Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 21)


The episode starts with Mihika walking here and there in her room
Pranav reached her room

Pranav : What Ammu? Why are you so tensed?
Mihika: I have just escaped from Raman today.. else you can’t have seen your sister alive now
Pranav : Who is he to harm my sister?
Mihu : Because we harmed him na.. Thats why
Pranav : OK!! Leave him.. Say yes to your marriage..
Mihu : No
Pranav : Why you are so stubborn?
Mihu : I need Raman… Bhai
Mihu knows Pranav will melt if she call him Bhai

Pranav : Ok.. What you need from my side
Mihu explained a plan

Mihu : We can do this plan in worse case.. You don’t worry

Two days went
It is 20th day

Ishitha(thinking) : He can do anything to win this competition
Raman(thinking) : Raman .. Calm down.. You can propose her tomorrow.. or else do it after the clock strikes 12.. But be silent till 12

Morning 8 AM

Sanjay,Sanjana and Ani came home

Ishu : Hey what a surprise.. You guys are here
Sanjay : Today important day na Bhabhi..
Sanjana : That too.. We are going to see a live confession
Ani : Confession with competition
Raman : Hello.. I am moving to office Bye
Ishitha : Bye

Raman and Ishitha stared for a moment

The clock strucks 10 AM,12 PM,2PM

Raman and Ishu were restless.. Keeping their phone aside

Raman: Raman no.. You should not give up..
Ishitha : I should do something

Raman got a call from a unknown number.. The same number he received call on that day.. When Guru,Aaru and Ishu in different places
He attended the call

Again he heard Ishu’s voice..
Same way call ended.. He tried Ishu’s number.. She didn’t attend

Raman called that unknown number
The phone rang.. But the caller didn’t attend.. Same as for three numbers..

He called Sanjay’s number

Sanjay : Tell me Raman
Raman(in tense) : Where is Ishu? Where are you guys?
Sanjay : We are out.. Bhabhi may be in home.. What Raman? Any problem
Raman : We? Who are with you?
Sanjay : We .. Sanjana,Me and Ani.. in mall
Raman : I need to tell you an important matter .. put it on speaker

Sanjay did as Raman said
Trio said: Tell Raman

Raman laughed uncontrollably.. The three looking confused

Sanjay : What?
Raman(laughing) : What a ..What a.. What a plan?
He again laughed
Sanjana: What plan?
Raman : Ah.. Why you guys calling me from unknown numbers and making me feel that Ishu,Aaru and Guru in danger..

The three were shocked

Ani: Idiot.. How you caught us?
Raman(laughing) : Stupid.. Why you did this?
Sanjana: To unite you and Ishu
Raman( laughed) : What?
Sanjay : Ya.. We know you won’t propose her till day 20.. So

Sanjay,Sanjana and Ani

Sanjay : Ani.. What are you thinking about this 20 days competition?
Ani : Aaru and Guru proposed right!
Sanjana : Raman won’t
Ani : Yeah
Sanjay : I am having a plan
Ani : What?
Sanjay : Imagine my situation you both girls
Sanjana and Ani : OK
Sanjay : You guys are angry with your loved ones.. In hell angry
Sanjana and Ani : OK
Sanjay : Some crank call coming like your loved one is in danger.. How would you react if you loved one is not attending your call
Sanjana : I will run to see what happened to you
Ani shocked to hear what she said
Sanjay : You are angry with me na
Ani turned to her dear brother
Sanjana : What are you saying? Your life is important to me.. Fight doesn’t matter
Sanjay : Thats the point.. Raman will do the same..
Ani : Ya.. Bhai.. Good experiment.. I understood ..Everyything

Sanjay and Sanjana smiled

Sanjay : Let me try it first.. I ll be with Guru.. Sanjana you go with Aaru.. Ani you be with Ishu.. Ok
Ani : Ishu Ok.. Why Guru and Aaru?
Sanjay : I planned only for Ishu.. But this idiot Guru asked him also to add in this plot else he will inform about this to Raman
Ani : Ohoo.. Always playing.. Be serious…
Sanjay : He is serious Ani.. see ho many calls he is making..
Ani attended his call

Ani :Idiot.. Plan is to unite Raman and Ishu. Why you are in?
Guru : Always Guru plans the best.. Try it and see the result

Flashback ends

Sanjay : As we planned .. You frightened a lot.. So now we planned to do this today.. We kept Ishu’s phone in silent..
Raman :I found on that day itself
Sanjana : how?
Raman : I guessed at you guys reaction on that day.. I was just waiting for you guys to reveal the reason. I thought you guys were playing.. But.. The reason

He again laughed

Sanjay added Guru in conference

Guru : Hello.. Stop it … It was a nice plan.. You are becoming smart now-a-days
Raman : Try better.. Bye guys..

Raman got a call from Ishitha

Raman(himself) : Now another try
Raman : Hello
Someone : Sir a girl is unconscious in the road.. We are admitting her in City hospital..We saw your call in recent log… You please come there..
Raman got tensed.. He went to that hospital.. He informed everyone

He saw Ishu in room

He got tensed.. All were sitting tensed..
Doctor came out ..
Raman : Sir.. What happened? Is she fine? Can I see her now?
Doctor : Yes .. But

Raman ran in without hearing another word

Doctor : Why he is tensed?
Sanjay : Doctor .. What is Ishitha’s condition?
Doctor : She is fine.. She is the one who admitted that girl and also giving blood to her.
Ani : Oh..We got a call that Ishu is uncon.

The guy : Sorry.. Mam gave her phone to call that girl’s home.. I thought it was that girl’s mobile and informed wrongly
All the three laughed silently and saw what’s happening in

Raman : Ishu.. Wake up na.. Please
All the three came in..
When Ishu opened her eyes,these three sighed to close her eyes..

She closed immediately..

Raman : Ishu.. I can’t live without you.. You already left me two years before.. Now I can’t bear..
Ishu motionless
Raman : Ishitha.. I don’t want to win you.. I just need you to be with me

Raman : I……. I love you Ishitha

Tears rolled down from her eyes
Raman felt happy
Raman : See she is gaining conscious

she suddenly hugged him.. Raman in shock

These three jumped in joy

The guy came in and made him clear ..

Raman hit his head,,

All of them laughed..
He chased everyone.. Guru called him..

Raman: stop laughing idiots. Aaru you are my team na

Aaru : I am happy that my husband’s team won
Raman : OMG!! All are against me

Again laughed.

Raman hugged Ishu and all smiled happily

Precap : Raman chasing Ishu in the road.. Both are happy.. Mihu staring in anger

Credit to: nivedha

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