell this.. thats why I got this special food. If you say someone like My … Then I will mix poison..
Surya stared at her..
She have him normal food

After eating

Surya : Why you kidnapped me?
Ani : See idiot. I didn’t mean to hurt you.. Don’t I have any right to scold you or to show my anger?
She cried
Ani : I can’t even imagine you with someone.. But you
Surya : Finally understood.
She stared
Surya : You can’t even digest this for two days. First you acted with Pranav.. Now Harish.. How can I digest that? I am not having doubt on you.. Fear.. Fear of losing you..
She hugged him.
He hugged her back..
Anitha : Love you idiot..
Surya : Love you stupid.

Surya : So you kidnapped me. So that Mihika and my engagement stops..
Anitha : Haa
Surya : I didn’t expect this Ani from you
She smiled
Ani : What are you thinking of me? Do you think I will go with Harish?
Surya : Do you think Mihika will leave him then?
Ani : What?
Surya : Heyy.. I said only Mihika .. Nothing else
She laughed
Ani : No.. Mihika loves..
Surya : Ya..
Ani : Oh..
Surya : Ok.. Let me continue this.. So.. You will be here na
Ani : Haha… I am staying in Aaru’s room.. Planned like that

She explained how she hid him behind the door and acted before Raman
Surya : Careful Ani.. Raman is wise
Ani : I ll see..Ok bye good night
Surya smiled

Next day morning Sanjay and Aasha were going out.. Sanjay went to drop Aasha..
Sanjay left..
Aasha saw Pranav waiting for her.. She went faster

Pranav : Aasha
Aasha : Please Pranav.. Don’t disturb me
She went faster..

Pranav looked disappointed

In Raman’s home
Anitha was sleeping in Aaru’s room..

Aaru woke her. She went to her room..
She saw Surya sleeping peacefully
She came out..

Everyone in the hall.
Aarthi was looking happy.

Ishu : What Aaru ?
Aaru : Thinking of Guru’s expression yesterday
She laughed

They heard some noise in Ani’s room

Ani shocked..

Aaru entered in.. She saw Surya inside and shocked..
Ishu : Aaru.. Aaru.. She saw Surya and made shock reaction
Surya : Ani.. Close the door na.. Why all of you are shouting?
Surya got the reason and he too stood like Aaru and Ishu..
Anitha seeing this.. walked back .. Raman and Guru standing their with folded hands..

Ani : Raman….
Raman : What?
Ani : I…
Guru : You…
Surya came out…

Raman : How dare you spoiled our plan Ani?
Guru : Ya.. actually we planned to kidnap Surya.. But you
Surya : Wait.. Wait… So. all are planning to kidnap me
Raman :Ya
Surya chased them to beat.
Everyone smiled

Precap : Raman & co helping Pranav to confess Aasha..

Credit to: nivedha

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    Keep on going like this

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      I was happy yesterday when you said I m laughing open heartedly
      Thanks kajal for that happiness u had given to me

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