Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 25)

Hi guys.. This is my 25th epi… I am making it long.. Sorry if you felt bore…

The episode starts with family fight
Aarthi felt very sad on their fight..

Vijendran : What to do now?Its my fault.. I should have been aware.. But I missed..
Guru : So late.. Don’t waste your time… Go now
Vijendran : OK.. Come with me Aarthi.. These guys are planning to take revenge on me with this marriage.. You come with me
Aarthi (in shock) : Papa..

She went behind Guru..

Sathyendran : Chote.. Give them some time.. We will discuss about this.. No haste decisions.. This is Aarthi’s life
Vijendran : Bhai.. Believe me.. I will do everything for Aarthi’s good
Guru : Hello.. For your kind information.. You need to ask me
Vij : Who are you?
Guru : Your so called daughter’s husband..
Vij : I know your intentions.. Aarthi.. Come with me

Aarthi treats Vijendran as her father.. So she saw Guru with pleading face not to hurt him..
Then came inside Aarthi’s aunt (Sathyendran and Vijendran ki sister) with her daughter MIHIKA

All were shocked.. They understood everything..
Mihika smiled at them

Vij.: OK.. Aarthi.. I am coming tomorrow.. Be Ready..
They left.. Aarthi cried the whole night.. Guru can’t see her.. She asked them to leave her alone.. Guru was restless

Raman :Ishu.. Lets do something
Ishu : Yes Raman

They made some plan

6 AM

Raman and Ishu in track suit for jog.. Guru,Aarthi and Surya accompanied them..
The four were jogging ..
On their way.. Aarthi noticed Vijender’s wife Abitha..
She got blessings from her..

Abi : Sorry Aarthi for what happened yesterday..
Aarthi : Maa.. Please help paapa to understand me.. I can’t live without Guru..
Guru : Aunty.. I am getting furious on your husband..But she is having so much respect on your husband.. Else
Abi : Sorry Guru.. Sorry..
All remained silent..
Abi : Aarthi Mihika told me an idea
Surya(Mind voice) : Definitely a trap..
Aarthi : What ma?
Abi : We have to prove your dad that Guru’s family is not taking any revenge
Raman : But how?
Abi : Mihika told… U have a niece called Anitha
Surya:What about her?
Abi : Aarthi.. Mihika told..
Aarthi : What she told ma?
Abi(with hesitation) : If you guys are agreeing for Anitha-Harish marriage,then we can make him understand that no revenge and all.. Yesterday she told this.. I thought of calling you… Today your dad is coming to pick you na.. He will ask for this proposal first,Then based on your reply ….

All were in hell shock.. Surya can’t control him.. Seeing him Raman laughed.. Surya stared at him..Raman controlled..


Surya : Maa.. We are OK.. We will accept this marriage.. No worries..
Guru got the point what he is trying to say..
Guru : Ah Aunty.. We are ready..

Guru and Surya pulled Ishitha to the front..

Guru : Anitha.. Tell her.. You are accepting this na..
Raman and Ishitha found earth is revolving faster…

Ishitha found that she is in track suit and not having any identity of married girl..

Ishu : What? How can I?
Raman : What are you doing idiots?
Abi : No problem Anitha.. You think well … We are not forcing you.. But you are looking pretty.. I felt something on seeing you that day itself.. Hope for best..
She went.. Ishitha fainted fakely on Raman.. He found Surya and Guru running far apart..

In home

9 AM
Aarthi and Anitha treating Guru and Surya with hot water bag..
They were screaming in pain..

Guru : Aahhh.. My leg.. Is he my Bhai or Rowdy?
Surya:Be happy.. You got hurt only in your leg.. I am completely hurted.. Can’t figure out exactly where it is paining.. Aahhh..
Anitha : Deserve it you idiots…

Ishu sitting in sofa.. Raman getting ready to office angrily..

Guru : Bhai..
Raman didn’t talk
Guru : Bhai.. Understand me.. I didn’t do this for my sake.. It’s for Anitha
Raman starred

Guru : Surya’s parents and Anitha’s parents are coming today and taking them to some temples for ritual and I am sure Mihika is planning this.. We can’t put Anitha’s life here
Anitha : Oh.. so you made Bhabhi in this plan.. You forgot Mihika knows Bhabhi .. How can we proceed?
Guru : See.. You guys are going to be married and we can’t make you guys stuck in this problem.. If Ishu means we can solve it..
Aarthi : Guru.. Think of Mihika..
Surya : Think of us.. we are better planners..

All remained silent.. Ishu and Raman starred each other..

They heard calling bell sound..

Ishitha ran inside.. They got confused

Abitha,Harish and Vijendran reached there

Aarthi relieved that Mihika is not here.. but..

Vijender explained the same.. Mr. and Mrs. Omprakash saw them helplessly..

Raman went near Anitha
Raman : Aunty we are ready for this marriage..

Anitha and Surya shocked.. Guru and Aarthi were helpless
Raman : Anithaa

Ishu came out dressed in simple saree.. as Anitha..
Abitha came in and kept flower in her head..

Vijender just staring not uttering a single word
Vij : Remember,your daughter is also our daughter-in-law, if you harm Aarthi..

All were looking helplessly
Guru noticed Harish’s not interested look..
Abitha before moving out saw real Anitha and asked

Abi : Who is she?
Raman (staringly) : Maa. This is Ishitha.. My wife..
Guru and Aarthi controlled their laugh.. Surya and Anitha shockingly looked at each other
Ishu : Ah.. and He is Surya.. My Bhabhi’s brother..
Surya shattered.. Raman smiled at him,

Abitha : Ok.. Fine..
All went..

Aarthi and Anitha hugged Ishitha, Surya and Guru hugged Raman

In Pranav’s home

Pranav : Why you trapped Anitha?
Mihika : I disliked her.. because of her only I caught
Pranav looked at her
Mihika : I have planned to ask Anitha for you.. But they will easily prove you by Aasha.. And our uncle Vijender will unite with them.. This shouldn’t happen. So I trapped
Pranav : Will they accept?
Mihika : Lets see.. I came to know that she is loving someone.. Due to this problem,who knows her marriage can breaks
She smiled wildly
Pranav hit his head and went

In Raman’s home

Surya: Bhai.. I can’t bear it..
Raman : What? Anitha as my wife!
Ishu : No.. Raman.. Anitha as his sister..
He closed his ear
Guru laughed uncontrollably
Raman : Mr. Guru our lives are in danger.. Please do a better plan..
Aarthi : Really Bhai.. I felt happy.. No.. More than happiness.. No one can do this..
Ishu : Oh.. Aarthi.. You are my sister na.. How can I leave you?
Aarthi and Ishu hug

They planned for a while.. Surya called his parents and postponed the temple trip for some days..

Raman : Why can’t you do this before? What an immediate reaction yaar? Today morning
All of them laughed
Raman : OK.. darling good night. He smirked at Anitha
Ishitha and Surya chased him.. Again laughter..

In Ishra room

Ishu : Raman..
Raman : Ishu.. I know what you are going to say.. I won’t leave you at any cause.. Believe me..
Ishu : I believe you Raman..
They had a happy hug..
Raman : and Ishu.. Be away from him
Ishu : Who?
Raman : That Harish.
Ishu : Jealous!!
Raman : No.. If I see him close to you,I will kill him.
Ishu acted as if she is shocked..
Ishu : Oh.. He is my Fiance..
Raman playfully slapped Ishitha.. They again laughed…

In Aarru room

Aaru : Guru.. Everyone is helping us
Guru : Yes Aaru.. We have to solve the problem..
They planned how to escape from Mihika..

Next day Harish came home..

Guru and Surya came laughing to Raman’s room

Raman : What idiots?
Guru : Bhabhiii
Ishu came and asked the same
Surya : Your Fiance is in the hall
Raman stared at them.. Ishu smiled at him.. She went out..
Raman went to the hall and seated opposite.. The two other couples in dining hall

Harish : Hii
Ishu : Hii..
Raman got irritated
Harish : Actually
Ishu : Tell me
Harish : You are looking beautiful
Raman took his phone and shouted at someone
Guru and Surya laughed to the core..

Ishu : Ok..
Harish : I have to tell you something..
Ishu : What?
Harish : Can I call you Dhi(sister) because you are looking like my sister
Ishu got shocked… Raman started laughing

All of them got shocked

Guru : I told you na Aarthi
Aaru : Harish..
Harish : Ah.. Dhi.. I love Mihika.. I don’t want this Shaadhi
Surya: Thats great
Harish got confused
Aaru : Harishh.. We also told a small.. very tiny lie
Harish : What?
They explained everything
Harish : Is this very tiny?
All laughed
They noticed.. Ishu is staring Raman.. Raman still smiling uncontrollably

Guru : Bhaii
Raman : Ishu.. I told you na.. You are looking old.. See he told that you are looking like his bigggggg sister
He laughed again
Ishitha beat him furiously.. Harish went behind Guru seeing their fight..
Raman ran to his room.. Ishu chased him and went to their room

Guru : Thank God.. Our job got reduced
Everyone joined hands

Precap :
Joyful confusionsss…

Hope you like this.. If don’t let me know that with your comments.. Please comment to let me know guyss

Thank you

Credit to: nivedha


  1. Geethu

    Very very sooooooo…
    Supev…exrdinary…..episode and lots of twist and turns..a very happy…yaar and the guru and surya …suprv…
    I m lv guru..and reaction of raman..
    Lvly yaar super 25..update keep that..yaar..

  2. oh really i loved it yar. I couldn’t control my laughter n still ma eyes r watering due to excessive laughing. Awesome dear plz continue n i can’t wait to read next episode.

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