Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 24)


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The episode starts with Raman’s mom talking with Anitha’s mother in phone.. about Surya-Anitha marriage..
Anitha and Surya felt very happy..
Sanjay asked her not to tell her about his love

Raman : Why Sanjay?
Sanjay : Arre… First Anitha’s marriage.. till that we will be lovers..
Sanjana smiled at him..
Surya : Ohh.. Anitha Why don’t we prefer like your brother?
Sanjay : OMG!! No need… Your marriage first.. Mom can’t handle both shocks at a time..

All of them laughed..

Raman in his room working in his laptop..
Ishitha came in .. She is thinking of Mihika’s words..
Raman saw Ishitha who was in deep thinking

Raman : Ishu.
Ishu remained silent
Raman : Ishithaa..
Ishu : Sorry Raman.. Have you said anything?
Raman :What is eating you? Tell me that..
Ishu : Mihika..
Raman: Leave her Ishu… I swear.. No one can separate us…
Ishu smiled..
Raman : Actually.. Ishu You remember the day we visited your village..
Ishu smiled
Ishu : You couldn’t even understand my feelings there also ah?? Ravan Kumar..
Raman: I know Ishu.. I felt you just hate me for my anger..
Ishu hold his cheeks..
Ishu : I hate your anger Raman.. Not you..
Both smiled..

Raman : Ishu.. I have an idea..
Ishu : What ??
Raman told something..
Ishu : No.. Raman.. No..
Raman : It will be interesting.. Come with me..

They came out.. They saw Guru,Sanjay and Surya chatting in the balcony.. Ani,Sanjana and Aarthi in kitchen..
Raman and Ishitha made a HiFi..

Raman sat on the sofa.. Ishu came to the kitchen..

The three got confused..
Aarthi : Bhabhi..
Ishu : Yes Aarthi..
Aarthi : Any problem between you and Bhai?
Ishu : Yes.. Always.. He used to create problems.. Idiot Kumar
Sanjana : What Ishu ?
Ishu : Sanju.. Today Mummyji said about that Fasting na?
Anitha : What fasting?
Ishu : You don’t know that
All the three nodded in negation
Ishu : Oh God.. Have you spoken anything to your hubbies?
Anitha : That idiots woke up now only..
Ishu : Thats good.. Actually today .. from morning till evening we should not talk with our husbands..
Aarthi : Why?
Ishu : Thats the fast.. Mounvrath..
Anitha : We shouldn’t talk with others also na..
Ishu : This is different Ani..This is for our husbands.. I am doing this.. This idiot Raman thought I am angry on him..
Sanjana : You write and show it na..
Ishu : Husbands should not know this.. Mummyji used to keep this fast like this only..
Anitha : Uncle won’t ask anything ah?
Ishu : Mummyji said after the fast she would reveal it to him..

All the three accepted and they did the same.. Aasha smiled at them

Raman came to balcony in anger..

Guru : Bhai.. Anything wrong.?
Raman : This idiot na.. Your friend.. She is not talking with me..
Surya : Why?
Raman: I don’t know yaar.. You guys go and ask..
They went.. Raman smiled…

Aasha : Bhai.. I think something you are doing..
Raman closed her mouth and took her

The men saw all of their girls in kitchen chatting and laughing

Guru : Whats wrong with you Ishu? Why you are not talking Bhai?
Aaru’s Mind voice : OMG!! What to do now? He will come and talk with me also na.. Oh God..
Guru : Aarthi.. What happened?
Aarthi looked at him helplessly
Guru : What? Tell me what happened..
She went to her room.. Guru shocked..
Sanjay tried the same.. Sanjana did the same..

Surya knew what will be Anitha’s reaction .. Before he started, she ran away..
Guru : Whats wrong with them? What we did?
Sanjay : Are they playing with us?
Surya : Ok.. we will do the same what they are doing..

Sanjay,Guru and Surya did the same as them..

After 6
Aarthi,Sanjana and Anitha begged with them..
They didn’t react..

Aarthi to Guru : Guru.. Believe me.. We did this for a fast..
Sanjana to Sanjay : Yes Sanji.. Ishu said this to do..
Anitha to Surya : We did for you guys only..

Guru : OK..Why can’t you inform us?
Aaru : Bhabhi told that we can reveal it in the evening.
Guru : Lets go and see Bhai.. He is more angry than us..

The three couples decided the same.. Aasha laughed at them
Sanjana : Why are you laughing Aasha?
Aasha :Where you guys are leaving?
Sanjana : To meet Raman and Ishitha..
Anitha : I am sure he will be angry with Ishu
Aasha again laughed

Aashu : They are not in their room
Guru : then…
Aasha : Go to the terrace..

They went and saw Raman Ishitha laughing at their idiot brothers and cousins
All of them understood that Raman and Ishu played a game..

Raman : Ishu.. I also behaved like them na.. in that village..


Raman,Kavin,Vandita,Sudeep,Mihika went to Ishu’s village..
Ishu took them to various places..
Ishu’s friend in that village found Raman Ishitha’s love.. She planned something and told Ishu about same ritual..
Ishu believed her and didn’t talk with Raman
Raman who was a patient dove… Got angry and left the place..

Ishu : Raman
Raman : What?
Ishu : Raman why are you shouting always?
Raman : Why are you disturbing me always?
Ishu : Raman.. Stop irritating me
Raman : Good joke.. Is it me or you?
Ishu : What I did?
Raman : Oh… So you are a drama queen

The girl got fear that because of her only they were fighting…

The girl : Sorry guys.. I just played.. No ritual like that
Raman : What ritual?
The girl explained everything ignoring Ishu’s antics..
Raman smiled at her..
The girl went
Ishu was about to leave.. raman blocked her way..
Raman : Why you did this?They asked you not to talk with ur tobr hsband… But you..
Ishu : Don’t be overconfident.. I didn’t talk with anyone since morning.. Got that
Raman : Are you sure?
Ishu : Pucca.. Noone can fast for you .. Ravan kumar.. Her mind voice stated : No one can fast for you..except me.
Raman : I know Jhansi Rani.. I heard some extra phrase also..Did you say that?

She stared at him and went.. While leaving she smiled..
Raman smiled at her

Flashback ends

Raman : That was the day you named me Ravan kumar
Ishu : You too.. named me on that day only

Guru : Oh.. Wow.. Lets celebrate that..

All of them started chasing them..

Next day..
Aaru got her dad’s call
Aaru : Hi dad
Dad : Aarthi.. How are you?
Aaru : I am fine dad.. But dad your voice telling me something
Dad: My brother.. Your chote papa.. came
Aaru : Wow dad.. What about Harish?
Dad: No he ll be here afterwards
Aaru : What happened dad?
Dad: We are coming there..

He ended the call..

She informed everyone about this..

Aarthi’s uncle Vijendra Takur came with a stern look
Raman’s family shocked seeing him as he is his father’s so called enemy..
Aarthi Ishu Sanjana Surya confused at their reaction..

Raman’s dad(Omprakash):You..
Aarthi’s dad(Sathyendran) : He is my brother,,

All got shocked,..

Vijendra:So.. you took revenge by making my daughter as your daughter-in-law right?How dare you?
He picked his collar..
Raman and Guru got anger on him for misbehaving with their dad

Raman : No one know about this..We don’t know that she is your brother’s daughter.. It was a coincident
Vijendra : Wow.. You are his son na.. Will be like him..

Aarthi got fear and held Guru’s hand tight

Raman and Ishitha planning

Credit to: nivedha

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