“There she is” he thought

He went close to her. Her head bowed down on her knees and hands wrapped around her legs. He jerked her hoping she will get up but she didn’t.

“Kumbhkaran” he thought smilingly

He decided to put her up and place her on the bed. He wrapped her around and put her in his arms. He was smiling thinking how he used to wake her up like this.

“Anika are you getting up or….” Shivay said and pulled down the duvet.

“I know you want to throw water on me but if you do that I will kill you. Last time I hardly dried the bed sheets and pillows.” Anika said and pulled her duvet up.

“Okay as you say I won’t throw water” he said smirking and pulled her duvet down again. He pulled her up in his arms.

“I love you Shivay” Anika muttered and cuddled in his arms.

“I love you too….” he said and SPLAAASSSHHHH!!!!!!

“What the hell is this Shivay??” She asked frowning and making her pelvic region straight to sit up on the bathtub.

Shivay cracked up looking her condition. More he is trying to control looking her glare the more he is failing.

“From now if you don’t get up at time I will throw you like this in bathtub” he said controlling his laughter and soon a mug full of water touched his entire body.

“What is this?? I just changed I have to change again. How dare you do this??” Shivay frowned on Anika but he knew it is of no point.

“Mr. Oberoi if you repeat this bathtub prank with me again then this mug water prank will get repeated with you” Anika said and went to bring her towel to get freshened up.


Shivay was smiling thinking all those and holding Anika close to his heart. But soon his smile dried in his throat when he noticed tear stains on Anika’s face. Lines of tension appeared on his forehead but he decided to ask her when she gets up. He took her inside the room and placed her on the bed carefully so that she doesn’t gets up. He sat beside her and was brushing his hand over her hair. Her lips curved up but soon it vanished as she shot open her eyes and got up.

“Shivay???” She asked shocked but soon composed herself.

“Yeah I saw you sleeping there uncomfortably so I thought to place you on bed so that you can complete your sleep” he said pointing towards the corner of the balcony. After a pause he continued “why were you crying Anika?” He asked.

“No…I wasn’t…I wasn’t crying” Anika answered looking away from his gaze.

“Yeah sorry to ask, I know now I have no rights maybe to ask this also…. its okay you need not explain” he said and got up from his position. But sat down back as he felt a tug on his wrist.

“Why I was crying has no reason Shivay… actually leave it and tell me something how is Rudra, Om, Prinku, Daadi and everyone?” She asked the last question with excitement.

He smiled looking how she is counting everyone’s name on her fingers after uttering. For some nano seconds he felt as if he got back his old Anika but it soon vanished as some guilt surrounded Anika’s eyes. He chose not to ask.

“Everyone is fine… Rudra have grown up. You know he goes to gym everyday. In his childhood when you were to suggest him to do yoga everyday he used to deny but now everyday he goes to gym… and yeah also calls himself as lady killer” Shivay chuckled and Anika too smiled remembering how she used to scold Rudra as he used to eat lot of chocolates everyday.

Shivay continued “Om… Om had become a famous artist. His idols traverses through world. He sets up exhibition in every corner of this world. He always says at least once in his life he wants to meet you and say thanks because you were the first one to encourage him to follow his dream.

Anika became teary eyed but wiped her tears and asked Shivay to continue.

“Prinku… she… she always misses you the most. She is studying medical now. And Daadi she remembers you everytime I go infront of her and asks about you to me. Mom frowns at me if I mess up my room and gives me the example of you that how you used to arrange my room, but believe me now I am the most cleanliness freak. Dad badepapa asks me to find you and take you back to them. Badimaa always requests me to find you out. Everyone misses you.” He stopped and realized tears are forming up in his eyes. He looked up at Anika who was a weeping mess. Her tears are following the mark of the stains. Involuntarily Shivay’s hand went up to her face to wipe away her tears.

Shivay composed himself and asked Anika “how is my bachcha Anika?? Where is he?? What is he doing now?”

“Sahil… yeah your bachcha… you still remember you used to call him bachcha??” Shivay nodded to this question of Anika. Seeing that Anika continued “he studies in one boarding school of Mumbai. He ask me every time where are you… he wants to see you but how will I answer him that I am helpless” Anika said. She looked at Shivay whose eyes are red and he beautifully managed her tears from falling down. She nodded a no.

“Remember Anika aunty-uncle used to say I and you are his parents and not them” Anika hummed and broke down. Shivay slowly calmed her down and asked her the reason but she didn’t say.

Shivay got up and checked his phone which had a message from Tia.

PRECAP – ANIKA HAS REALLY CHANGED. ITS NOT HIS ANIKA……what can be the message from Tia?? Is Tia behind their separation or she is nice. Stay tuned to know what happens next.

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