Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 15)


The Episode starts with Guru and Aarthi coming home in a car

Guru : I can’t even imagine..
Aaru : What?You thought whether I will propose or not?
Guru : No.. I have not imagined that you will propose like this
Holding his chin
Aaru : You also beat me na..
Guru : Madam.. Aapne 4 times maara muje.. I just did twice..

Aaru hold his hands and kept his hand on his shoulder

Aaru : I have done too much na..
Guru : Its ok Aaru.. I too teased you so much

They both laughed.
Here after no problems.. They both said simultaneously and laughed again

On reaching home , Raman saw Aaru and Guru coming with her luggage

Raman(himself) : Youu.. Brutee Aaru.. You planned this separation.. Now after joining with your hubby.. You came here.. Have you ever thought about me and Ishu..
Come.. Come on beta.. Will not leave you guys

Aaru convinced Mummyji that she can’t stay there alone and they left to their room

On entering he saw Sanjay Ani sitting on their bed

Guru : OH God.. Save me from this saitans!!
Guru : Aaru.. These guys are waiting to play prank on us..
Aaru : You are there with me na.. No worries
Guru : Ohh No I think not only these two are waiting..

They kept their luggage and left

Guru took her to Raman’s room and saw Raman sitting on bed with laptop

He went upstairs with Aaru and saw no one there.. He felt relieved and they both stood for a talk

Ishu came and stood in front with hands on her hip.
Ishu : You took your wife alone here.. Not even informed me

Aarru about to run.. But Raman stood there

They are surrounded by Raman, Ishitha, Sanjay, Sanjana, Ani and Mihika..

Raman and Ishu splashed water on them and they enjoyed..
All reached their respective rooms..
At that time Pranav called Raman

Pranav: Hey.. Hii Raman
Raman : What do you want?
Pranav: I Heard that you married Ishu
Raman got irritated

Raman : Don’t call her Ishu.. You have no right to call her like that
Pranav: No Raman.. This is a matter of few days.. I will get back my Ishu

Raman broke his phone
Guru noticed this
The phone is gifted by Guru. He has not even let anyone to touch that phone. He just loved his brother a lot.

Raman realised what he did and he saw Guru standing
When Guru was about to leave.. Raman went and hugged him

Guru and Raman cried

Raman : You know.. My most valuable possessions.. You and Ishitha.. I will die if any one of you leave my life
Guru cried heavily..

Guru : I know that Bhai.. Even I too can’t bear your absence.. But you have to control your anger.. Tell me what happened

He explained Pranav and his conversation

Guru : You don’t believe Ishu
Raman : I have strong belief on her.. But I can’t bear if she leaves me.
Raman said this and went

Guru in deep thought.

All their conversations were heard by Mihika

Mihu(herself) : You are nice fellow Raman.. But you anger is making you loss your character..
You stop thinking when you are in anger..

Mihu remembers Ishu’s words in flashback

Ishu: Raman is my life Mihu.. But he is just thinking I should not be out of his life.. So others using his character and just threatens him of separating me and him.. He is getting wild on this.. Why can’t he think if we both are strong no one will separate.. He should change

Mihu came on senses..
Same time Pranav calls someone

Pranav : Heyy my dear..

The person on the other side is Ishu

Ishu : What do you want?
Pranav : I know you and Raman got married
Ishu : So.
Pranav : Don’t think so I will leave you guys
Ishu : Don’t think so you can separate us
Pranav : I done that few years back right..
Ishu : What about now? Now we are united na..
Pranav : Lets see

Ishu kept her phone and started thinking

On the other side Raman..

Both talking amomg themselves

Raman : Why everything is happening to me? I left Ishu thinking that she has not loved me..
I thought of being alone in my life.But

Ishitha : What I am doing till now is only for Raman? Acting like I forgot everything is to change his attitude of believing our relationship.

They both remembering their last meet before accident

Ishu scooty broke down and she was waiting for Raman
Already Raman and Ishu having issues on Pranav’s matter

At that time Pranav came in car and asked
Pranav : Can I drop you Ishu?

Before Ishu can say anything Raman came in bike and stared them
Raman : Get out of my sight.. you mean

Pranav smiled cruelly and went
Raman get down from his bike and went near Ishu

Raman : Are you doing this for irritating me?
Ishu : What I did Raman?
Raman : Why you are chatting with that idiot?
Ishu : Have you seen?
Raman : What?
Ishu : I was chatting with him
Raman : Then why he stood?
Ishu : I can’t take this Raman.. You are blaming me for everything.. Can’t you think whats going on?
Ishu can’t do this.. That means you are not believing me right?
Raman : Don’t think wise.. I am not telling you like that.
Ishu : Then.. You thought that I will leave you and go to Pranav.. If you are saying like this continuously then I will..

She was about to say I won’t talk to you

But he misunderstood and slapped her

Ishu cried in shock.. Raman realized what he did
Mihu n shock

Raman : Ishu..
Ishu : Don’t touch me.. She picked his collar and said I hate you.. Don’t try to come in my life again

She left crying.. Then the lorry hit Ishu

Ishu in hospital.. Raman Mihu and friends outside

Ishu got her senses and about to call Raman
At that time Pranav called her

Pranav : I am the one who arranged the lorry hit
Ishu : What is the benefit for you on killing me?
Pranav : Making Raman to cry forever

He cut the call. Ishu called the doctor and asked him to inform that she has memory loss
She noticed Mihu’s shout on Raman and Raman’s crying face

Ishu(herself) : You have to face this Raman.. till you anger controls.. till you stop reacting furious on our matter.. this separation is needed

She cried .

Flashback ends

Raman : I don’t want you leave me Ishu

Ishu : I need you to be strong that we can’t be separated if we are strong.. I can wait till you change

Precap :
Ishu Guru Aaru in danger

Whom will Raman save? How can he?

Wait and watch

Please do comment to know whether I am moving in right track

Credit to: nivedha

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