seven wonders shot one by anah

hi guys, this is anah i hope u all celebrate new yr party fantastically ,thanks for reading and also comments…..
my zid epilogue link…
7wonders intro here….

shot one….
let’s start,
in London,
one girl wake her friends…
g1:guys just wake up!!! time is 8:30we should reach there before 9am
g2:aksh don’t disturb me go and wake lussy….
g3:where is my bed coffee????
g4 comes with full bucket of water and splash on all of them..
all r shocked and get up…
g2:shit priyu u throw water on me…
she throw pillow on priyu..
aksh:nans just see the time yaar..
nans:oh shit!!! lussy get up….
tulsi:kya yaar,r8 now iam about to get trophy u spoiled my dream yaar…
naina:where is my bed coffee!!
sanaya:just stay there!!! iam gonna give u which u didn’t forgot ur life time….
aksh:guys its 8:45….
priyu:swati…get up!!!
swati:did sun rise….
nans:haan beta its going to blast on ur head…
all r getting read like jet speed..
this is today reality….

just 7days before…..
street bike race going on…..
aksh:hi sunny we also joining…
oneboy:hi Sweety!!!! just watch what we r doing….flowers have not that capacity to match with us
all boys laugh at her….
aksh:let see u didn’t have capacity…..nans….
nans throw the bike key aksh catch it….
aksh go near the bike….
it was ducati 1098…. black….
aksh:if i lose take it….but i won..
per:take my royal enfield my lucky bike….
aksh:bet something except this bcoz i am the winner then sure u will be miss this bike badly…
the reach the race line….
aksh:sana sit back….
per:rahul come….
sunny:ok 123 get set go….
they ride like a storm speed….
Dhoom Dhoom Come And Light My Fire
Dhoom Dhoom Let Me Take You Higher
Dhoom Dhoom Wanna Feel That Burnin’
Dhoom Dhoom It’s A Wild Emotion
Dhoom Dhoom Passion And Devotion
Dhoom Dhoom Now The Wheels Are Turnin’
Move Your Body Close To Mine Now
Let Me Feel Your Love Divine Now
Together We’ll Explode And We’ll Go
Boom Boom Boom Boom
Dhoom Machaale Dhoom Machaale Dhoom
Dhoom Machaale Dhoom Machaale Dhoom
Dhoom Machaale Dhoom Machaale Dhoom
Dhoom Machaale Dhoom Machaale Dhoom
Dhoom Dhoom Am Gonna Make You Sweat Now
Dhoom Dhoom Let’s Get All Wet Now
Dhoom Dhoom Gotta Get Down On It
Dhoom Dhoom Till The Early Morning
Dhoom Dhoom Until The Dawning
Dhoom Dhoom I Know That You Want It
Shake Your Body Down To The Ground
Once You Go There’s No Turnin’ Round
Tonight We Gonna Make The World Go
Boom Boom Boom Boom
Dhoom Machaale Dhoom Machaale Dhoom

sana:hey!!! slow…..
sana:we reached first….
aksh slow the bike and stops…
sunny:super aksh today i got more money bcoz of u….no one can beat u…
aksh:give the key…i told u firstly don’t underestimate us…
all girls:girls power…dil bole crazy!!!!!
pri:next match!!!!
sunny:next week u should come i will add ur name today only…
pri:oh!!! thank u sunny….
nans:ohh shit this is time for my stunt….let’s go girls….
one stadium….
per:hey let’s start….
peter:wait guys our one contestant one the way….
stadium filled with people chorus sound……
3bikes come…..
one ducati 1098,kawasaki ninja 300 and bmw s1000rr.
pet:what yaar always late….
lussy:time check karo….
pet:11:00 pm….
naina:we reach on time naa…
pet:u guys r impossible….let’s start….
(this is bit different bike stunt….
3 participates….
in one team 2partner, 1 pike,one drive another one sit back and fight another team weapons r water guns colours spray for distract their attention )
our team is nans and nains….
nans drive her kawasaki bike to her place and wait for start whistle….
nans:naina sit fast naa flim chal raha hai teri seat pe…
naina:wait baba….
peter sees them….
nans thumbs up to him….
and sign we r ready…..
peter whistles….
stunts starts….
nans drive the bike crazily naina spray the water on other team frequently…non stopping…
aksh:come on !!!!!! nans!!!!!
all r shout and encourage their favorite teams…..
lussy get call….
lussy:oh!!! teri!!! i forgot!! ok wait i am coming….
lussy:sana let’s go we r get late…
lussy:let’s go na….
sana whispers swati ear….
and  they leaves….
swati spread the news others…
on stunt…..

after some times they won over other 2teams….
peter:mind blowing girls…..
they give hi5 to eachother….
pet:catch u next match….
pri:girls come fast time is 11:45..
lussy and sana already left….
they drive to club…..
in club…..
lussy worked here as rapper as well as dj  and sana as pop singer
rest of girls reach club….
now time is 11:59:50….
lussy:count Down starts.
!!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!
nans:let’s start the party..,
they spray the champion to all and dances…..
sana&lussy sing the song…..
Ek Ho Gaye Ham Aur Tum
Tu Ud Gayi Nide Re
Aur Khanaki Paayal Masti Me To
Kagan Khanake Re
Hammaa, Hammaa
Hammaa, Hammaa, Hammaa
Hammaa, Hammaa
Hammaa, Hammaa, Hammaa
Hai Pahali Baar Mile
Tum Pe Dam Ye Nikale
Tum Pe Ye Javaani Dhire Dhire
Maddham Machale Re
Hammaa, Hammaa
Hammaa, Hammaa, Hammaa
Ae Hammaa, Hammaa
Hammaa, Hammaa, Hammaa
Khili Chaandani Jaisaa Ye Badan
Janaab Milaa Tumako
Man Me Sochatha Jaisaa Rup Teraa
Aayaa Nazar Hamako
Sitam Khuli Khuli Ye, Sanam Gori Gori Ye
Baahe Karati Hai Yun
Hame Tumane Jab Gale Lagaayaa Tub Kho Hi Gaye Ham To
Hammaa, Hammaa
Hammaa, Hammaa, Hammaa
Ae Hammaa, Hammaa
Hammaa, Hammaa, Hammaa
time going on…..
ss:hey girls its too late time is 4:00am…lets go home na…
pri:char pachgayi lekin….
aksh:party abhi paaki hai….
ss:u guys didn’t forget naa 2mrw we should go college for special class..its imp…..
nans:tu nashe se chad gayi kya…
sana:we didn’t attend any  normal classes then y r u worry about special class….
nans:ok girls let’s go…
5’o clock…..
all reached mansion..
and fall asleep….

precap:tchr:they r so irresponsible…u give so much freedom…
prns:what can we do???? they r charity members daughters…

sorry for grammatical mistakes plz drop ur views….
hope u guys like it….
take care….
bye bye!!!!!…..

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  1. Akshaya

    Wow my ducati and I won royal Enfield. Nan’s with her Kawasaki . Omg I loved the shot anah . All the pies are rocking dear. I loved it. Love you anah. Lassy and sana as rapper and singer cool???❤?

  2. Samm

    nice 🙂

  3. omg mind blowing akka ur friends ff

  4. SamSun

    ????????????? nice one ‘dil bole cray!!’ loved the bike race and party and everything else very much.

    1. Mam can I get appointment with u at tomorrow not evening ….kya hai na mujhe tumhari aawaj sun hai itne din se bus text hi text ab kal Baat karte hai wese kabhi toh raat ka discussion dekho ek khidki toot surprise hai ?

      1. SamSun

        okie dokie, raat ko padna padta hai na isiliye phone door rakh deti hu.?? aur phir wahi pe so jaati hu?????

  5. Nansshivika

    Omggg I did stunt….superb and aksh race was awesome. Me n naina ,aksh n sanu wow….

  6. Hey di superb but spically stunts but mera stunt kha h hope agli bar mera nhi hoga but seriously dailouges was just awsom ????nd ya waiting for oso ki entry plz

  7. I and aksh reached first…. Wow ?i love it ana
    Totally enjoyed every part… Waiting for next?

  8. As always u rocked it my rock star ??… Awesome writing … I guess my mad house gang will agree @powerhouse @angel @khushi @surbhi @saku @ neeti @new Sam oh god many maddies r there … But for me u were n u will be rockstar

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