Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 12)


The episode starts with Guru noticing Raman Aaru and Sanjay

The same time Ishu called Raman and introduced with Mihika

Ishu(in a low voice) : Mihika.. This is my arrogant hubby.. I told you na..
Mihika : Hello Raman..
She forwarded her hand for handshake

Raman with a relief forwarded his hand..

Guru noticed this..

When Ishu cuts cake, she took a piece of cake and took it to Raman

Suddenly her head ache starts.. this time she got a clear picture of same party but no crowd… Ishu with someone.. so close to her.. Ishu first in anger pushing him away.. Then she too enjoyed.. She tried to get the man’s image.. But came to senses on Mihika’s call

Mihika : Raman is waiting.. Ishu.. Feed him na

All laughed
Ishu feeds Raman (YHM plays)
Then Raman feeds Ishu..
All family members enjoying themselves

After the party when Mihika is about to leave.. Guru called her

Guru : Hii… I am Raman’s brother
Mihika : Guru.. Am I right?
Guru shocked and said :Whats going on here?

Sanjay came and said Guru that Ishu is calling Guru
Guru saw Ishu calling him.. and went

Sanjay: Mihu.. You need to talk to Raman Bhai..
Mihika : Why? Is everything right? Raman Ishu are happy only na
Aaru : No Mihika .. Raman Bhai is confusing.. You please clear him na.. By the way I am Aarthi… Mrs. Guru
Mihika : Hi.. Aarthi.. Where is Raman now?

Raman standing alone remembering Mihika’s words in past

In hospital

Mihika : You can’t keep Ishu happy.. not now but forever .. Please leave her .. Please leave her Raman
Mihika said and cried. Raman cried and left hospital

Flshback ends

Mihika : Raman
Raman : Mihu.. This is a coincidence.. I have not planned to marry Ishu.. Even I tried to stop it.. Now also I am acting as I hate her.. Please believe me
Mihika : Raman.. What I have said in hospital.. was just in haste.. Not from my heart..
Raman :But that is true.. I shouldn’t not have tortured Ishu.. She used to hate me ..
Mihika : who told ? Who told that she hate you?
Raman : I know that Mihu..
Mihika laughed and said : She loves you the most you idiot..

Raman Aaru and Sanjay were happy

Raman : Please tell me one more Mihu..
Mihika : She loved you.. She loves you.. She will love you

Raman jumped with joy.. Guru Ani and Sanjana heard this and got shocked

Raman in joy hugged Aaru and Sanjay.. He went and hugged Ani and Sanjana.. Finally he lifted Guru and circled him..
After few mins he left Guru and ran with joy

Guru hold ani and Sanjana hand as his head started rolling on Raman’s behaviour

Guru : This is the hell shock for me.. What nonsense is going on here
Mihika Aaru and Sanjay laughed

Sanjana : Stop laughing idiots.. Tell us what is happening
Again they laughed

Ani took the rod which was near to them and shouted at Mihu Aaru and Sanjay

Ani : Idiots stop laughing.. Else will kill you all.. I can’t understand anything
Mihu Aaru acted as if they are scared

Guru : Please tell us else our mind will blast
When Mihu about to say something.. Aaru and Sanjay stopped her and said : But on one condition

Guru : What?
Sanjay : You and Sanjana have to do sit ups in front of us.. How many Bhabhi?
Aaru : 20
Guru stared at Aaru and said to himself: I ll see you later

Guru started doing.. Aaru counted 1 2 ..
Sanjana also done the same staring at Sanjay.. Sanjay enjoyed
Ani : Over.. Now tell me yaar

Mihu : You need full flashback or hints type..
Guru : Need to end flashback within this epi.. Tell me hints type .. We ll develop that in upcoming episodes

Mihu laughed and started narrating

Me Ishu Raman studied in same college..

Guru : Stop it.. Me and Ishu studied together
Aaru : You studied PG with her.. They studied UG toghther.. That too Raman Bhai is senior
Guru : OK continue

Mihu started

First day of me and Ishu entry.. We were nervous .. Raman’s gang were waiting to rag us.. But Raman fell for Ishu in his first sight..
So he has not let anyone to rag Ishu.. [Pics were showing the scenes with YHM tune..] Two weeks Raman was just keep on following Ishu..
After that he proposed Ishu [ Flashback showing Raman saying I love you Ishu] Ishu opposed and went.. Raman threatened her saying[ I ll not leave you that easy Ishu.. I know you like me… I ll make you confess soon] But Ishu who equally liked Raman just pretended of hating him in front of him.. But jumped a lot when she went

Guru Ani and Sanjana looked at each other : See.. This strict officer have done many things

Mihu started

Life went so nice.. But that Pranav… he is Raman’s enemy.. He hates Raman Ishu talking..
Pranav started talking with Ishu made Raman in hell anger[ Flashback showing Raman shuting Ishu : You are mine.. I don’t want him to come near you] Fight begun between Ishu and Raman
Ishu said to me[Falshback showing Mihu and Ishu : I know Raman is mad for me.. But he should not be this much wild] This problem went viral.. When Raman slapped Ishu on a matter in which Ishu has no fault..
Ishu picked his collar and said[FB: I hate you.. She cried and left]

Ishu not noticed lorry coming towards.. Raman shouted but she didn’t noticed.. Lorry hit.. Ishu was serious

Then in hospital shouted at Raman to be away from her.. He left and he has not disturbed till now..
Ishu go memory loss.. That is she forgot what happened in two years..

This is Ishra’s past

Guru : Then how she remembers you
Mihika : We are childhood friends.. Guru

Ani : So whats going to happen now

Guru : Plan same but team change
Sanjana : Which means?
Guru : Plan is to unite Ishu and Raman but now we all are a team

All joined hands

Raman went to Ishu room.. Ishu sleeping.. He went near and caressed her face.. He said
Raman : I love you Ishu.. You won.. I confessed you on 2nd day.. And I also won in my game making you love me..
But… I don’t want to confess now.. Acted in front of me that you hate me na.. Now see my act.. That too for 20 days.. on 21st day I ll confess you..

Hereafter no Ishra separation.. YHM plays.. Ishu hold Raman hands in sleep.. Raman smiled and slept besides her


Mihu : One problem
Aaru : What problem?
Mihu : If Ishu regains her past.. She ll be angry on Raman.. Then again Ishra fight
All kept hand on their heads

Ani : OMG!!No end for this.. ah??

Pranav’s entry

Guys.. Pranav is Ashok.. I just modified.. Hope you like this.. Please comment on this..
I will elaborate Ishra flashback scenes in upcoming episodes accordingly.. I felt you guys will be bored if I stay on flashback track..

Credit to: nivedha

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