Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 18)


The episode starts with Ishu and Raman making birthday preparations

Ishu : Hello.. Do you remember today is 15th day.. Still 5 more days
Raman : I don’t care..
Ishu : Are you so happy that I can’t do anything by staying in my home?
Raman : Ya definitely
Ishu :You know Mr. Raman I can do anything.. Wait and watch
Raman : What? You will come and stayhere right!! Whats big in that? But I will make you stay over there?
Ishu : We will see
Raman : You will see

Ishu called someone in phone.. She planned something
Ishu : Definitely I will win

In Aarru room

Aaru in red and golden lehanga.. Guru in black dress
Aaru : Black on Birthday..
Guru : Its my favourite colour na..
Aaru : What about my gift?
Guru : First you give me
Aaru : No.. first you..

Both argued

Guru :OK!! Close your eyes..
She closed..
He placed an album in her lap
She opened her eyes..She saw the album..
She opened it

It has Guru and Aarthi’s pictures during different ages,but he aligned it in such a manner that..

First page has Guru’s parents with Guru as baby.. sidely Aaru as baby with her parents.. next pages Raman Guru.. Aaru with her cousin bro.. Guru with Ishu ..Aaru with Sanjana

At last Guru and Aaru’s marriage pic..then It has more and more empty leaves..

Aaru : Why these are not filled?
Guru : We are going to fill it here after with our upcoming family..
Aaru : Till when..
Guru : Till we die.. Then our children will take care of this
Aaru hugged Guru.. Both cried happily

Guru : You liked it
Aaru : The most..
Guru : What about my gift?

Aaru went to her cupboard and gave him a parcel..
He opened it.. It has a diary..
He opened the diary.. It was full of Aaru’s poetry… On Guru..
Guru : Are you a poetess?
Aaru : See.. from when I wrote those poetry..
Guru saw that date it was on their marriage day.. From that day she is writing on him

Guru saw her with shock..

Aaru : Read it afterwards when you are free..
Guru : OK!! But I am reading a bit now

He was readind the first page.. He admired the line..

Meaning of that line is
” I don’t know whether my words caused wounds on him or not.. But his smile on my insult made me die in shame.. Fear on my dear made me cruel… to which extent means.. made me cruel on my dear.. Shame on me”

Guru laughed at the line..

Guru : I missed this diary.. I should have read this on that day.. Waste of my 12 days.. and my plans

Aaru beat him
Guru : What fear you got? Do you think I will leave like that someone who left Aasha?
Aaru remained silent
Guru : Now also you have fear ?
Aaru nodded in negation
He laughed
Guru : Wait a minute.. You wrote this on our wedding day.. You mentioned me “dear” in this.. Which means?
Aaru laughed

Guru pulled her ear.. She shouted in pain
Guru : You.. and your stupid fear..
Aaru : What to do? My love on you increased on seeing your photo first time.. Along with that my fear also increased.. So only I behaved like that..

They both laughed

Guru : I love your gift.. precious to me..
Then he gave a ring to her.. Aaru also presented a ring..
They hugged happily

Guru told Ishu about the gift they both shared..

Ishu lost in her memories

August 27,mid night 11

Ishu in confusion .. about the matter Vandita told

Vandu in flashback : Tomorrow is Raman’s bday

Ishu went to jewel shop and got a bracelet for him
Ishu(herself) : Why I bought this for him?Ok!! Nothing wrong in this.. Shall I Wish him at 12…

She already got his number from her classmate

The clock struck 12..

She took her mom’s number and messaged Raman.. Happy birthday
Raman replied: Thanks… Btw May I know is this Ishitha?
Ishu got tensed.. She just planned
She called Vandita and asked Raman’s number as if she doesn’t know that

At 1 she called Raman from her mobile

Raman : Hi..
Ishitha : Hey I am Ishitha..
Raman : I know your number
Ishitha : I got yours from Vandita
Raman : Now only you are calling na
Ishitha : Ya.. actually I forgot.. Then suddenly I got that
Raman : Oh thank you
Ishitha : OK!! Bye

Raman called Vandita

Raman : Vandu I ll send you a number.. You please check whether it is Ishu’s or not
Vandu (smiling) ; Send it
Vandu found that it was her mom’s number.

At that time

Ishu called Vandu
Ishu : Vandu
Vandu : You messaged Raman from your mom’s number right!!
Ishu shocked
Vandu : Raman is having doubt on you..So he asked me to check
Ishu : Dont tell him Vandu please..
Vandu : Ishu.. Do you love him?
Ishu : May be
Vandu exclaimed in joy

Ishu : Dont tell him please Vandu
Vandu : OK!! Bye

Vandu called Raman
Raman :What Vandu?
Vandu : No Raman.. its not hers

Raman disappointed..
Raman : Thanks Vandu

Next day in college.. All were wishing Raman.. Ishu Vandu Mihu came

Mihu gave a ring to Raman.. Vandu presented a watch..

Ishu hesitated

Raman : What Ishu?
Ishu : I got a gift for you
Raman : Wow
Ishu : I bought it to you as a friend.. You should not take it wrong
Raman :OK!!(smiling inwards)
Ishu gave that bracelet

Raman : Make me wear it.. Please
Ishu went and tied that..
Mihu staring at them

Flashback ends

Mihu came home and wished Aaru and Guru

Ishu got a doubt and she ran to see Raman.. Mihu followed her
Raman in his room..

Ishu went there and she tried to see his hand..
She saw..

Bracelet in his hand.. Tears rolled down..
Mihu noticed Ishu crying ..
She saw where she is seeing

Mihu noticed that bracelet..
Miika shocked

Mihika(herself): What Pranav said is right!! She is not having any memory loss

Mihika:You are not considering me as a best friend
Ishu : Why Mihu?
Mihika : You have hidden that you got your memories back
Ishu : I am best in acting right Mihu !! Better than you
Mihu : what?
Ishu : Better than your act.

Mihu in shock.. Ishu in anger

Credit to: nivedha

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  7. Great story
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    1. Sure.. Naina.. Raman and ishitha loved each other during their clg days and separated in an accident.. Made by Pranav.. Ishitha in order to make Raman strong in her relationship acted as a memory loss patient… After two years by god’s grace.. Ishra got married.. Both are now waiting for each others confession.. Lets see who wins

  8. Thanks
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