hey guys! kritika is back! with a new ff!!
i missed u all like hell guys!! i missed my writing a lot!
im here with a complex ff, of course, based on swasan!!
lets start the introduction.

~~~the seven days~~~

The 7 days..!
What does 7 days mean? A week right! So whose life changes in these 7 days. What happens in these 7 days? What will this love lead to? Whose love is this?

let’s meet the female lead, swara kapoor.

Swara kapoor, a 20 year old mba student, is an orphan. She was born with a silver spoon. The one and only daughter of arnav and khushi kapoor, was pampered too much by them. She was not their daughter, she was their princess. She is the heir of kapoor empire. Once she gets her degree, everything will be on her name. she is a pious soul, never hurts anyone. Her parents died when she was 15. Five years passed, her best friend ragini gadodia, daughter of one of the top business men in india, shekhar gadodia, stood with her. Gadodia’s keep swara as their daughter. Most of the time, swara is seen in gadodia mansion rather than her kapoor mansion. They all are swara’s family.

Lakshya maheshwari, swara’s best friend in boys, has a brotherly shadow on her. Swara spends her most of the time in maheshwari mansion, excluding gadodia’s.
Everyone loves her immensely. They treat her as the daughter of the house, as maheshwari’s don’t have any daughter.

Sanskar maheshwari (21 MBA), is a good friend of swara, flirts with her sometimes. Whenever, swara calls lakshya ‘bruh’, he uses his typical philosophy there.
‘if lucky is swara’s bro, then I’m also her bro as I’m lucky’s bro, then lucky’s bro means swara’s bro too’

Ragini gadodia, is a sweet girl. She is swara’s bestie, loves her till the core. After her parents death, she is the one, who has consoled swara. (20 MBA)

Hey guys!! miss me? I missed you a lot! Now that I am back, that too with such a complex ff, I wanna meet all my regular readers. I won’t include anyone’s name, but I know all of them.
Coming to the ff, it’s a complex one with 4 big twists. Before the completion of twist 1, twist 2 will start, which will lead to twist 3 and 3 will lead to 4.
I will be posting episodes quickly as I wanna anyhow finish this ff before 16 or 17 june.

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  1. sanskriti ? die hard fan of swasan ?

    Kritu it was awsm start loved it so much tnxs for swasan upload soon baby

    1. Thanks a ton sankriti! I missed u a lot!!! Love u! Will update soon! ????

  2. Superb kritika di….
    Its disha here

    1. Hi disha dear! Thanks a lot! Di! ?? I don’t think so!
      Anyways thanks for the comment

  3. So finally it arrived…. waiting for tall the twists


    1. ??thanks for ur comment sweetie! Love ya! ??

  4. waiting for the next epi

    1. Thanks for our comment dear! Will update very soon!

  5. awesome……very nice…..interesting

    1. Thanks a lot shan!

  6. nyc intro..:)

  7. its amazing i was waiting to read more

    ur title is fabulous 😉

    1. Thanks a lot bhanu! Title…! O god! It too lot of days to decide it! U know..title is the toughest part to decide! Anyways thanks!

  8. Nice start…… Continue soon……

    1. Thanks a lot! Will post soon!

  9. Nice dear….hope for the best of ur ff..
    Loads of love

    1. Thanks a lot maryam! Ur name reminds me of my bestie! Even her name is the same!
      Love u a lot! ??

      1. Thanks for reply dear….good to hear that my name seems special to u or something for u….
        Loads of love??

  10. welcome back……

    1. Thanks for our comment!

      1. Love u too dear! I really love ur name!

  11. Wow ur back your writings are amazing and this seems to be very interesting….. Plzz start it asap don’t just leave it on introduction otherwise I’ll die in curiosity…. Lol kidding

    1. Thanks a ton neha dear! U will die of curiosity! ?? don’t worry! I wont let u die! Dr. Kritika here! (Lol?) will post it tmrw itself! Thanks again!

  12. Yippee you are back… N u know i love the title most… It seems Damn intresting

    1. Meher! Thanks a lot dear! Title… UK it took days to think for the title…thanks anyways!

  13. Awesome

  14. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    So it’s a twistwala love story…
    intro is awesome ☺?
    Upload the first chapter soon…

    1. Thanks Mona dear! Will upload soon!

  15. Missed me??????

    Yes or No….

    I missed u sooooooooooooooo much Kriti (hope Kriti is okay ???)

    THE SEVEN DAYS!!!!Seems damn interesting lil friend …???

    Gonna read all without fail and also will try to comment regularly (incase if I don’t…
    don’t take me wrong…my skool gonna start soon…vacation over???)

    *welcome back*

    1. Of course missed u a lot! Don’t worry..after all I don’t write ff for comments! ?
      Thanks a lot for welcoming me..hope u are shorting rose petals and ur love on me..blessings too! ?
      Love ya!??

  16. It’s awesome dear??????

    1. Thanks tooba dear!

  17. Wow seven days… superb catchy title dat draggef me here…
    Intro ws nice… waiting for all twist…nf i love mysteries bt it drives me crazy…

    1. Thanks navi dear..

  18. Awesome Kristina!! Will be waiting for your ff

    1. Kritika*

      1. Thanks a lot kavya!

  19. Awesome Kritika!!! it was soo good!! plzz continue….

    1. Thanks a lot arohi!

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