THE SEVEN DAYS! episode 6

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Episode 6
6 years passed
“ six years, six years have passed. Today I am myself something. Swara kapoor. I am swara arnav kapoor. All alone. Sometimes ragini and lakshya comes to meet me. They have separated from their family after my SEVEN DAYS and got married before 4 years. Ragini and lakshya, though are happily married and have an year old daughter, they always try to cheer me up and find sanskar. So many years have passed. I could never find my sanskar. I beared my punishment of next 3 days in a chawl. But I could never find sanskar. I feel like burning that kavita alive. But no. I cant find her. No one believed me. I hate them. I always thought them as my mothers. But no. they were never mine. I hate them. I hate them. Where are you sanskar? Where are you? Did you forget your swarA? I know you can never do that. I love you sanskar. I love you. Please come back. Where are you? I am all changed. I cant live as old bubbly and talkative swara. Everything has changed. Today I am coming back to Kolkata. For a wedding. After 5 years. And this time I will find you. I will” the best business woman of asia, swara kapoor thought.

Tears were still there. After all how much you pretend to be storng, you will not be that strong. You will be hurt. You will feel pain. You will be shattered, broken. The pain cant be expressed in words.
Swara felt betrayed. She felt lonely. She escaped from all. She never met ragini and lakshya after their marriage. She hid herself from the world. She cant believe anyone now. She only believes ragini, lakshya, her late parents, her sanskar and her love. She doesn’t even believe her destiny. Trust is a like a paper, once it is crumbled, it cant be perfect. It cant be back to normal. The pain goes beyond physical. Relationships are made of trust and if you don’t have that, then its time to move on. Swara tried to move on. But how can she move on without her love? Without her life? Without her sanskar? Where was he? She didn’t even know that! She felt shameful that she had no clue of her love from past 6 years.
“sujata. Its dp ji’s business partner’s daughter’s marriage. There should be no lack of gifts. Come fast. We have to leave.”
“yes jiji. I am coming. I was just thinking, all our kids left us. First swara left. Due to us. Then ragini and lakshya. and sanskar, he never came out of coma. and kavita, she died before 2 years.”
“sujata. It was swara’s mistake.”
“no jiji. Don’t be stone hearted. Ask your heart if swara was like that. Where is she. I don’t know. I lost her. She was like my daughter and being a mother I hurt her” sujata spoke weeping
“welcome swara beta. This is your room.” Mr. khanna, the bride’s father said.
“thanks” swara spoke closing the door.
“jiji. Its swara. I saw her. That’s her room.” Sujata spoke with tears of happiness.
“lets go to meet her” ap said impatiently.
All the maheshwari’s and gadodia’s went to swara’s room. Sujata slightly opened the room and was shocked seeing the scenario. The door was open such maheshwari and gadodia’s could see it. Swara was eating some pills.
Swara spoke with tears seeing a photo “I am sorry sanskar. I know. I shouldn’t eat these depression pills. But I cant do anything now. I don’t want to live sanskar. I want you. just you.. you said you will never leave your swara. My ears are waiting or you to speak ‘I love you swara’ ..sanskar. where are you? Please come nah”
Swara aate those pills and sensed someone behind her. She quickly turned and saw sujata who was about to keep hand on her shoulder. She quickly moved from there. Everything flashed in her mind. She was shivering terribly. She saw everyone. But not sanskar.
“don’t you dare touch me” she spoke in rage such that the voice doesn’t go outside disturbing others.
“just go I said..” she spoke again.
“leave” she almost yelled.
“shone…I ..i beta..wont you forgive your mom?” sharmishtha managed to speak.
“how dare those words escaped from your mouth? Ha? I said leave cant you understand?” she pushed them kicking them out.
She closed the door and sat down on the floor with a thud leaning the door. She was like a lifeless body.
After some time, before the marriage, she went outside and started walking on the road aimlessly. The wedding was on a remote area far from the city.
Tears made their way from her eyes. She realized the whole maheshwari’s and gadodia’s were following her when she turned. Ragini and lakshya were also there. This time her sanskar was also there. In hospital dress. She smiled seeing him. He ran to her and they hugged.
“swara..i came back. I am sorry. . I was in coma you know. And now. Now I will never leave you.” Sanskar spoke cupping her face.
“swara. I am sorry beta..i” Sujata came forward to apologize but swara stepped backwards leaving sanskar.
“nai nai nai nahi. How can you apologize? Was it a mistake? No you all did it knowingly when you were in senses. You mistrusted me. And now you are asking me sorry?_”
“beta. We did a mistake. Try to trust us again”
“trust. Don’t you dare to take that word again from your mouth. It doesn’t suit you. To regain trust, you need to prove how much you love through actions not words. Words fall empty to the person who lost trust on you. Yes. Your words will fall empty for me. You know what. Trust is like an eraser. It gets smaller and smaller after every mistake. You did a single mistake. And it vanished. I hate you all” she sreamed the last few words and left from there.
But sanskar caught her hand “swara.. where are you going? And what is going on here ? did they do something with you that day?”
“I will tell you everything sanskar. Just leave me alone”
Swara spoke and ran from there.
Everyone were going back to the venue when they heard the bride’s sister’s scream.
“nehaa” the bride’s sister screamed.
“what happened beta?” dp asked her.
The lady simply pointed somewhere. They saw swara pushing a little girl from the road to save her from the accident. But the truck hit her.
They all were shocked and went to swara. Sanskar took her on her lap. Ragini couldn’t see her in that state. She broke down. Swara was taking last few breathes of her life.
“swara..why did you do this beta? I love you..soo much.. don’t leave us beta” sharmishtha spoke with tears In her eyes.
“I will call the ambulance” lakshya spoke while shivering.
“sanskar.” Swara managed to spoke feebly.
“ha ha..swara say nah.”
“sanskar.. I love you. Try to move on. Ragini.. lakshya…happy married life..may you get all the happiness in your life. Everyone has to die some day. Today Is my day.. I have to go.”
“no swara you wont go anywhere. I know.” Sanskar spoke kissing her forehead and crying miserably.
“I love you sanskar” she spoke in a whisper and her eyes dropped.
She lied there lifeless.

an epilogue is waiting. since its difficult to write emotional scenes, try all of you to comment!

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  1. Divyanshri

    u made me cry thats not fair ????Awsome episode……. where were u these days…. u even didn’t comment on my ff…… r u angry with me or…… u dnt like it anymore…. kritika ?????Miss u

    1. Kritika

      Aww! Sorry to make you cry yr..
      Nooooo how can I be angry on uh buddy.
      Miss u too.
      Love ya!??
      Thanks for commenting

  2. Hey kirtika why u separate swasan and made swara dead plzzzzzzz don’t end on sad note

    1. Kritika

      Aww… diya…
      I didn’t kill swara…that driver killed all innocent
      Just wait for epilogue dr..

  3. Seriously u made as cry…….please write more and not let swara die……
    awesome episode

    1. Kritika

      Thanks dr..
      I ll wrote an epilogue soon..!

  4. Soujanya

    Swara died why?so sad

    1. Kritika

      Swara died becoz the truck driver hit her! ??
      Thanks for commenting yr!

  5. sanskriti ? die hard fan of swasan ?

    Dr u made me cry today ur very bad go katti I’m not talking to u sorry I was just kidding anyways chappy indeed beautiful and heart touching luved it soooooo oooooooooooooo much
    Luv u loads waiting for the epilogue

    1. Kritika

      Aww…I posted the epilogue..thanks yr..

  6. Deeksha

    is swara dead really??????

    1. Kritika

      What do u think??

      1. Kritika

        Thanks for ur comment btw

  7. Aahna


    1. Kritika

      Sorry to make u cry!!

  8. Why u killed swara

    1. Kritika

      I didn’t kill her…the truck driver hit her yr..??

    2. Kritika

      I didn’t kill her…the truck driver hit her yr..??..

      1. Kritika

        Oops! It came two times. .sorry

  9. Emotional episode dear

    1. Kritika

      yup it was…that’s yr..ur Comments are my strength.

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