Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 28)


The episode starts with few weeks after engagement..
Marriage date is fixed on July..

Guru and Surya watching television..

Raman was searching for Ishitha..
Raman : Guru.. Where is Ishitha?
Guru : Bhai.. Aarthi and Ishu went for shopping..
Raman: OK.. I am going to office.. Bye idiots..

Surya and Guru waved a bye and continued watching..

In a park,Harish and Mihika met accidentally

Mihika: Hey Hari..
Harish : Hi.. Mihika..
They both sat on a bench..

Harish : You know what.. you are the only girl calling me Hari.. I like that..
Mihika smiled…
Harish : Mihika..
Mihika : Ha..
Harish : I love you..
Mihika : What??
Harish : Ya.. I love you

Mihika got up.. Harish held her hand..

Mihika: Leave me.. What do you know about me?
Harish : I know everything Mihika.. About your love on Raman
Mihika tried to free her hand.. He tightened the grip..
Harish : You and your brother are same in character.. Everyone is thinking that you guys are the villains.
Definitely no.. You guys are having unconditional love..

Mihika started listening.

Harish left her hand..
Harish : Your love on Raman made you crazy to do this and all.. Your bro’s love on you and your mom made him to lose Aasha and made him to kill Ishu..

She was silent..
Harish : Mihika.. You was attracted to Raman.. Answer me. Now Is Raman in your heart now?
Mihika : Never
Harish : OK.. I hope for the best.. I will marry you..
Mihika : Impossible
Harish : Miki..
Mihika : What?
Harish : This is my way of calling you..
Mihika : Whatever..
Harish : Miki.. If you are not concentrating on a thing which is always with you,you won’t feel for it when you lose it..
But if someone make you feel that the thing suited you, you ll start to feel for it..

Letshope for the best.. Bye
He went..
Mihika confused…

Aarthi came alone

Guru : Aaru.. Where is Ishu?
Aarthi was shocked.
Aaru : What? Didn’t she?
Surya: No Aarthi.. She didn’t.. Where you guys went?
Aaru : After shopping I saw my friend and I went to her home… Bhabhi told that she was going home..

Raman at the door heard everything..
He called Ishitha..
The phone was ringing.. But she didn’t pick..

Raman got tensed..
Ishitha came home at 10PM

Raman :Where you went?
Ishu : I went to meet my friend..
Raman : Can’t you inform before going?
Ishu : Raman.. I..
Raman : Stop telling lame excuses.. Always irresponsible.. Can’t you think about anyone.. How can you be selfish? Enjoyed with your friend na!! Be happy
Ishu got hurt with his words
She cried..

Guru : Ishitha..
Ishu stopped him and went to Guru’s room..
Guru : Why she is moving to my room?
Sanjay : Actually Guru.. She is angry. How can she stay with Bhai? So.
Guru : So..
Sanjana : You stay with him till their fight ends

Aarthi,Anitha and Sanjana consoling Ishitha..

Ishu : How can he say those words?
It was audible to Raman.. Guru,Sanjay,Surya with him..
Raman : Be happy with the fact that I didn’t slap her
Ishu : Oh.. So will he beat me?
Raman : I am not afraid of anyone..
Ishu : Me too.. I didn’t do anything wrong..
Raman slapped Guru who was sitting beside him..
Raman : How can she say that she is not wrong?
Guru stared at him..
Ishu : Ask him to check his whatsapp Aaru..

Raman suddenly jerked at her reply..
He checked it and found her message..
He gave what to do expression..

Raman : Am I always chatting in Whatsapp? Why can’t she make a call?Or a missed call..
Ishu : OK.. I am selfish.. Happy!!

She slept

Raman went to his room.
Sanjay : OK.. Guru Good night..
Guru stared at him..
Surya : Hey go… Raman Bhai is shutting the door..
Guru : Bhai. Bhai..
He ran..
Sanjay and Surya laughed..

Guru was sleeping.. Aaru too..
Raman and Ishitha were spending sleepless night..

Ishu : How can he say that?
Raman : Why can’t she understand me?
Ishu came out of the room and stood in balcony.

Ishu : I think he got fear.. So only he reacted like that..
Raman : She is not irresponsible.. She messaged me.. I misunderstood her.
Ishu : But how can he say?
Raman : Let me ask her

He went out and saw Ishu in balcony.. He stood beside her.
Ishu : What?
Raman : Nothing..
Ishu (Mind voice) : Can’t say a Sorry ? Ravan Kumar..
Raman (MV): Can’t say a sorry? JKR!!
Ishu can’t control herself.. She cried suddenly

Raman : Ishu..
She was about to leave.. Raman hugged her and cried

Raman : Sorry Ishu. I got fear.. What can I do? My anger.. I am sorry..
Ishu : I am not irresponsible Raman
Raman : I am sorry for my words Ishu
Ishu : I can understand Raman.. Even I ll get angry if I were in your position.. But this much
He again hugged and said Sorry..

They smiled.

Raman and Ishu went to their room
Ishu :Raman.. Guru is in your room na..
Raman : Ishu.. He is Guru
Ishu : Which means?
Raman : Go and check
She found Guru not in Raman’s room. She guessed and smiled.

Raman : I told you na..
She hugged him. He kissed her forehead..

Mihika in her room smiling with Harish’s thoughts.
Pranav in his room smiling with Aasha’s thoughts

Anitha Surya fight
Anitha found Mihika is falling for Harish
Anitha Harish trying to make Mihika Surya jealous..

Credit to: nivedha

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  1. Wowww nice story line

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  3. Hi nivedha…I just love ur ff.Its the best ff I ever scene…
    But I got confused with so much characters?Can u tell me who is who and how r they related to ishra…?
    Ur ff is the best yaar???

    1. Hey Savita I LL explain

      Guru- Raman ‘s bro
      Aaru- Guru’s wife
      Sanjay n Anitha- Raman’s nephew n niece..
      Sanjana- Aarthi’s frnd.. Sanjay’s lover..
      Aasha- Aarthi’s frnd.. Pranav’s lover..
      Mihika- Ishu frnd.. Aarthi’s niece
      Pranav- Mihika’s bro.. Aarthi’s nephew
      Harish- Aarthi’s cousin..
      Abitha- Harish’s mom
      Vijender- Harish’s dad
      Sathyendar- Aarthi’s dad

      Is it ok savi

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    1. Ya I updated yday.. I was late actually. Sry for delay

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