Heeyyyaaaa People… This is NILASH back with another story solely based on Shivika. How are you all?? I know you all are eagerly waiting for EXOTIC LOVE. I will write it soon and post it by Monday. Stay tuned friends and read the following story and let me know how is it….. HAPPY READING


“Hey Tia…..” Anika cried

Tia soon came and hugged her

“How are you dude….. Thanks a lot to the universe that somehow we managed to get in contact with you” Tia said with a wide smile

“Hey miss middle class how are you yaar? I mean after the graduation day you just whoos…. Vanish…. where were you darling I missed you so much” Ragini said and hugged Anika

“It has been 10 long years” Tia said and hugged Ragini

“Actually sorry due to some problems I shifted to Delhi and came back to Mumbai just last year” Anika explained.

“We won’t ask you about your problem since we know you won’t share so just forget the past and think about the upcoming 7 days…. we gonna have amazing fun babes” Tia’s eyes sparkled as she spoke.

Tia and Ragini after a short chat with Anika left leaving Anika alone.

Anika’s eyes were searching for someone. But she failed and announcement for the check to board the flight was made. She remembered how she used to get frightened in the name of flights but now since she has lost him she gathered courage to go forward.

She went to her seat after completing every checks. She sat down staring through the window though she knew her seat was the one beside the window seat. She decided to manage it with the beside person if she/he comes.

“Again late like every time??” Vikram shouted and continued “You are ridiculous”

” I am sorry yaar a girl was flirting with me during the checks so got busy….. you know me na I never break any girl’s heart” Shivay completed winking

“Darling dude go to your seat and get seated and please stop over boasting ” Vikram said and chuckled.

Shivay travelled to his seat and found the beside passenger didn’t come still. He sat on the window side covering his face with the towel just to feel relaxed. A hand patted over his shoulder “Please will you sit this side??” The girl asked. He didn’t respond. “Excuse me mister please will you shift?” The girl asked again.

“What’s your problem yaar?” Shivay said removing his towel. “Youuuu…????” Shivay and Anika both screamed grabbing everyone’s attention to them.

Anika didn’t react much and sat beside.

“He still looks young and handsome like before. His hairs are messy that means maybe he didn’t get much time to set them or any random girl messed it up during his flirting time. I knew he would be coming but then also I don’t know what happened to my mind and I came, Anika how will you face your love now. You have to be strong if he ignores you. Please Anika just 7 days and this time please don’t fall because you don’t have time for love. You have responsibilities remember that. Don’t try to show you are getting broken. Be calm.” Anika thought and managed her tears from falling.

” She had a fear of travelling on flights then how she is sitting this calm?? Maybe she learnt everything after……She looks much prettier than before maybe after having children woman do turn to prettiest, how will I face this changed woman? I don’t know how I will end up reacting but I have to hide my pain. Shivay you need to be strong. Face it Shivay and don’t show her you are getting affected. All the best Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi” Shivay thought.

The flight landed and everyone boarded the luxurious bus to go to their hotel. Anika came down last and stood beside Shivay without noticing him. “This hotel???” Shivay and Anika shouted together again. Tia nodded and said it’s the best hotel they could manage. Anika and Shivay bowing their head down and looking occasionally at each other through the corner of their eyes entered the hotel.

Everyone was discussing about the room. “Hey you two which room?” Ragini asked “Room no. 209” Shivay and Anika spoke together again. “Okay no problem then for you two room no. 209” Ragini said and noted it down. “But how can we stay together?” Shivay asked looking at Anika. “Ohhh come on yaar everyone is staying in pair only and maybe you haven’t noticed they all are couples and everyone came here as couple only, only you two backdated people didn’t bring your wife or girlfriend or husband or boyfriend” Tia explained and unwillingly Shivay and Anika had to choose room no. 209 to stay.


please stay tuned to know. Drop your precious comments and suggestions down. I will be back with the next update soon. Till then BUH BYE…. NILASH

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