Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 13)


The episode starts with Mihu, Guru Aaru Sanjus and Ani chatting

Ani: Thank god.. Now all problems solved
Guru : Exactly Ani… My job reduced
Aaru: Job nahi.. Aapke entertainment

Guru : No worries I have another full time entertainment

Guru smiled… All guys laughed

Suddenly Mihu told

Mihu : Oh no.. One problem
Aaru : What problem?
Mihu : If Ishu regains her past.. She will be angry on Raman .. Then again ishra fight

All kept hands on their heads

Ani : OMG !! No end for this ah??
Guru : No way Ani.. We have to unite them till last.. This is our fate

All laughed at his reaction

Sanjana: No worries Guru.. Now our team got big na
Sanjay: Yaa.. She itself accepted that she is big..

Again Sanjus fight

Ani : Mihu let the couples fight.. We move
Sanjus shocked at Ani s comment

Sanjana blushed… Sanjay enjoyed her reaction


In Ishu room
Ishu and Raman sleeping together

Ishu saw Raman sleeping and smiled

Then she realised that they are sleeping together

She got shocked and felt happy and planned to kid Raavan kumar

Raman woke up and saw his Ishu smiling

He then came to senses and realised about 20 days agreement

Ishu: Wat.. Mera pathi dev.. You slept here
Raman : Cant you see that
But they didn’t get up.. Talking in the same position

Ishu : Went off on third day itself ah?
Raman : I didn’t came here on my wish
Ishu : Then
Raman : See who is holding whose hands

Ishu saw her hand holding Raman hand
Raman : I came here to check where are you and saw you are sleeping.. So I just..

Ishu: Sat and admired at me
She asked with a wink
Raman (himself) : Of course baby

Raman: No I already saw conjuring.. No wish to see that again

He told with serious tone
Ishu stared

Raman: When I covered you with your blanket.. You hold my hands and not let me go out.. I felt sleepy… So slept here.. Enough

Ishu: You want me to believe this
Raman : That’s your wish
Ishu: No.. Actually I left your hand.. Still also you are in same position.. Not moving away

Raman (himself) : Beta! Come on.. Don’t get close.. Control for 17 days men

He suddenly woke up and left
Ishu saw her hands.. YHM plays

Raman outside standing and saw his hands..Yhm plays

Guru Sanjay Sanjana getting ready to go to their respective house

Raman got ready and came down..

Guru went near Raman
Raman : What?
Guru : You are saying me as naughty..Mihu dhi told everything
Raman a little blushed.. Guru hold his heart acted as if he got heart attack

Guru: Raman Bhai.. I haven’t seen you like this..
Raman : I lost my happiness few years back.. Now I got that back..

Guru and Raman hug

Aaru : Kya.. Baath hai.. Brothers showering love..
Raman : No Aaru.. I LL not be a competitor for your love..
Aaru : Bhai.. Remember you are my team
Raman : But I am guru brother

Guru shouted in excitement.. And hugged Raman again

Aaru: Ahh… Cheaters.. She went

Both laughed

Guru: Bhai.. Mihu dhi told if Ishu regains..
Raman raised his hands

Raman: Mera chottu… I was feeling guilty that ishu not loved me two years back.. Now I am happy that she loved me.. I can withstand her hereafter .

No worries my bro

But LL confess only after 20 days

Ishu came when she heard phrase 20 days

Ishu : What Guru? What 20 days
Guru: Nothing Ishu.. Our challenge only..
Ishu: I think Guru.. This 20 days is more.. I think 10 days enough

Guru audible to Raman: Tat too not needed for him.. Haina Bhai..

Raman in same manner: But you need it na..

Guru : Obviously.. No..
Ishu: What you guys are talking about?
Guru: Nothing ishu

When its time to leave
Sanjus felt bad

Ani with Sanjay

Ani: Sanju.. Are you in love with Sanjana
Sanjay saw Sanjana and said Don’t know

Ani: Oh.. Agar Sanjana loved someone means
Sanjay: No worries
Ani: If someone loves Sanjana then
Sanjay: He LL worry

Ani laughed and hugged Sanjay
Ani : I am happy for you

The scene showing Pranav seeing Raman’s family pic taken in ishu bday

Pranav: Raman.. I wont let you happy with Ishu

Aaru confession

Credit to: nivedha

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  1. Wow nivedha very good….ishra part was cute…don’t stop this yaar plzz

  2. Aaru confession…yepppie….you are really good writer…please don’t stop it in middle…

  3. Aaru confession oh god awesome

  4. Lovely, awesome episode, guru n Raman r best bro…aarya n ishu r very lucky to have them as life partners…keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Sorry for typo, it’s aaru…n precap is awesome, can’t wait for it..

  5. Really awsm…. Thnk god at least u did it….
    I thought that u left ……!!!

    Pls don’t stop this…
    Waiting for next epi….

  6. wow awsome. . i liked guru character in ur ff .. he is so cute… aaru confession awsome

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