Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 10)

Hello guys.. Relly sorry due to some network problem i can’t update yday..this cover pic is for Divyanka… Belated Happy birthdayyyy Divyankaaa

The episode starts with Aaru and Ishu getting ready to leave..

In Aarru room

Guru walking here and there

Aaru enjoying his reactions and standing in front of the mirror

Ani came in and asked Aarthi to come as it is getting late

Guru : What? You are going with her?
Ani : Yes of course.. What to do with you business guys.. ? I am moving to Aaru home..
Aaru smiled at him.. Guru just thought what to do now

In Ishra room

Ishu keeping her clothes in.. While she is moving to the cupboard.. A photo is shown.. It is Ishu’s pic.. But Ishu is not noticing it

Raman saw that and before she notice he called out her name to divert her..

She closed the cupboard.. Raman sighed a relief..

Raman : Jaldi karo.. Move.. First success in our game..

Ishu coming close to Raman .. Raman moves back…
In Aarru room Guru coming close.. Aaru moving back..

Raman and Aaru went back and seated in coach in their rooms..

Guru and Ishu speaking simultaneously to their partners..

Ishu : I don’t mind of this separation..
Guru : But one fine day… You gonna propose me Aaru.. Just within 20 days.. From tomorrow
Ishu : Just 20 days .. from tomorrow.. You are going to propose me Raman..
Guru : Its a deal..
Ishu : Its a deal

Guru and Ishu left their respective rooms

Aaru in hell shock

Raman, before Ishu leaving called out her name..

Raman : I am accepting your challenge,… Not 20 days.. You can’t do anything if it is 20 years also
Ishu : I can do Raman
Raman : What you can do?
Ishu : I can love you Raman..

Raman in shock..

Ishu : Not for 20 days or 20 years till my last breath I can do that

Saying she left leaving Raman in tears..

Aaru came running to Raman..

Aaru : Bhai.. I told you na.. He is just challenging me.. that
Raman : Calm down Aaru.. Same happened here
Aaru : What to do Bhai?
Raman : You be relax and go..

Aaru and Ishu left..

Guru : Maa.. I ma leaving to office..
Raman : Me too Maa..

They left
Toshiji : Oh no.. See my children getting sad on their wife’s absense.. Hey Maatha Rani.. Save my children

Guru in office remembering Aaru picking his collar and threatening him.. He smiled..

In road:
Aaru’s friend Sanjana collides her scooty with a guy.. They both having fight and leaving

In Guru office :
Sanjana : May I come in
Guru : Hi.. Sanjana How do you do?
Sanjana : Fine Guru .. What about Aaru? How is she?
Guru : She is in her mom home..Its some ritual.. For one month she has to stay over there
Sanjana : Definitely this ritual should be Aaru’s idea right?

Guru stared at Sanjana and Sanjana explained him why she hates marriage

Guru : How is your friend.. Is she fine?
Sanjana : Still in unconscious state.. Tears rolled down
Guru : You guys are like me and Ishu
Sanjana smiled
Sanjana : I will help you to join you and Aaru..
Guru : So you me and Ishu a team.. and they made a team

The guy who fought with Sanjana is Sanjay,Anitha’s brother..
He reached Raman’s office..

He is the bestie of Raman.. He knows everything about Raman.. ie., his past also..

Sanjay : Why can’t move over Raman?
Raman : Please Sanjay… Let me think.. Don’t frustate me..
He explained everything to Sanjay.. Just then Aaru enters.. After their intro ..

Sanjay : I don’t know its right or wrong.. But will be with you forever.. They three join hands

Next day morning in Bhalla house

Guru and Raman busy in laptop..

Guru called Raman .. When Raman turned his attention from laptop.. Guru showed his laptop in which Ishu is in skype..

Ishu : Good mrng Raavan Kumar. Its DAY 1 .. Have a nice day..

Guru lowered his laptop.. Raman saw his laptop in which both Sanjay and Aaru are in skype…

Aaru : Definitely he ll do the same to me..
Guru : Bhai… Tell your friend its a first day for us too.. And also say that I am missing her a lot
Raman : arre pagal.. Why you are saying this in public?
Guru : What to do its my state? Be happy that I stopped with Miss you..

Aaru : Bhai I am leaving.. Saying she went offline..
Raman and Sanjay laughed..

In temple :
Raman Guru and Sanjay were in temple.. Guru remembered that tomorrow is Ishu’s bday..

When they came out.. they saw Ani,Sanjana , Aaru and Ishu towards temple..

Sanjay and Sanjana stared

Sanjay : What a miracle? Ani you came to temple
Ani : Girls used to go temple
Sanjay : Why do you then?
Ani started chasing Sanjay

Guru not noticed Aaru .. Aaru got little disappointed.. Raman admires Ishu looking cute in pink saree..
He noticed Aaru.. and messaged

Raman : Ohoo.. Control your emotions.. He knows ur reaction
Aaru : Same to you Bhai.

Guru and Ishu laughed as if they understood their reactions..
Guru left.. Sanjana called him and asked

Sanjana : Have you informed Raman about Ishu’s bday?
Guru : No
Sanjana : Why?
Guru : I ll make him know by himself

Ishu bday

Credit to: nivedha


  1. kajal

    Hey nivedha u write so well ur ff have such a cute story . The relation and nok jhok sequenve between ishra and guru aaru is too cute

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