Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 2)


Ab Tak:
Guru and Raman got married to Aarthi and Ishitha… All the four are different in their thoughts about their life..


The wedding night

Ishra room:

Ishitha standing near the window blushing.. Raman was just thinking how to start..

Raman : Ishitha.. I need to tell you something.
Ishitha got confused and asked : Tell me
Raman : Actually I am not interested in this marriage. My bro ie., ur friend Guru forced me to do this. I am not having any interest in married life.Its just a hell according to me
He expected Ishitha to be shattered…


Ishitha in high temper : Why can’t you tell this before marriage?
Raman : No, Guru threatened me that he ll go out of this home.tats why..
Ishitha : How dare you Mr. Raman Kumar Bhalla (holding his shirt)? How can you do this to a girl? How can you be so selfish?

Raman (removed her hand from his shirt and with same temper): Don’t behave like serial type Bahu.. Let me tell you an idea
Ishitha(with disgust and hatred) : What?
Raman : Let us be couples for three months.. and then we have to show off that we are having fight in front of our family.. so that they can help us in getting divorce..

Ishitha(with a stern look): So Mr. Selfish Raman Kumar very nice idea… I am feeling tired now.. So excuse me
She got freshen up with her green Kurthi and went to couch with pillows,applied some lotion in her hand and said Good night Raman

It was Raman’s turn of getting shock and he too slept..

After few mins,Ishitha woke up and said I will spoil your intentions Raman.. Lets start our game(with a naughty smirk)

In Guru and Aarthi room:

Aarthi : Are you deaf can’t you hear that I hate this marriage.. then why are you reactiong like this..

Guru who was in shock at first,then started admiring his wife’s anger with a smile made Aarthi irritated

Aarthi : Why don’t you ask me before marriage?
Guru : What to ask?(with his hand in his chin)
Aarthi : Whether I like this Shaadhi or not!!!
Guru : I dont think it was necessary
Aarthi : But why?
Guru :Becoz I liked it.. IF you were having any discomfort you should have informed me..
Aarthi got stuck as he has valid point.. but she is not admitting that.. She started arguing.. Guru loved her each and every expressions..

Aarthi : OK!!! Whats your decision now?
Guru : I can wait till you love me
Aarthi : Its impossible
Guru : You stated indirectly Aaru that “I’m possible”
Aarthi : Dont call me like that.. I am getting irritated
Guru: I am feeling pleasant Aaru.. Ok You might have got tired..Enough of shouting.. Oh sorry talking.. Go and have a peaceful sleep.. Good night Aaru
Aarthi: I hate you…
Guru : I love you( with a smirk ) he slept in his couch..

Aarthi slept with lots of tension.


Guru : Good morning Ishitha Bhabhi…
Ishitha(with smile) : Good morning devarji.. Where is my devaraniji?
Guru : She is busy with mom in kitchen.. Where is my dear Bhai?
Ishitha : He went office ( without looking Guru )
He felt something wrong as a friend canunderstand their friends feelikg with their single word
Guru : Ishu…. Is everything OK?
Ishitha : You are very lucky to get brother like Raman.. HE is loving you a lot..
Saying that she went
Guru connected some incidents and understod that what happened yesterday in his room.. The same relayed in Bhai’s room in opposite direction

Guru : Ohooo!!! Let me and Ishu have to correct our beloved ones!!!
Thinking that he turned and he has not noticed Aarthi.. They both collide and Aarthi about to fall..
Guru picked her up… Aarthi furiously left him
Guru : Careful Aaru..
Aarthi : ( ina voice only audible to him) Hate you
Guru ( in same manner) : Love you
He went . Ishitha noticed this and said

Ishitha: Ohooo my friend also got same issue… Lets us sort this out..

Raman : Why are you behaving normal in front of mom and dad?
Ishitha: Then how to behave?
Raman : What ? I told you yesterday you are agreeing my idea
Ishitha(Adjusting his collar) : Ramann… I just appreciated your plan.. Not accepted it
Raman in hell shock : Which means?
Ishitha : The game starts.. Lets see who is gonna win!!!

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Credit to: nive

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