Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 23)

The episode starts with Raman and Ishitha looking shocked..

Raman : Guys.. He is Pranav
All were shocked
Anitha : But he told his name as Ashok to me.. How mean..
Sanjay : See Aasha.. He is not a good guy.. He is playing in Ani’s life.. Planning to destroy Raman bhai
Aasha : No.. Pranav can’t do this
Ishitha : Yes.. He is doing..
Aasha : I know he is stubborn in nature but..
Ishitha : Aasha.. Please forget him
Aasha : No Bhabhi I can’t
Ishitha : Oh Damn it.. He is the one who caused my accident..
Ishitha hit her head for revealing this to Raman
Raman and Guru got angry..
They both went out.. Ishitha shouted at them..
Aarthi came out and shocked to hear about Pranav..

Aarthi : Ishu.. Then why Mihika was talking with him?
Anitha : Yes Ishu.. Actually I am acting with Pranav to know about Mihika
Ishitha : May be she might have fought with Pranav. You guys may misunderstood
Anitha: I don’t think so..

Raman and Guru reached Pranav’s home .. They shocked to see Mihika’s photo in the hall
Maid : Who are you?
Raman : Where is Pranav?
Maid : She went to receive his uncle
Guru : Who is that girl in that photo?
Maid : Mihika
Guru : We know that.. How she is related to Pranav?
Maid : Sister.. Who are you guys? Asking me everything
Raman wore coolers and said : Your owner’s Yemraj…

He went

Raman and Guru in car

Raman : Why Mihika hide this with us?
Guru : Lets go home

In home

Mihika standing in the centre and all the six surrounded

Mihu started crying.. Ishu consoled her
Mihu : Ishu.. I hate him .. I hide it from you guys because you hate me because of him.. I don’t know that he did your accident.. I don’t know that he is flirting with Anitha.. I am sorry for what he has done
She cried
Raman came and consoled her..

All getting irritated at Ishra’s reaction..

Guru : How these guys are believing her?
Aarthi : I can’t take this.. See what I thought about Mihika is right
Guru : I know Aaru you are always right
Aaru hit his head and asked him to watch them

Raman : Mihu calm down
She cried
Raman and Ishitha made her to sit in a chair.. They both seated down on both sides of Mihika

Raman : Mihu.. Stop crying..Wee know..
Mihu stopped crying and saw them with perfect action
Ani got irritated..

Raman : Mihu.. We know that you are not responsible for me and Ishu’s fight in our college by letting Pranav between us..
Mihu stared..
Ishitha:We know you are not responsible for my accident by forcing Pranav to do this..
Mihu was speechless
Raman : We know that you are not responsible for making me guilty for Ishu..
All the guys stared at them
Ishu : You have not informed Pranav to love Anitha.. So that you can use this to take Raman from me.. You are not that Mihu
Mihu stood up
Raman : What are you thinking Mihika?Why you did this?Ishitha is your best friend right!How can you cheat her?
Mihika lose her temper

Mihika : Because I love you
A tight slap Mihika got … from Aarthi

Aarthi : Shame on you.. Can’t you see that you are betraying your so called best friend’s life..Why used friendship to cheat Ishitha.. I don’t bear anyone who misuses friendship.. Get lost
Mihika stared at Aarthi
Mihika : You guys will feel for it.. OK!! fine.. I don’t want Raman.. But I won’t let you guys to be happy..
Sanjana held her hand and pushed her out of their home.. Aasha came out

Mihika : Oh you are alive..So because of you I caught.. You shouldn’t be alive..
Mihika held Aasha’s neck.. Ishitha freed Aasha from Mihika

Guru : Get out you mean.. I will kill you
Mihika : Oh stop it.. The main pillars are silent.. Why you guys are just shouting?
Ishitha : See… I should have killed you for what you said.. But you are safe as I treated you as my friend.. Get lost and save your life..
Mihika : OK!! I will see how you guys are happy..

She left
All entered home.. Ishu hugged Raman and cried..
All went to their rooms
Anitha called Pranav

Pranav:Tell me Ani
Anitha : Your drama got over.. Take care of your sister.. Here after you guys shouldn’t interfere in our family matters… Got that?
She kept
Pranav saw angry Mihika
Pranav : Hey Maatha Rani.. Next whom she is gonna fix for me.. Please save me

After four days
Raman and Guru busy in their rooms with laptops
Raman shouted for coffee..
Ishu : Aaru.. Just take care of this paneer.. I am taking coffee to Raman
She went
Guru called Aaru so she handed it to Anitha

Anitha was cooking.. She turned to take something.. By then someone hugged her from backside

Anitha struggling: You.. Why you came here? All are in home.. You idiot
The guy : What to do? Too much of dramas.. Remember when we met at last.. Two days before
Anitha : Only two days na.. Leave that.. When you came from Mumbai?
The guy: Me mom and dad came yesterday.. Its OK.. Who are in your home now?

Raman : Turn to see who and all here
Anitha shocked and went behind him
Sanjay held her ear and pulled her out
Sanjay : Who is he?
Anitha : Surya
Sanjay : Ohh.. Is he that Surya? Famous south Indian actor? Who is he to you? That onlt I asked
Anitha blushed
Anitha : Your sister’s would be..
Sanjay shocked at her reply..
Ishra Aarru laughed..
Surya : Hi guys..
Guru and Raman : Hii
Sanjay stared at them..
Guru : What?
Sanjay : Whats going on here?
Raman : Love.. Ani loves Surya…
Sanjay : What is he doing?
Surya : I too love Anitha
Sanjay hit his head
All laughed
Surya showed his visiting card.. Sanjay shocked seeing that
He is a top business man there
Sanjay : But your status is very high.. How can we?
Surya : Nothing wrong.. My dad and mom knew my wife
Raman : See Sanjay.. He came to see his wife not your sister
Sanjay : So madam.. Thats why you were asking me to say my decision fast ah?
Aarthi : What decision?
Sanjay : About Sanjana..
Ishu : Whats your decision?
Sanjay : Going to register office tomorrow.. Who and all coming?
All shoked at his reply.. Even surya
Surya: See Ani I told you na.. We are late
Ani : Shut up you idiot..
Sanjana came in with a form
Aasha :Sanjana whats in your hand?
Sanjana : Sanjay.. You didn’i inform them ah? Tomorrow we are going to reg. office thats why
Guru : Idiot.. You guys are serious?

Sanjana and Sanjay smiled
Sanjana : Idiot Aasha you asked for MBA application right.. I just kid you.. But what a coincidence Sanju
Sanjay : Yes Sanjii.. That too naughty guys believed our prank..
Guru Raman and Surya chased him

All smiling happily

Precap :
Raman’s dad Omprakash Bhalla met his enemy long back..Mr. Vijendra Takur

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