Heyaaaaaaa Darlings…… NILASH back again with the next part. Well well THANK YOU all so so so much (PKJ PEOPLE thank you mat lena…… LOVE YOU instead) for sooooo many likes and comments. I know I am boring you all so here the next part roles. Happy reading………


“The same room, the same people but time has changed. We are not together now.” Shivay thought and entered. Anika too entered after sometime exhausted due to the journey. Shivay’s eyes fell on something and smile covered his face. Anika got freshened up first and when she came out of the washroom she is shocked to see Shivay’s luggage is open and his clothes are spread all over the bed. She did not say anything and arranged everything back to their bags. After sometime Shivay came and saw everything arranged, he understood who arranged them but didn’t utter a single word and went to get freshened.

It’s night she ordered their food and was waiting for it. Still now both of them haven’t talk. The food arrived. Shivay opened his food and is shocked to see the food that he love the most has been ordered.

“You still remember my favorites” he asked as a smile flushed over his face. Anika just hummed in response and started eating. “What about your table manners Mrs… what’s your surname though?” Shivay asked

“I have always been just Anika….” she was explaining when she got cut.

Shivay cut her in middle “ohh yeah so it’s Mrs Anika… Mrs Anika where are your table manners?? Remember you only used to say when people are eating together they should start eating together and should get up together but now you have half finished your meal without me”

“Kabhi kabhi kuch kuch aadat chorni padti hai Shivay, waise hi shayad wo aadat meri chut gayi” (sometimes we need to change some habits of us, maybe that habit of mine got changed) she said looking in his eyes which were reflecting the pain of seeing her infront suddenly like this.

They soon finished eating. Anika went up to the bed to sleep. “Hey I will sleep on the bed” Shivay said jumping over the bed. “No I will sleep you go and adjust yourself on the couch.” Anika answered back. “Ohhoooo no not happening I am sleeping over the bed and you shift to the couch” Shivay said while arranging the pillows. “You are saying as if your name is written over the bed?” Anika asked and looked away because she knew he has no answer to this.

“Exactly Mrs. Anika my name is written over the bed, check….” Shivay said showing his name at one side of the bed. Anika remembered how she has written the name when they both visited the same hotel, same room eleven years back. Tears started forming in her eyes. She managed to stop them from falling down.

“Yeah Shivay then you sleep I will manage in the couch.” She said and went in the direction of the couch. “Anika….. you sleep as your name is written more prominently than mine” he smiled and pointed her name beside Shivay’s name written inside a heart sign. She smiled through her tears and without any argument went on the bed while Shivay got down and was going.

“Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi you can also sleep beside me” she said calling him back. “What will your husband think if you sleep beside your ex-boy….” his throat choked. He turned away to wipe his tears.

“What would have you done if I slept with anyone else?” She asked with a dull smile.

“I would have killed him.” Came the constant reply from Shivay. His eyes showing his anger and that anger showing his love for her.


Shivay got up. The first thing he checked was Anika but to his surprise she wasn’t there. “This kumbhkaran has really changed, she got up early” he thought and smile flushed as he remembered how he used to wake her up everyday when they were together.


“Hey lady kumbhkaran get up yaar….. don’t want to go college?? Ohhh Miss. India of my dreams get up. Ohhh god this girl I would get mad. Maate raani utho… jaago he Devi ” Shivay shouted and he jerked Anika. Anika just shifted a bit and pressed her eyelids more.

“Two minutes more darling please…. let me sleep” Anika murmured and pulled the duvet. Shivay now brought the jug full of water and SPLAAASSSHHHH…… the entire jug got emptied on Anika.

“Are you mad??? I was sleeping.” Anika irked as she got up from her sleep. “Now who will dry all these… you foolish… ufffff Anika teri life ki sabse bari galati hai ki tune iss se pyaar kar liya” (Anika its your biggest mistake that you fell in love with him) Anika said irritated.

Anika was going when Shivay held her waist from back and pulled her towards him. Shivay landed down and Anika on top.

“Kuch bhi bol dena par ye kabhi mat bolna mujhse pyaar karna tumhari galati hai” Shivay explained and his eyes showed his hurt over those words. “Awwwww…. my cute sa billu Ji… I was just joking darling. You are the best part of my life.” Anika said and kissed him on his cheeks. She got up and went to the washroom to get freshened up.


Shivay remembers all these and then again realize Anika isn’t there at the room. He searched for her everywhere and at last went to the balcony to check.

“There she is” he thought….

PRECAP – SHIVAY’S BACHCHA… HIS ANOTHER LOVE….. well stay tuned to what happens next. Why is Anika there in the balcony. What bas happened in there past.

Well now clearing the age of Shivay and Anika. At present time in my ff they are of 31 years. 10-11 years FLASHBACK means when they were in relationship they were college going students though much mature and was of 21-20 years in age.


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