Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 17)


The episode starts with Pranav making arrangements in home

Pranav :Make the arrangements as soon as possible.. My sister Ammu is coming today long after she accepted to stay with me..

The car which stood in Ishu’s home.. The same girl got down from the car and went inside

Pranav welcomed her

Pranav : Now you are OK na!! Ammu you are my only sister.. I am doing everything for you.. For you only I separated Ishitha and Raman in college

But you got angry on me and went out ..

The sister standing in front of him is….


Mihika starring at Pranav

Pranav : Why now you are helping them?
Mihika : Ah!! You helped me.. When?
Pranav : By making Ishitha’s accident
Mihika : Because of you now Raman and Ishu joined
Pranav : What?

Mihika : You made that stupid accident na? She got memory loss.. I tricked Raman and sent him away.
I planned of joining him after 2 years.. to give him some break.. and showed him that I was angry on him because of my bestie..

Flashback showing Mihika starring Raman and Ishu during first meet
Feeling happy when Raman slapped Ishu..

Feeling irritated when Raman starring Ishu during Holi
Making Raman inconvinient by shouting in hospital

Flashback ends

Mihika : I thought of giving gap in his life.. But I was wrong.. I should have married Raman within this two years
Pranav : OK!! Now why you said to Raman that Ishu loved Raman..
Mihika : I am playing a role of Ishu’s best friend .. I should continue my role
Pranav : I am not getting you.
Mihika : You wont.. See Raman wont make Ishu to remember her past.. This is enough for me.. I will confuse Ishitha as much I can
Pranav : What will you do if Raman ..
Mihika : I know what to do.. You do what I say

Saying she left

Pranav got something and called out : Ammu..
She turned

Pranav : I think Ishitha is not having any memory loss
Mihika : What?
Pranav : Yeah.. Because I threatened her as I did with Raman.. She talked with me as usual..
Mihika got doubt and said OK.. Let me check..

She left..

In Raman house

Raman called Ishu who is in her home

Raman : Remember!! Tomorrow Guru birthday
Ishu : I am his bestie.. I know more about him than you
Raman : OK.. Let me check whether Aaru Know this
Ishu : I saw her yesterday in gift shop
Raman : OK!! Thats fine.. come home soon for preparations
Ishu : Ok bye

Guru came by then

Raman : Where are you going Guru?
Guru : For buying gift for Aaru
Raman : Why you are giving gift on your birthday?
Guru : She asked.. But I will give the gift only if I receive her gift
Raman smiled and Guru left

Few minutes Aarthi arrived.. By then Ishu came

Raman : What Aaru? Bought gift for Guru?
Aaru : Who told you?
Ishu : Me.. I saw you in gift shop
Aaru : Actually he won in that stupid competition na.. For that only

Raman Ishu stared

Raman : Gift for that..
Aaru : Ya,, Actually tomorrow is my birthday.. He asked me gift for competition.. I told him that I will be giving it on this day.. He smiled naughtily..
I am amazed how he knows my birthday..

Raman and Ishu controlled their laugh

Aaru : I ll give this gift only if he gives first

When Ishu started to say something Raman hold her hand

Raman : all the best Aaru

Aaru left

Ishu : Why you are doing this?
Raman : He loved to see me naughty na.. I am showing him who I am.. Don’t save your friend .. Lets enjoy

Night.. Dinner time.. Everyone in dining table

Guru and Aaru smiling at others

Ani entered.. They were chatting

Topic shifted on birthdays..

Suddenly Aaru asked

Aaru : When is Guru’s bday?
Guru left his food down and stared.. Raman cant control
Guru thought Aaru is playing and sighed Ani to tell different date

Aaru : Ohh… Tats good..
Her reaction is true.

Guru got confused as why she chose that day for gift..
He tried to check whether its her birthday

Raman noticed Guru’s concious and said: Guru She actually chose this date as normal.. May I tell her that..

Before he could complete Guru stopped him and disppointed

Ishu : Dont make him sad
Raman : You shut..

In Aaru room

Guru : Aaruu
Aaru : Hmm
Guru : When is your birthday?

Aaru asked what?

Guru : Seriously I dont know when is yours?

Aaru disappointed and said different date

They both slept

Guru(himself) : How can she know its my birthday? I should have told her.. OK.. Let me tell that 12
Aaru (herself) : I should have told him clearly.. I thought that he knew it.. Just got wicked with that smile.. Let me tell at 12

The clock struck 12

They both hesitated to confess their birthdays

The door knocked

Guru went to open

Raman,Ishu,Ani,Sanjus shouted Happy birthdayyyyy
Raman asked them to say only Happy birthday.. Not to mention their names

They both said thank you at once and stared

They both realised that they born on same day

Guru stared at Raman and chased him

Raman: Hey leave me Guru I am your bro
Guru : You .. I might have confirmed during dinner itself.. You stopped me cunningly right

He started beating Raman..
Aaru and Ishu hugged.. All shouted Happy birthday Mr. and Mrs. Guru

Guru hugged Aaru said Happy birthday Aaru..
Aaru replied Happy birthday Guru

Mihu watching Ishu keenly

Credit to: nivedha

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