Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 3)


Hello Guys here starts our episode…

The episode starts with Raman coming back home as he left some important file. Once he entered he saw Aarthi, Ishu and his mom Toshiji chatting and laughing

Raman entered making rough face

Toshiji : Oii… Mera foooll .. Why you left home today itself.. yesterday only you are married right!! Take Ishitha somewhere out..

Raman thought to make use of this to start fight

Ishitha : Leave it Mummyji.. He is very busy and he is not willing to go actually.. I only made him go office.. We ll go outing in the evening Mummyji

I am going to help Raman Mummyji.. MAy be he need some help saying she went leaving Raman confused.

Toshiji : Dekha na… She is adjusting for you and anyone can’t tolerate like Isitha.. Take care of my bahu else will beat you my paagal bachaa(mental son)..

Toshiji laughed and went

Raman (thinking): What is she doing?

Ishra room:

Ishitha cleaning room and Raman entry

Raman : Why are you behaving normal in front of my mom?
Ishitha (doing some other thing) : How to behave then?
Raman(grab her) : yesterday I told an idea and you agreed that!!!
Ishitha (adjusting his collar) : I just appreciated your idea Ramannn… I don’t remember when I accepted that.

Raman in hell shock : Which means?
Ishitha ( took a comb and adjusted his hair) : Meansss… the game started.. Lets see who is gonna win..

Raman (with a sarcastic look): So madam,you are going to compete with me…with Raman Kumar Bhalla
Ishitha : Thats your name right!!
Raman : Think twice
Ishitha : Why you are having any fear?
Raman : Fear.. on you.. yaa definitely.. No one will be brave seeing a devil closer..
Ishu : Ahhh .. very funnyy..
Raman : OK !!! Mrs. Ishitha Raman Bhalla Best of luck
Ishitha : And you too..

Raman left. Ishitha made a victory sign which Raman noticed and he smiled while leaving.

Aarthi (thinking): Mummyji will also ask this idiot to take me out… already he is waiting for a chance.. What to do now?

She got an idea and went to Ishitha asking her to accompany temple as she used to go temple every week..
Ishitha understood her intentions and asked her to get ready.. when Aarthi left she called Guru

Guru : tell me ishu bhabhi..
Ishu: Where are you? Your wifey is feeling bored here and she is asking me to take her to temple.. Already Mummyji felt me and Raman are not going out.. and you
Guru : Are.. re.. Why speaking too much? feeling sorry for my bro… take her to temple whats in that?
Ishitha hit her head and said

Ishu: the small tubelight of my house is not working properly

Guru confused and correlated what she said
His face glew bright
Guru : Thank u bhabhii… Now the light is glowing.. he kept phone and made a plan

In home

Guru : Hey Aaru..
Aarthi(controlled as Mummyji is sitting beside): yes Guru
Guru : Where are you going?
Ishu entered and said
Ishu : Mandhir Devarjii

Guru:Oh sorry Bhabhi I got tickets for movie.. drop the temple plan na
Aarthi told Guru in low voice but audible to others

Aarthi : Bhabhi will feel bad Guru.. as Raman Bhai left office.. and made an expression to Guru(What will you do now?)
Guru: Actually Bhai only booked the tickets for four of us

He made an expression(You can’t escape my dear)

Aarthi and Ishu looked shock

In theatre
Ishu : To sit like this unwillingly why you booked tickets
Raman looked at Guru who hid his face with popcorn box knowing Raman’s stare..
Raman: in my life made two big mistakes
Ishu: What?
Raman : Kept unconditional love on my bro and……..(Raised his finger to point her nd got stuck)
Guru noticed that and started thinking..

Credit to: nivedha

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