Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 14)


The episode starts with everyone leaving Ishu’s house

Aaru felt something uneasy… She saw Guru who was busy in chatting with Ani.

All of them left.. At that time Guru called Raman and took him to some place..

After one week

Aaru thought of going to Raman home ie., on 10th day She called Ishu and Ishu agreed and planned to go the next day

In Raman home,Guru and Raman preparing juice for their guest who came on that day

Guru : Bhai.. Tell me your first meet with Ishu na..
Raman : Now??
Guru : Yaa
Raman smiled and started

The first day, Feb 13 2009

I was with my gang.. Me,Kavin,Sudeep,so and so
That was my second year… starting day for me.. Waiting for first years arrival

Guru interrupted
Guru : You might felt some air blowing.. then you turned to saw a beautiful eyes .. That is Ishu right?
Raman laughed and said No

Guru : No… !! Then she must have collided with you somewhere you must have caught her.. Then eyelock

Raman holding Guru’s ears : I asked you not to see too much films.. See you are behaving filmy..
Hello this is Raman I have my own way .. Y to use other hero’s scene

Guru : Then how you met her..
Raman : When our gang waiting.. we saw beautiful first year girls coming..

In flashback

Kavin: Hey Raman .. These girls are better than those in our set na..
Sudeep : Yeaah dude
Raman laughed at them.. Suddenly Raman noticed his relative girl Vandita coming to that college as first year

He said to his friend and left there.. He followed her .. He just picked her hands and walked to some place
Vandu shouted: Hey Raman Choda na… Raman…

Raman not responding her just taking her to some place.. Then he heard different voice.. Leave my hand

He turned to see Ishu.. whom he was holding.. Ishu in hell anger took her hand.. Vandu and Mihika came running.. He then noticed Vandu,Ishu and Mihu in same dress and realised his confusion but not ready to apologise.. Yeah he actually fell for Ishu

Vandu : Sorry Ishu.. he took you thinking of me
Raman : Who told?
Vandu in shock : Then.. you know Ishu
Raman : Don’t know yaar.. Just to know about her.. I took her alone.. as there will be more disturbance..Now you guys came here

Ishu stared.. She knew he pulled her in misunderstanding..
Vandu : You…. Chodo.. This is Ishu.. Ishitha.. and this is Mihu.. Mihika..
Raman : Hi.. Mihu and shook hands when he gave hands to Ishu .. She just said Hii

Raman : Don’t know to handshake?
Ishu: No need of touching a unknown person
Raman : Ohoo… So till you reach here.. I was known to you.. Now I am unknown right

Ishu stared and asked her guys to come.. Vandu made excuse and stayed with Raman

Raman staring Ishu who was talking with Mihu while moving…He stared…till she disappears from his sight

FB ends

Guru with hands in his cheek..
Guru : Bhai.. From today you are my Guru

He bent and touched his feet.. Raman blessed him and laughed..

Raman : Ok!! Come on our sis is waiting na..

Next day morning
Aaru and Ishu came Raman home thought of giving surprise to them

Aaru got shocked seeing their new guest.. the so called their sister

Its Aasha.. Aaru’s friend.. who was in hospital for many months.. She is in bed just doing what others instructing.. but not in senses.. Raman feeding juice to her

Sanjana touched Aaru’s shoulder.. Aaru with tears..

Sanjana : Actually I told Guru about our Aasha.. You remember next to Ishu bday… Raman and Guru came to hospital and talked with doctor
Guru in flashback

Guru : Bhai.. Doctor said that Aasha need family environment.. Can we take her.. ? We too don’t have sis na? Mummy will take good care
Raman :Sure Guru.. and hugged him

Aaru cried and hugged Sanjana

Aaru : Whare is he?
Raman : Hey Aaru!! When you guys came.. Why are you crying?
Aaru : Where is Guru? I want to see him

Sanjay came in and said he is in his office Bhabhi..

Aaru ran to his office

Raman thought of informing Guru .. But Ishu stopped him..
Ishu : Let him have a surprise..
Ani : We guys also go there na.. to see wats happening

All went there.. Ani informed Mihu to join them.. Mihu joined

Guru busy in his laptop.. Aaru reached his office.. Receptionist stopped her and asked who is she
She stared at her and ran to his room.. Others informed receptionist that she is Guru’s wife

She opened the door .. Guru shocked seeing Aaru crying

Guru : Aarthi.. Are you ok?Why you are crying? anything wrong?
Aarthi slapped Guru
Guru in shock
Aarthi : This is for making me fell for you.. That too on 11th day itself
Guru smiled..
Aaru slapped again
Aaru : This is for everything what you have done to see me happy
He smiled and had happy tears..
Guru : About Aasha?
Aaru again slapped
Aaru : This is for hiding Aasha’s discharge..
Guru laughed.. Aaru again slapped
Aaru : This is for you.. as you called me Aarthi just before..

Guru : You hate it actually na.. You hate that when I was calling you as Aaru.. You hate my naughtiness.. You hate this Shaadhi.. Actually you hate me right..

Aaru stared and finally hugged him saying
Aaru : This is for coming in my life.. Thank you
Guru slapped Aaru
Guru : This is for thanking me
Aaru : Ohh.. sorry
Guru slapped her again
Guru : This is for saying sorry
Aaru : I love you’

Guru overwhelmed and hugged her saying I love you Aaru

All came in shouting.. with sprays and snows

Raman : Aaru.. You got defeat..Oh no.. this is not fair
Ishu : Yeah Guru we won .. Do a hi fi

Guru : Acha.. Aaru do you know who are these guys?
Aaru : Don’t know.. Who are they?
Guru : I too don’t know actually.. What challenge.. ??
Raman and Ishu stared..

Raman : Acha.. Come to home we ll explain who are we?

All of them stared and went..

Guru and Aarthi happy hug with YHM tune

Precap :
Raman Sanjay Sanjana kidding Aarthi and Guru

Guys I have added Aarru pic also in cover pic.. My imaginary Aarthi and Guru..Aarthi and Yash in punar Vivah.. Hope you like them

Credit to: nivedha

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  5. The confession scene of aaru and guru was awesome . I just loved that .
    And as expected there will be lot speed breakers in love story of ishra.
    Please nivedha dont create to much misunderstanding between ishra and sort out the memory problem soon and please dont seperate ishra .
    Lots if love

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