Shaadhi- The beginning of our life (Part 1)


Thanks for your comments guys… Here starts our first episode.

The episode starts with wedding preparations.. in the grand hall… Guru, getting ready for marriage and his friends started kidding him..
Guru is wedding planner by his profession.. one of the famous wedding planners in the city.

one of his friends: What Guru? You are not supervising your own marriage decorations.
Another one: Hey,don’t disturb him ya… He is busy in some other thing.. right Guru?

Guru(with his charm smile): Of course my best buddies.. And can you please leave as I am very busy
Friend: So you are telling us indirectly not to disturb you right?
Guru: Omg!!! Thank god you guys understood… And by the way close the door and go(with smirk)..
Friends: We will you after this day man… ( Friend beat him and went)

Guru took his phone.. A smile appeared seeing his screen saver… (Obviously Aarthi’s pic)….
i am waiting sweetheart… he said to himself

The same time Raman entered and Guru had not noticed Raman… just staring the phone

Raman smiled at him and his face went off thinking of Ishitha..

Raman to himself: What to do I am going to hurt the excitement of Ishitha as this marriage is only for Guru.. his stubborn bro Guru

Flashback showing Guru and Raman talking in front of their famiy..

Raman: Maa.. please I dont need Shaadhi… I need to concentrate more in business
Guru : Marriage wont stop your business right?
Raman ( What to say now? expression) I am not interested
Guru : OK fine maa I am leaving home.. Going abroad and wont return till bro marriage..
Raman shocked as he know about his bro’s stubborn

Flashback ends

The scene shifted to Ishitha room dreaming and blushing..

She just iamgine the day Raman’s family came home for seeing her.. and shocked to know Guru is his brother

Family members don’t know about their friendship till that day… Then they felt happy with their friendship..

Guru started kidding her as Bhabhi and she too started calling him as Devarji..

She came to this world with her mom’s call..

At last the scene shifted to Aarthi’s room looking furious at her mom and dad asking

Aarthi: I don’t want this Shaadhi..
Dad (Mr.Sathyendra Takur) : Sorry my dear… This is so late
Aarthi : But I am saying this from the beginning
Mom (Mrs.Divya Takur): We are also saying this from begining dear.. ok stop shouting and get ready

they came out leaving her furious more..

Mom to dad: I am feeling sorry for Guru how he gonna handle this girl
Dad to mom: He can surely manage(they both laughed)

Marriage hall… All the four seated.. After few mins..
Aarthi Satyendra Takur became Aarthi Guru Prakash Bhalla
Ishitha vishwanathan Iyer as Ishitha Raman kumar Bhalla

(Sorry I forgot to say Raman and ishitha parents name are same as in serial)

Raman seeing Ishitha (to himself): Sorry Ishitha.. your happiness is going to get spoiled..

Ishitha to herself: What wrong with Raman? Why his reactions are weird?

Aarthi to herself : You are going to bear my troubles my dear husband and you itself will free me.. (with a sarcastic look)

Guru to himself: Finally.. I got you Aarthi.. See my life got complete now.. I wont leave you forever.

Family getting happy on their children marriage..

Precap: The wedding night..
Guru and Ishitha getting shock on their better halves talk..

Thank you

Credit to: nive

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  1. Aisa shaadi mujhe pasand hein yaar ek ptaar kartha hein doosara nahi kartha hein….. i just loved it

  2. Thank you hayathi

  3. Who is guru and aarthi dear

  4. Really nice waiting for next episode…

  5. They are just my imaginary characters honey

  6. Acc to story guru is raman’s younger bro..

  7. Please nive don’t make ishita bechari…make her bold…

  8. Yeah sure Neha.. See it in next epi.. Thnx for ur comments guys

  9. Awesome episode, both pair are very cute. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  10. Thank you roma

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