Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 16)


Sorrryyyyyyyyy for being late

The episode starts with Raman waking up from his bed

He noticed the time. Its 8.30 am

Raman(himself) : Oh god.. I am late

He got up from bed and went to take bath..
He came dressed in black shirt with white coat.

He got a call from unknown number.. He attended the call

Raman : Raman hear

He heard Ishu’s voice talking to grocer in market

Ishu : Please reduce the rate of lady’s finger.. Its too high..

Raman(himself) : What?She called me and talking to someone..

He got struck with the fact that it was not Ishu’s number

Raman: Hello.. Who is this?
The call ended

Again a new number
Suddenly he heard Guru’s voice talking about some wedding plans

Guru : Bhaiya.. Please change the decorations na.. Its not nice

Raman got tensed
The call ended

Then he heard Aaru’s voice somewhere talking with Sanjana

Aaru : Sanju.. Lets have icecream na..
Raman yelled

Raman :who the hell are you?
Again call ended

He tried Ishu Aaru and Guru’s number

All the phones were ringing.. But no answer

Raman got scared.
At last

Pranav’s call came

Raman : I know its your work.. Why you are following them? You need to compete with me right! Dont harm them

While talking he noticed…

Guru Ishu and Aaru coming and seeing hiim with confusion

Pranav : Are you mad? I called you to stay away from business elections.. You should not nominate for that President post.

He ended the call

If Pranav had not done this,then who could have done that

Raman was in confusion..
Guru : Bhai.. You called me many times.. Not only me but also for Ishu and Aaru.. Anything serious

Raman explained them what happened

Raman : I am sure that is not Pranav
Ishu : Who is Pranav?
Raman,Ishu and Aaru stared

Guru : Actually he is bro’s enemy in business
Ishu(smiling inwards) : Oh anyway be aware

She went

All of them felt relieved

Next day April 19,2015
Its Holi

All were in full white
Raman in his memories of first holi with Ishu in college

All planned to come to college on Holi to celebrate

All of them came in full white
Raman admired at Ishu who looked like an angel

Mihu : Ramannn.. Stop seeing Ishu
Raman:I won’t
Mihu : Why?
Raman: I can’t
Both smiled

Raman thought of applying colour to Ishu.But he know she will not allow

His flashback got interuppted by Guru and Aarthi

Guru : What? Dreams about your college life?
Raman : Yes.. He blushed
Aaru :First Holi with Ishu?
Raman nodded

Guru held Raman’s ear
Guru : You should have called me na.. while dreaming
Raman : Idiot.. How can I do that?
Aaru : We need to know that.. Say that to us.. now
Raman : You guys go and play holi..
Guru and Aaru like children : No No no… We need to know now..
Raman : OK OK listen

He resumed his flashback
Raman made a plot..

Ishu avoiding colours throwing on her.. She was still colourless
Raman went and changed to new white dress and he came out

He went near Ishu saying

Raman : Oh God Save me from this colours..
Ishu : You too hate colours
Raman : Yeah.. I dont like them spraying on me.. I should move to my usual place where I used to hide during Holi every year
Ishu was not aware that this was the first time they are celebrating Holi in college as she was fresher..
Ishu : Save me also please
Raman : Sure come with me

They went to a place.. Raman asked her to hide behind that wall
Ishu went. She thought why Raman was not here
When she came out.. Raman poured colour water on her..

He laughed.. Mihu and Vandu shocked and laughed

Ishu in anger started chasing Raman and applied colour on him

Ishu : Cheater.. You cheated me that you hate colours
Raman : I have not said like that
Ishu : Don’t lie
Raman : Make a rewind..

He went

Ishu got the point he stated

He dont want others to spray on him.. Thats the one he stated
She could not help her smile
Raman turned and looked at her.. He smiled

Flashback ends

Raman saw Guru and Aarthi seeing him in a surprise

Guru : Sorry bro
Raman : Why?
Guru : I thought you were a coma patient.. But you proved that you are my brother
Raman started chasing Guru and Aaru with colours

He saw Ishu outside with white saree seeking blessings from Mummy

Ishu and Raman eye lock

Guru : Thank God Ishu.. You came and save us..
Ishu also remembered her first holi.
She felt happy

All of them started applying colours
Ishitha playing with colours

Guru : Bhai.. You told she avoids colours right!!
Raman : Yaa
Guru : Ohh right she forgot everything na
Raman nodded and was thinking something

Aarthi and Guru played with colours

Ishu came slowly behind Raman and she poured colour water on him
Raman stared and shouted

Raman : Why you poured it? I hate colours
Ishu thinking wise
Ishu : Then why you are standing here? Go inside if you have fear
Raman got irritated and chased Ishu to throw colour on her

All the four were playing and someone watching this from a car.. Its a girl

She was seeing Guru and Aarthi with a longing that why she can’t live like them

She saw Ishu with rage that why she is living my life

She saw Raman with love that when she is going to join Raman

She saw everyone and went

After playing Holi, everyone came in

In Aarru room
Guru : See today all are happy
Aaru : Ya.. I enjoyed today
Guru : Aaru.. I actually won the competition right!!
Aaru : OK!! What to do for that?
Guru : I need some gift..
Aaru : Wait for some day..
Guru : Till when
Aaru : Till April 21

Guru realised that it was his birthday
Guru : Ohh I thought you were not that much sharp
Aaru : Ok!! I too need gift
Guru : Ok sure
Aaru (herself) : What he is gonna give on my birthday??

No precap
Just suspense

Credit to: nivedha

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