Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 22)

The episode starts in the hospital..

Raman sitting on the bed holding Ishu’s hand
Raman : Ishu.. You know I am so happy today
Ishitha : Me too
Ishitha : But a fear..
Raman : whats that?
Ishu kept her head on Raman’s shoulder

Ishu : Raman I got fear if someone separate us means?
Raman : Whats wrong with you? Who will do that?
Ishu : Your enemy.. Whats is name? Ahh Pranav… That day also you got some crank call right!!

Raman turned to see the trio.. They saw somewhere
Raman : Ishu.. That is done by these three idiots..
Ishu : What?
Raman explained.. She laughed
Raman : No one can separate us Ishu..

Ishu overwhelmed
Raman: Ishu.. I gonna tell you something
Ishu : Tell me
Raman : Actually we both are already known.. ie., before our marriage..
He started narrating
Ishu looked at him smilingly

Raman : Mihu told you ah?
Ishu : What you said just before?
Raman : Mihu..
Ishu : no before that.. no one can
Raman : No one can separate us
Ishu : I want to hear this from you.. I want this confidence from you on our relationship..Thats why,…
Raman : Thats why..
Ishu : I acted as a memory loss patient.. I acted as I don’t know you before.. I only made this separation of 2 years.. Because I don’t want you to think weak about us… I love you Raman

Sanjana,Sanjay and Ani shocked on this..
Raman just tried to find something to beat her.. She gt down from the bed and started running..
Ishu went out of the hospital and ran away.. Raman chased her

Raman : Idiot.. You fool..Stop running
Ishu : Sorry Raman catch me if you can..

They ran happily.. Mihu from her car stared at them..
Ishu and Raman reached a park and enjoyed talking.. They were happy

At evening 6
They reached home..
They saw their parents welcoming them in happy mood
They saw Guru and Aaru.. Guru just smiled at Ishu..Ishu understood his anger

Ishu : Guru
Guru : Haah Bhabhi.. Do you need anything?
Aaru : Oh..He is angry with you Bhabhi..
Guru pinched her..She beat him
Aaru : You guys solve your problem .. I am going.
Ishu : Guru.. I am sorry. I must have told you
Guru : I thought I am still your friend but
Ishu slapped Guru..

Aaru and Raman noticed this and laughed..
Aaru : Good job Bhabhi

Guru held Ishu’s ear and she shouted in pain
Guru : you hid everything from me.. Actually I have to beat you.. But you are doing this..
Raman : Come on Guru. Come on
Ishu : Stop it Raman.. Guru sorry..
Guru : OK!! I can’t act after this Bhai..
Raman hit his head.. Ishu stared at Raman.. Aaru laughed..

Just then they heard some noise from Aasha’s room..They ran and saw Aasha getting conscious

Aaru and Sanjana hugged her.. She cried hugging them..
They explained everything to her..
Aasha: Thank you Bhai.. for doing this
Raman and Guru hugged her

All were chatting for a while
After dinner

Sanjana:OK!! Ani its getting late I am leaving
Sanjay : OK!! I will drop you
Raman and Guru : Ohhhh…
Raman : Sanjay.. do you need my car keys?
Sanjay stared..
Guru : Oh.. You need mine..
Sanjay : OK!! Ishu Bhabhi.. Actually your clothes are in your home right.. Come on I will drop you guys in Raman Bhai’s car..
Sanjay winked at Raman

Raman : Oh. no Sanjay you are having your bike na.. You drop Sanjana.. Ishu will take it tomorrow.. Right Ishu!! He sighed her not to go
Ishu smiled
Guru : Bhai.. bike ride is not safe.. Sanjay take my car keys…
Sanjana :
Aaru.. you are planning to meet my parents right!!Come lets go.. Sanjay will drop us in Guru’s car
Sanjana winked at Guru

Guru : OMG!! I said this for you guys safety.. Do whatever you want.. I will bring Aaru to your house definitely.. Now you guys can move

Sanjay and Sanjana smiled and went

Ani : Raman .. I have to say this to mumma
Raman : Wait.. Let them confess
Ani : Oh no.. Again confessing..
Ani ran away..
They smiled and went to their respective rooms

Ishra standing in their balcony.. Ishu kept her head on his shoulder

Ishu : Sorry Raman..
Raman : Why sorry?
Ishu : For hiding..
Raman : Ishu.. I know you did it for us
Ishu : But Raman.. I felt bad when you slapped me for that Pranav.. I felt you need to be confident in our relationship.. God made us united.. But I am impressed when you hurt yourself by hating me.. So only I enjoyed kidding you
Raman stared at her and laughed..
Raman : Nice actress..
Ishu : But I got scared when you reacted for bracelet..
Raman : no one can touch my property
Ishu : Where this confidence went two years back?
Raman :You didn’t confess that time na..So only I feared..
Ishu : Ohoo.. You don’t know that I loved you
Raman : I told you na.. You are a nice actress.. You acted so nice
Ishu smiled
Ishu : You called me on my birthday right!!
Raman : You messaged me on my birthday right!!

They both laughed and hugged..

In Aaru room
Aaru checking her whatsapp

Aaru : Wow.. Guru.. My cousin is coming home.. Harish…
Guru : Ohh nice.. Your father’s brother’s son right..
Aaru : Ya. My father and his bro are like you and Raman. My dad will do anything for him
Guru started thinking
Guru : Oh.. only two brothers
Aaru : sister he has.. She is so cunning.. My dad won’t help her but she used to act in front of Chachoo.. Chachoo will do anything for her.. She has a son and a daughter.. I haven’t seen them and don’t know their name too
Guru in deep thinking

Aaru : What you are thinking?
Guru : Nothing.. I think these characers may interfere in our life ..
Aaru : Stop kidding..
They both smiled and hugged each other
Aaru : I hate you.
Guru : I love you
Again both smiled

In Pranav’s home
Mihika in tense.. Pranav’s mom Subatra came home to talk about Pranav’s marriage

Pranav: First ammu’s marriage mom
Subatra :OK!! Beta.. Take care you both..

She left…

Pranav will do anything for Mihika.. He made accident of Ishitha because of her.. He is already married.. His wife died of an accident..
Now also he is doing what Mihika said.. He won’t recognise what he is doing.. He want to see Mihika happy..
So he is doing everything..

Aasha holding a photo ..
Aaru noticed that and shouted

Aaru : You still love this idiot..
Aasha : I loved him truly.
Aaru : Aasha listen to me.. He is not true to you..
Aasha : No.. I don’t think so. Sure… I am confident that he also loved me truly
Aaru left in anger

Sanjay,Raman,Guru,Ishu,Sanjana and anitha came

Raman took that photo and shocked
Sanjay : Ya Bhai.. he is the one we found out.. he is now flirting with Anitha
Anitha : Yaa.. we saw one day Mihika talking with him

He showed the pic to Ishitha.. She got shocked

It was


Pranav in his room holding Aasha’s photo

Pranav : I am sorry..

Precap :
Mihu revealing herself as Pranav’s sister to everyone
All get shocked
Mihu : Ishu.. I hate him .. I hide it from you guys because you hate me because of him..
She cried.. Ishu and Raman consoled her
Others stared at her

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    I have some guess for future track what u r going to show

    Pranav and mihika will be aaru’s cousins whom she is talking about
    Is not it like that
    Andpranav and asha will be united in some episodes

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