Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 29)

The episode starts with Anitha and Surya discussing about the marriage
Surya : Anitha.. We have to do something for our marriage..
Anitha : Surya.. Lots of problems here.. Have to solve it first..
Surya :Ya Ani.. I understand.. But what can I tell to my parents.
Anitha : Ask them to wait Surya..
Arguments grown ..

Surya: Anitha.. Think about us sometimes..
Anitha shouted
Anitha : How can you be so selfish? Can’t you wait for me? OK!! Fine.. No problem
Surya : No problem means..
Anitha : I will agree with your decisions whether it is good or bad

Surya left the house in anger..
Everyone heard their conversation..

Meanwhile, Aarthi was missing..
She reached her house

Aaru : I came here… Stop this marriage.. Don’t hurt everyone for me..
She went to her room..

Guru was upset.
Anitha reached Surya’s house.. Raman and Ishitha followed her
She shouted at him accusing for all happenings.
Anitha : You made this stupid plan.. You broke this now.. Why you came here? Just move out of my life

Surya was shattered..

The next day

Abitha,Surya,Harish,Mihika and Aarthi came home..
Raman and Ishitha welcomed them.. Guru and Anitha were sitting in dining hall..

Ishu : Maa..Sorry for whatever we did..
Abitha : Its OK Ishitha..
Surya : One minute aunty..
Everyone noticed Surya.. Surya went to Mihika

Surya : Mihika.. Will you marry me?
Anitha who was drinking water… just spitted ..
Guru : Stop this drama Surya.. Nothing to do.. No one is interested to stay here..
Surya : I m sorry.. I am here to prove your niece’s words.. “I am selfish. “ Mihika tell me..
Mihika saw Harish..

Anitha went to Harish..
Anitha : Harish. I am OK with this marriage.. What about you?
Harish nodded yes..
Mihika got irritated
Mihika : Yes Surya I will..

Everyone left..
Aarthi reached Guru’s room..

Aarthi : Guru try to understand..
Guru shut his hears and went out..

In Ishra room

Ishu : Raman..
Raman : What?
Seeing something in his laptop..
Ishu : What are you seeing?
Raman : Honeymoon places
Ishu : Raman.. How you are confident about their marriage? I think..
Raman : Madam.. Honeymoon for us
Ishu : Raman.. You..
Raman : What?
Ishu : Raman in this situation…

Raman : Stop.. I know.. This is just a small issue.. It will be solved.. I booked it after their marriage.. So madam no worries

They smiled


Raman sitting in the hall.. Surya and Harish came..
Surya n Harish : Hi Raman
Raman : Hi..
Surya : What’s up?
Raman : Getting bored yaar.. Do something
Surya stared at him..

Surya : Raman wait a minute..

They went to Raman’s room
Anitha came out knowing Surya’s absence..
Ishu : Ani.. Where are the icecreams kept in the fridge?
Ani :What? Icecreams missing!! Need to find that culprit
Ishu smiled at her

The phone on dining table started ringing..
Surya : Ishu.. Can you get my phone from the table?
Ishu : Ani.. Take it na
Anitha stared
Ishu : Arre.. Atleast give it to me

Anitha took the phone as if she was taking some allergic material..
Her eyes fixed on his screensaver

Mihika’s pic..
Anitha got mixed feelings… Ishu smiled..

Anitha went to break it. Surya stopped

Ani : Take it.. Get out of my sight
Harish : Idiots.. Don’t break my phone in your fight.

Anitha hit herself. Surya asked what in his eyes..
She ran away..

Raman : Wow.. Lets try it out with everyone..
Guru kept his phone in his room and came out.

Raman called his number. The phone was ringing.. Aaru went to take that..
Guru rushed to the phone.

Guru : This is mine.. Not yours..
Aarthi : What are you hiding from me?
Guru : Who are you to ask?
Aarthi : Don’t act smart. I won’t leave you without saying or showing.
She tried to snatch it.
Finally she got that and noticed Aaru’s pic..

She smiled
Guru : Forgot to change it.
Aarthi : OK.. Change it now. Change it.
He tried.. He just put his phone on the bed and left..
Aarthi smiled

Raman and Surya did hi-fi
Guru stared at them..

Surya : Raman.. What about Ishu’s phone?
Raman and Surya ran to his room.
Guru though he wants to be serious he can’t. He followed them.
Aarthi and Anitha too came.

Raman : Is this an exhibition?
Surya : Come on.. Go ahead..

Ishu’s phone was switched off.
He turned on that.. Ishu was in kitchen unaware of what was going on

He called from his number.
Raman saw that pic.
He hid it from everyone..

Guru : Hey show us na..
Raman : No
Surya : Something personal??
Raman : Ya you guys go..
Raman : Ishitha.. Ishitha..
Raman came out..
Ishu came there

He explained.. Ishu stared
Ishu : Ramann..
Ishu looked in fear
Raman : Ishu.. Idiot.. Why you kept that?
Ishu(in husky voice) : What to do now?
Before that everyone came out..
Surya : Stop.. We need to see..
They snatched the phone

Everyone stared at Raman.

Actually the picture was Ishra eating icecream in their dining hall..
Silently Ishra escape

Guru : This is our dining hall na..
Aarthi : Exactly But.
Raman went near Ishu and they both escaped..
Anitha : Wait.. Ishu told me that icecreams are missing

Anitha and Guru : So….
They turned and saw Ishra missing.
Surya : Can’t understand.. Who is naughtier? You or Raman
Aarthi : Obviouslyyy
Guru looked at her
Surya and Ani : Obviously
Aarthi : My husband

Guru suddenly bent down to search something
Anitha : What?
Guru : Where is he?
Surya : Who ?
Guru : This girl’s husband..

Aarthi stared at him
Aarthi : Old comedy..
Guru : Old ones will get old only
He went.. Surya and Anitha laughed
Aarthi stared and went.


Happy moments..

Thanks for your support guys. Planning to end this on Part 30..
Comments plz.. About my ending..

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  1. Please don’t end it….it’s really good…solution of problems in funny manner is just super cool…please don’t stop yrrr…please please please…atleast make40 episodes..u are really good writer and think na…please

    1. Actually Neha I thought I was dragging.. Thats why… Ok.. I ll change the plot .. Lets see others response too

  2. Hey nivi
    I’m a silent reader I loved ur ff yar though I don’t know hindi I’m a very big fan of YHM ….Don’t end tis ff plz….. just continue with ur cute scene ………

    1. OK.. Chinnu lets wait for other’s response.. If my story is not appearing bored.. I ll continue too 50..

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    oh…..Noooooooooooooooo …….plzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t end it soooooonnnnnnnnn…….It’s going nice yaarrrrrrr…….plzzzzzz don’t ………plzzzzz…plzzzzz….plzzz….Not ends it now yaar…..plzzzzzzzzz

    1. LL not do tat reshma

  4. Ha ha ha awesome yaar

  5. Nahi nahi no no pls pls dosti ff is not uploded dont end this

    1. LL not end zee…

  6. Dont end ur ff
    U know wat u daily upload ur epi at mid night so my first work after waking up is to read ur ff but today i didnt found that in morning so for the whole day i dont know the no of times i opened ff page to search for ur ff
    I really love it

    I am not a daily commenter as i have a very tiff schedule but today ur thought of ending it made me comment please dont end
    While reading ur ff i laugh out open heartly

    1. Definitely kajal.. N sorry for my words

  7. Hey….awesome…but plz update fast arey.. I am very eager to ur story….

  8. Really happy frnds.. I wont end

    I am sorry if I hurt anyone..
    I LL post it daily ..

    I always need my frnds to be happy..
    Be happy always

    How was the epi?

  9. yr ff is vry intrsting.i like it.u r gd writter.plz dn’t end tis’s vry funny.

    1. Ok sitija… i ll continue

  10. Oh…super…thanks for continuing the story…make more fun in episodes…..we r very enjoying on ur story…. And also update early arey….

  11. asusal ur’s s very cute……….. waiting for ur dhosthi ff update

    1. I updated it chinnu.. Its getting reviewed it seems.

  12. Dear your ffs are really Amazing….your shadi ff teach me a lesson that how to solve your problems with fun…

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  15. dont end it so soon yar

    1. No meghs its not ending.. Today you ll get my next part

      It is veryyy serious.. It is not funny

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