Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 19)


The episode starts with Ishitha getting ready to leave her home.. She is in her room

Raman entered the room with shock.. Ishu noticed that and laughed

Raman : You did this right!!
Ishitha : You are talented Raman. Pack it fast..

Raman sat on the bed thinking what happened outside

Toshiji : Raman..
Raman: Maa
Toshiji : Aaru and Guru are going to Shimla now
He saw Guru and Aaru with luggage..
Raman stared Aaru.. Aaru saw somewhere avoiding Raman’s stare
Guru controlled his laugh

Raman : But.. Now..
Guru : Bhabhi booked tickets for us..
He controlled his laugh at Raman’s reaction

Toshiji : Ya Raman,she said you are having some meetings… So
Raman : So..
Toshiji : As me and your dad also going
Raman : Maaaa…
Toshiji : Idiot..We are goint pilgrimage for 5 days.. Ishitha is also going to her Maa’s house for ritual.. So you also stay with her in your mother in law’s house

Raman shocked

Raman : You will come and stay here right!! Whats big in that? But I will make you sty over there
Flashback ends

Raman(himself) : God.. What a plan..

Raman : No ma.. Anitha Sanjay here na
Aaru : They left yesterday night itself Bhai
Guru laughed loud

Raman : Why?
Aaru : Ani missed her mom so much thats why
They both laughed..
Raman : I can manage here alone maa
Toshiji : Oye.. I am telling na.. You should go there Thats final.

Raman thinking this and packing

Raman(himself):Will she make me confess within these 4 days? no…. Raman be aware

Guru and Aaru left..
Raman and Ishu reached Ishu’s house

Mihu came to see Ishu and shocked seeing Raman there

Mihu : Raman.. You here..
Raman : Yes Mihu.. Its your bestie’s plan.. OK!! I am getting late for office.. Bye

Mihu reached Ishu’s room
Ishu welcomed Mihu.. Mihu gave sad look..

Ishu : Why sad Mihu?
Mihika:You are not considering me as a best friend
Ishu : Why Mihu?
Mihika : You have hidden that you got your memories back
Ishu : I am best in acting right Mihu !! Better than you
Mihu : what?
Ishu : Better than your act.

Mihu in shock.. Ishu in anger

Ishu : You cheated me Mihu
Mihu : No Ishu.. I
Ishu : You joined Raman na.. and you all guys made a team right.. Guru told me everything

Mihu sighed a relief
Mihu : Its for you dear..
Ishu : OK!! How do you got that I am acting?
Mihu : I am your friend na.. Yesterday I saw you crying on seeing Raman’s bracelet
Ishu blushed
Ishu : I felt happy Mihu..
Mihu : OK!! Now make Raman confess within 4 days.. I am leaving Bye
Ishu : Ok

Mihu(herself) : I will make everything change within these 4 days

Ishu feeding juice for Aasha.. Raman came for lunch..

Sanjana reached Ishu’s home

Ishu : Hey Sanju
Sanjana : Hii Ishu.. Hii Raman
Raman : Hii
Sanjana looking for Sanjay
Raman noticed her and sighed Ishu to see that
Ishu smiled

Raman : Sanju.. Whom you are searching?
Sanjana: Ah.. Ah.. Actually.. Anitha.. Where is she?
Raman : Ani went to see her mom
Sanjana : Ohooo.. (with disappointment)
Sanjay came and saw Sanjana talking about her .. He hid himself..
Sanjana : Sanjay..
Raman : He too went..

Sanjana felt sad and came out.. Raman and Ishu laughed
Sanjay came in front of her
She didn’t noticed him and went out with same expression

Raman : Sanjana.. Meet my friend who is standing behind you
Sanjana turned to see that friend and shocked

Raman and Ishu laughed..

Sanjana blushed and ran away..
Sanjay smiled

A person snatching Raman’s bracelet.. Raman chasing him

Credit to: nivedha

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  1. Idiot mihu how can she cheat her friend

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  7. good but make it long and ishu should do something tomake raman confess…

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