Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 27)


The episode starts with Raman and Guru instructing Ishu’s parents and Aaru’s parents to act perfectly.
They nodded

Toshiji : (Raman’s mom) Raman!! Why this much of drama?
Guru : Else your bahu will not be here.. Is that OK for you..
Madhu:(Ishu’s mom): But Guru… Mihika…
Raman : Amma.. Relax.. We will take care..

Engagement date is fixed on May 28..

Ishu : Oh.. Raman This is my second engagement..
Raman stared at her.. Ishu smiled..

One day Harish and Abitha invited Raman & co for purchasing saree for engagement..
Mihika was in the shop..
Everyone shocked..
They stood as Anitha,Raman,Ishu,Surya,Aarthi Guru..
They asked Sanjay and Sanjana to join them..

Abitha : Arree.. Anitha!How are you?
Both Anitha and Ishitha smiled commonly..
Mihika saw Raman and stared at him..
She saw Surya and asked about him.. She understood and smiled at Anitha sarcastically..
Anitha fumed..

Harish sat on a chair..
Abitha : Anitha..Sit here na..
Ishitha and Anitha got confused..
Raman : Amma.. We will be purchasing for ourselves.. What we know about sarees and all?
He pulled Harish and went aside..

They were standing away..
Aarthi was selecting some sarees.. She went to Guru and asked his opinions..

Guru : Aarthi.. No red.. Choose something else..
She picked white..
Guru : No.. Can you see black?
Aarthi:Oh.. I can’t wear black as yours favourite is black..
Guru’s face went off..
Guru : I don’t know about sarees.. You do and select yourself
Aarthi smiled at him and went..

Harish found a yellow saree.. It was awesome…
He prayed that Mihika should select that saree…
Mihika saw that saree .. She admired at that saree.. She selected that..

Anitha was confusing with some sarees as which one to select..
Ishu : Surya.. Help your sister.. She is confusing na..
Mihika : Sister..
Surya : Yeah.. Any problem to you?
Mihika stared at him..
Abitha : OK.. Don’t fight..
Surya stared at her.. Anitha pinched him and asked him to select..

Ishu saw towards mirror.. Raman was standing there..
She smiled..
She took a golden saree and asked him through the mirror.
He looked somewhere..
She understood his reply..
She took a blue with black saree..
He looked at her and kept his hand on his head..
She kept that saree..
She took a red saree with golden border..
He pointed the trial room..
Ishu: Aunty.. I am going to trial room.. Anyone coming with me??
Mihu,Anitha and Aarthi accompanied.

After a while..
Everyone came out..
Ishu came intentionally next to Mihika..
Harish couldn’t take his eyes from her.. Abitha saw this.. She thought Harish is seeing Anitha(Ishitha).. She smiled..

Raman saw Ishu and he smirked at her.. Ishu bent down.. Raman messaged her

” I like the red in your cheeks.. than in your saree”

She again blushed..

Surya smiling at Anitha.. Mihika saw Harish..
Harish: Mihika.. you are looking good..
Mihika got pleased..
Mihika: Thank you harii..

Guru was not seeing Aarthi and seeing somewhere intentionally.. Aarthi smiled at him..
She messaged him to see her.. But he didn’t..
She sent a message.. Guru saw that unwillingly.. His eyes widened.. He saw Aaru at once..
She was wearing a black and white combo saree..
She sent her selfie..
He smiled at her..

Everyone left the shop..
Mihika:Aunty.. Its getting late. I am leaving..
Abitha : Arre… Surya can you drop her?
Harish and Anitha nodded in negation..
Mihika saw Anitha’s reaction and smiled

Surya : Surya,can’t you drop me?
He remained silent..
Harish : Ma… I will drop her..
Abitha : You drop Anitha.. idiot..
Harish to himself : Which Anitha?
He saw Surya.. Surya threatened him.. He saw Raman.. Raman held Ishu’s hand..

Raman : Maa.. Actually me Ishitha and Anitha are moving in a car.. Harish you join us..
Harish : My bike..
Guru : Ok.. Me and Aarthi will come by that bike.. Actually Aunty Anitha is feeling shy to travel with Harish in bike

Abitha : Ohh.. Ok.. Mihika?
Harish : I ll drop her.. Guru you carry on.. No problem..

Harish took his bike.. Mihika sat in his bike.. He exclaimed..
Abitha went in her car..

Everyone sighed a relief

Engagement day:
Ishitha,Anitha,Surya and Raman tensed..
Pranav saw Aasha.. He tried to talk with her.. But she left

Mihika stared at Raman and Guru..

Engagement time..
Harish on stage.. They asked Anitha to come..

Anitha and Ishitha were tensed in their room..
Raman called them.. They both came together..

Abitha : Anitha.. Come forward..

When they are getting tensed..
Someone shouted..

Stop this..

Everyone turned to see Mr. Vijender..

Vijay : Stop this engagement..
Abitha : But why?
Vijay : Harish loves Mihika

Mihika is shocked..
Everyone shocked..
Vijay : These guys are playing Abi.. to save Guru and Aarthi.. Whom you are thinking as Anitha is not Anitha… She is Ishitha Raman’s wife..
Abitha is shocked..

Dream of Aarthi ended..

Guru : Aaru.. Come on.. Engagement is happening.. Are you OK…
Aaru : Yes..

They came out..
The ring box is given to Harish.. He opened it..

There is no ring in it.. Everyone started searching it…
Guru,Raman and Surya smiled..

Surya came on to the stage..
Surya : Search it na.. Uncle search it..
Guru took his phone and recorded something
Aaru : What you are recording?

Everyone is tensed searching for ring..
Raman took that ring from his pocket.. Surya took another ring..
He made it wear in Anitha’s finger.. Even Harish has not noticed this..

Raman did the same seeing Ishitha’s eyes..
Ishu had happy tears
Guru recorded it..
Surya got down,,
Harish turned to see Ishu and Ani admiring at ring..
He saw Raman..
He turned to see Surya..
Surya waved a “Hi” To him..

Harish shouted
Harish : Maa.. I got it..
Abitha : Where is it?
He pointed commonly at Ishu and Ani
Abitha saw Ishu’s hand.. Mihika saw Ani’s hand

Abitha : Idiot.. That much fast.. We didn’t see it na..
Vijender : No problem.. Anitha you do the same..

Anitha and Ishitha stared at each other confusingly..

Raman’s mom : Abitha.. In our side.. We don’t allow girls to do this.. Father-in-law will put ring..
Harish fumed..
Raman and Guru laughed.

Raman’s dad came..
He put the ring.. and went..
Ishu and Anitha went to their room..
Abitha noted this..
Raman : Actually aunty.. He silently pointed Surya..
Surya who was smiling changed hiss expression suddenly..

Abitha understood..
Harish purposely loosened the ring.. The ring fell near him where Mihika standing..
Mihika took the ring.. Harish took his phone and acted as if he is busy

Mihika : Hari.. Hari…
He asked her to wait..
Mihika waited..But he kept on talking..
She playfully took his hand and put that in his finger.. He felt happy and said Thank you

Mihika : You are welcome..
She went..
Aarthi and Guru came and started kidding Harishh..


In Ishra room
Ishitha saw that ring and smiled.
Ishu : Mmm..
Raman : Actually both our engagements are haste.. I am not enjoying it.. So..
Ishu : So..
Raman : We will again do engagement in Sanjay’s marriage..
Ishu : Oh.. Wow.. What an idea!
Raman : Seriously Ishu..
Ishu : Raman…
She hugged him..
Ishu : Thank you Raman
Raman : You too..
He smiled..

Precap :
A little EGO clash between Raman and Ishitha..

Credit to: nivedha

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