Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 11)

Hello guys.. Please read Part 10 updated today before reading this part..

Guru and Sanjana talking

Sanjana : How is that possible?
Guru : Wait and watch

All reached home

Ishu in home.. Suddenly she got severe head ache.. She hold her head and some scenes are going in her mind which she can’t able to recollect

She sat keeping hand holding her hand

Ani came in and saw Ishu’s state and scared .. She brings water

Ani : Bhabhi.. Are you OK?
Ishu : YA.. I am OK..You don’t worry.. Its just a fraction of minute..
Ani : Will you get this daily?
Ishu : No.. This is my first time..
Ani : cool Bhabhi.. Take rest
Ishu: No Ani.. I am OK.. Lets move to the kitchen

In Raman’s house

Raman talking with Aaru in phone.. Guru noticed that and raised his voice audible to Aaru

Guru : Maa.. I am going for a party tomorrow.. Its my friend birthday
Toshiji : Teeke puthar

Aaru : Who is that Bhai?

Raman : Who is that Guru?
Guru : You don’t know Bhai.. This is my collegemate.. Long back we met..

Aaru : No name for them ah??

Raman : OK.. There will be some name for him/her right?
Guru : Its her only.. (with a smile)

Aaru tensed on other side

Raman : OK.. Whats her name?
Guru : Why Bhai? Why you need that?
Raman : (to himself) : I don’t need that Your wife torturing me..

Raman : Whats secret in that?

Guru smiled and went..

Aaru : I want to know who is her..

Something struck Raman..
Raman : Aaru.. tomorrow is Ishu’s bday.. May be he ll going there

Aaru : Then why he is hiding..
Raman : To let me know her bday myself..
Aaru : I can’t understand

Raman : Aaru.. He noticed that I am talking to you.. So only he has talked in loud voice.. He know that you ll get frustrate and ll ask me to check who is that girl.. So this may be the reason

Aaru : Two brothers are equally cunning
Raman laughed.. Ok Aaru bye

Raman thinking something and went

Sanjana,Guru and Ani planning for Ishu bday..

Its April 8,2015
The clock is at 11 : 59

When it strucks 12, First bell

A call from unknown number.. but it is somehow familiar to her

Ishu attended the call..

Ishu : Hello..
The unknown : Happy birthday sweetheart.. I love you a lot..
Ishu overwhelmed.. She is familiar with the voice…
The call ended

Again she got head ache with some memories..
She can’t bear it..

At once she hear the knock at the door

She went and opened

Its Aaru,Guru,Ani,Sanjay, Sanjana and Raman

She was shocked..

Guru Sanjay shouted Happy birthday Bhabhiii

She enjoyed..

Raman gave a bouque and said Happy birthday..

She smiled and accepted it..
Ishu : how come you know that today ismy birthday?
Raman :somehow.. You don’t need that

Then all left for sleep.. Ishu was questioning herself and stored that unknown number

Next day morning..

Ishu in Raman’s house getting blessings from mummy pappa..

Toshiji : Ohoo.. Its ur birthday today… Yesterday this two idiots were playing saying its someone bday
Ishu smiled seeing Raman who was busy in his laptop

Ishu called Guru and told about that number

Guru : Who is that?
Ishu : Don’t know thats why informing you
Guru : What he told?
She said and explained her head ache after that

Guru shocked

Guru : Ishu.. Is that your normal head ache?
When she about to say something.. Aaru called her so she went

Guru saw that number and called his friend to find the number

Evening.. Party hall

Guru in black t-shirt and blue jean.. Aaru in golden saree..
Raman in white coat suite.. Ishu in same colour saree..
Sanjana and sanjay in red.. Ani in pink saree..

Guru and Sanjay mocking Ani..
At that time they freezed at Sanjana and aaru
Ani noticed that

Ani : Guru has licence to admire.. What about you my dear bro?
Sanjay : No license needed to freeze in fear on seing a devil
Sanjana : Ani.. I am leaving him as he is your bro.. Otherwise
Sanjay : What? Otherwise..

They both argue
Guru not seeing anyone just staring at Aaru who is controlling Sanjus

Ani : Whoever do whatever.. I gonna enjoy.. Thats Guru.. Am I right Guru?
Aaru saw him and just rushed from there

Guru and Sanjana laughed

Raman and Ishu standing together.. All guys wishing Ishu.

Raman : 2 days went in these 20 days.. You haven’t done anything
Ishu : So you are eagerly waiting
Raman : Yes to know whats ur reaction on defeat
Ishu : Lets see
Raman : Lets see

At that time Ishu went and hugged her close friend Mihika.. On seeing her Raman got tensed and hid himself
Guru noticed that..
At that time he received a call.. Its his friend to whom he asked to check the caller

Guru get shocked on hearing that Raman is the one who called her

He again saw that number and he realised its Raman’s old number..

Guru looking Raman who is seriously talking with Aaru and Sanjay

Raman : Mihika shouldn’t see me
Aaru : Its impossible Bhai.. You have to be there while cutting cake
Raman : I gonna make excuse of leaving to office
Sanjay : Do you think everone will accept
Raman : What to do now?

Guru hearing their convo and thinking what is going on with these guys?

Ishu introduces Raman to Mihika
Ishu(in low voice to Mihika) : This is my arrogant hubby.. I told you na..
Mihika smiled and said hello Raman and gave her hand for handshake
Guru stopping Mihika and ask do you know Raman
Mihika smiling

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