Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 20)


The episode starts with Raman moving to office..
Raman’s car got punctured and he got down to see what happened
He took his phone to call his mechanic..
While doing so,a guy snatched his bracelet and ran away.. Raman chased him.. But he escaped..
The guy went near a car.. Mihika got down.. He gave the bracelet to her and he left..

Mihika(herself) : Sorry Ishu.. Here after this can’t be with Raman

While she is holding that,another guy snatched the bracelet from her and ran away..

Mihika shouted but he escaped
Mihu : Whatever.. Now its gone..
She happily reached Ishu’s home to see what’s happening
Mihu saw Ishu looking sad.. She saw Raman sitting in sofa with anger

Ishu took Mihika to her room
Mihu : Whats wrong Ishu?
Ishu : Mihu someone snatched that bracelet it seems
Mihu : Oh no.. Have you gave a complaint?
Ishu : No..
Mihu : Then
Ishu: Go and see what your friend is doing for my bracelet.. I am scared

Mihu got little scared and went near Raman

Mihu : Raman… Why you are tensed for that bracelet?
Raman : Mihu.. You know its my precious one
Mihu : I know but its an accident.. Someone..
Raman : No Mihu.. I am sure this is not an accident.. Because this theft happened after my car puncture .. This is planned..
Mihu scared
Mihu : May be Pranav
Raman : No Pranav.. other than him
Mihu blabbering
Mihu : Ho How you are saying sure?
Raman : I am not that much idiot Mihu.. Something wrong happening around me.. Once I figure it out,then that ll be the last day for the one who is doing this

Mihu started coughing.. Ishu came with water
Ishu(in a low voice audible to Mihu) : Whether he found that I am acting
Mihu (herself) : I think he is going to find I am acting
Mihu : OK! What you are doing for that now?

By then a guy entered Raman’s home
Guy : Good morning boss
Raman : Good morning.. Have you find the guy who stolen this bracelet from me in that area I mentioned
Raman showed the bracelet

Mihu shocked..
Mihu : Raman You got this na.. then what
Ishu : Thats what I am saying.. Why he is doing so much for this bracelet?
Mihu : How do you get this?
Guy : Mam.. I am the guy who is helping Raman boss in his business ..
Mihu : Helping means
Guy : Raman boss will leave his enemies.. But won’t leave the one who pretends to be good with him and planning to harm him.. We will do anything for him.. We are silent for that Pranav as boss said that he is not much important now..

Mihika in hell fear.. Ishu also in same reaction

Guy : Actually Boss sent the bracelet pic, we searched in all shops with a fact that the thief would definitely sold the jewel .. If not it may be for personal reason. But as we guessed he sold it,.. We got that.. within half an hour the thief ll be here boss.. We ll check with him

Mihu scared as he got the bracelet from her only na

Some guys came with the thief to Ishu’s house.. He shocked seeing Mihu.. Mihu shocked seeing her..
Raman : He is not the one who stolen this from me
The guy about to beat the thief to say from where he got it..
The guy saw Mihika.. She sighed him not to tell..
The thief just said she got this from a lady..

Raman confused..
Raman : Leave him..
Raman gave some money to him.. The thief surprised
Raman : I would have killed you if you are the one who snatched this from me.. But because of you I got this back.. So thanks
The thief thanked and ran away

Ishu sat down with surprise,shock,fear,happiness with mixed feelings that How Raman reacting for her love

Mihu is ready to run without saying 1 2 3.. on seeing Raman’s reaction for the bracelet
Mihu(herself) : Mihu.. Save your life.. Raman went to this extent for Ishu’s bracelet.. What if he knows because of me Ishu’s accident took place

She was in fear.. When Raman called out her she didn’t respond
When Ishu touched her.. She shouted in fear
Raman laughed

Raman : Mihu.. Why you are in fear?
Mihu : Nothing I am leaving Bye

She went.. Sorry ran away

Raman went to their room. Ishu followed him

Ishu : Who gave you that bracelet?
Raman : A girl
Ishu : You are having that much guts.. saying in front of me that a girl gave this
Ishu acted perfectly

Raman smiled
Ishu :What smiling?
Raman : Leave it.. Anyhow I got the bracelet..
Ishu : Oh.. actually I didn’t expect you are that much genius to find out this planned robbery.. Wow
Raman: A perfect actor also gets caught in a situation…
Ishu : Ohh..

Raman went and stood near the door
Raman : Ishitha
Ishu : Mm
Raman : This is common for all..
Ishu in shock
Raman smiled at her
Raman : Don’t act..
Ishu : What??
Raman : Don’t act that you are so genious.. You can’t make me confess .. Four more days left na..
Ishu hit her head
Ishu : Lets see .. You go to office first
Raman smiled and went

Ishu made a call to Guru narrating everything

Guru : What bracelet?Who gave that?
Ishu(smiling) : Don’t know
Guru(himself) : Definitely it will be you
Ishu : Did you say something?
Aaru laughed.. Guru : Nothing Ishu ..
Ishu : Mihu got scared at your brother’s reaction
Guru smiled
Aaru started thinking
Ishu : Ok..Bye take care
Guru : Bye

Aaru : Guru.. What Bhai thinking is right.. This may be planned
Guru : How you are saying Aaru?
Aaru : I am having doubt on a guy Guru..

Sameway Sanjay Sanjana discussing the same matter
Sanjana: On whom you are having doubt?
Sanjay and Aaru : Mihika
Guru and Snajana shocked

Both couples nearly having same conversations

Sanjana : Sanjay.. Mihu is Ishu’s best friend
Aaru : Exactly Guru.. That made me doubt on her..
Guru : How?
Sanjay : Except Mihika.. This bracelet matter is not known to anyone.. Now only we get to know this after Raman’s reaction
Sanjana thinking
Aaru : Bhabhi.. in memory loss.. So she can’t say this to anyone.. Raman Bhai.. No chance.. Then the one left is Mihika right!!
Sanjana : What is the need for this?
Sanjay : We have to find it out.. Actually Ani had doubt on Mihu from first day when we met her
Sanjana : Really
Sanjay : Yeah.. So she is getting info about her now.. She is not in my mom’s home now
Sanjana : Then
Sanjay : No one knows this. I am saying this to you..

Sanjana: Say it
Sanjay : We found the guy who cheated Aasha.. He is the one who proposed Ani also.. By god’s grace Ani has not accepted him. We saw one day that guy talking with Mihika. We felt strange
So Ani is now acting as she too loves him to know his secrets
Sanjana: Why she is taking this much risk?
Sanjay : No worries.. She got black belt in karate..
Sanjana : Wow.. Me too
Sanjay : OMG!! I should be aware then..

Both laughed
Sanjana : Aaru also knows karate
Sanjay : Oh.. I think Guru’s state will be bad.. He laughed
Sanjana smiled at him
Sanjana : I won’t use it with you likewise Aaru also can’t use it with Guru
Sanjay smiled at her words.. They blushed
Sanjay : So we guys escaped
Sanjana : Ya,.. But if you guys go after any girls then we will use it
Sanjay acted as if he is scared
Sanjana smiled at his reaction and ran away
Sanjay jumped in joy

Pranav : Ammu.. Why are you so stubborn?
Mihu : I need Raman .. Bhai
Pranav : What you want from my side?
Mihu explains her plan to Pranav

Credit to: nivedha

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