Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 26)

The episode starts with Raman talking with his secretary..

Abitha came in… She came for fixing engagement date..

Surya went to his home… Anitha was talking to him over phone.. in ishra room

Ishu laughing at her..

Abitha came in and stood at the door hearing their conversation.

Ishu: Bhabhi.. What is my lover saying?
Anitha stared at her smilingly..
Anitha: oh no.. you can’t love him… Harish is waiting for you na..
Abitha stunned..

Ishu: You guys arranged this marriage.. I agreed this for Aarthi
Abitha went

By then Raman ended the call…

Ishu and Shagun smirked..

Ishu: Bhai….
Raman searched everywhere as whom she was calling..
Ishu: Raman Bhai…
Raman: Shut up you idiot..
Anitha: Ramann
Raman: Heyy.. Don’t try in her tone.. No one can do that..
Anitha: Ohoo…
Ishu smiled at him..
Raman: Actually.. Where is Guru and Aarthi?
Ishu: In temple…
Raman: I am going to office..
Ishu : Ok..

Raman stood still…
Raman : Ishitha… I am going to office..
Anitha: Oh.. you are asking me to move out for a while…
Raman: Woww.. Ani.. you are brilliant..

Anitha went out.. Ishra smiles.. and hugs..

In Vijender house

Abitha took her phone and dialed Raman…
Raman added Ishu in conference,.

Guru, Aarthi, Anitha, Harish put the phone in speaker…

Raman added Surya

Raman: Ahh.. Aunty.. Tell me,
Abitha: Raman mrng I came to your home and heard your wife and Anitha’s conversation

Everyone heard this and stunned

Raman: What aunty?
Abitha: I heared that Surya and Anitha..
Surya enjoyed..
Raman: Aunty..
Abitha: I am a mom too.. I can understand her feelings.. But we have to unite this family na.
Raman: Yes aunty..
Abitha: Why can’t we try Mihika for Surya??
Anitha fumed..
Raman: No aunty.. I ll solve this .. Don’t do this…

He ended the call…

Anitha: What nonsense?
Harish: Exactly… I ll kill him if he nears Mihu..Surya did you get that. ?
Surya holding his mobile silently.. starring somewhere thinking about his fate.
Anitha: Hello.. he has better taste..
Harish: Oh.. Surya then how you chose her??
Surya in sub conscious state: Its all fate Harish… What can I do if God assigned that devil for me..

Anitha shocked at his reply..
Actually he meant Mihika,,
Anitha: Ohoo.. Then go and marry that beauty…She went
Surya came in senses..
Surya: Ani.. baby,… he shouted and left the conference..
Raman : What a head ache… started from my clg days… continuing after my marriage

Ishu: Oh..Am I a head ache to you? Fine!!
She left
Raman: Ishu.. Ishu.. he kept the phone

Unaware of what’s going on.. Harish was staring at Mihika’s pic.. he was sitting next to Aarthi

Guru: All this happened because of you…
It was like pointing Aarthi

Aarthi: Ya.. its because of me.. Then why you married me?
She also left the place furiously

All the three mentioned Mihika.. But all went wrong

Harish: What happened? Where are others?
Guru went towards him and started beating him..

Surya, Guru and Raman sitting sadly as how to convince their girls..

Harish: Do any surprises yaar?
Raman: they won’t accept

Guru got an idea and told everyone..

They knocked at Anitha,’s door

Ani opened the door and shocked
Surya covered his head with bandaid

Ani: What happened?
She took him inside..

Same way Guru had bandaid in his hand.. Raman in his leg..
All the girls believed..

When Aarthi went to rest room, her phone rang.. Guru took it unknowingly
Aarthi saw this..
Guru realised what he did..
She beat him and they came out..
Harish helped Guru.
Guru: Stop… I ll show you all the culprits…

He went and knocked Ani’s door
Guru: Suryaaa
Surya: What yaar?
Guru: No.. this idiot Harish didn’t put bandaid correctly for me.. it loosened.. check urs.. else you will be caught.

Ani removed that bandaid and found it fake..
She did the same as Aarthi did

Surya saw Guru with fake anger..
Guru: Ani.. I expected more.. but it was less
Surya: Ok.. I am confident on Bhabhi…

Before another word
Raman came out running.. Ishu followed with broomstick..

Surya: Awesome
Guru: Marvellous
Surya and Guru recorded that beautiful sight..
Aarthi n Ani gave commentry..

Raman: idiots.. save me..
Aarthi: Oh no.. The guy is getting hurt.. Can we call the ambulance?
Ani: No Aarthi.. it will be late..
Raman started to dodge Ishu by going behind everyone.. So everyone got from her broomstick..

After the huge fight,,,.

All were panting…

Raman opened his arms.. All of them ran and hugged him..

Raman: Idiots I called only Ishu..
Guru: No… This is a family hug.. You paapa… Ishu mamma.. we r ur children…
Raman overwhelmed…
Surya: No.. I am not your son.. let me be a son in law to you.. Thats perfect..

Guru hit his head..
Everyone laughed…

Engagement… Mihika Pranav.. arrival

How this engagement going to happen?

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  3. Funny episode .but good.need more ishra scene!

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