THE SEVEN DAYS! episode 5


Episode 5
Now there was no one to comfort her. she had no one beside her. She has no idea where everyone went. Where her sanskar went. Is he fine? Then why is she broken? Why Is she restless? Why parvati is punishing her? Lots of questions. But no answer. ‘Sometimes someone can hurt us more than we really deserve. May be because we had loved them more than they deserve.’ She respected and loved her family very much. And now she is not even sure if they trust her. That night passed miserably. Swara slept after crying much.
Next morning she woke up by the sound of the door opening. Parvati opened the door and told her to come out. She found a steal jug kept there. She took some water in her fist and splashed water on her face, wiped it and came outside in same dress.
“yah le. Kha le apne kamre me ja kar”
Swara nods and takes the steal plate, goes to her room and starts eating the food.
After taking the first bite, she starts coughing badly. She then searches for water. But in a hurry, the little water kept in the jug falls down. She struggles to gulp the food. Ragini comes running there hearing noise. She sees swara struggling. She quickly runs out to take water. Kavita stands at the door seeing all that and with a devilish smirk on her face.
Ragini somehow finds water and goes to store room running. As she was about to enter, kavita purposely puts her leg in front of her. Ragini falls down and so does the water. But somehow ragini stands up and without giving a damn to kavita she goes to kitchen and again brings a new jug of water. As soon she enters, first she pushes kavita with her left hand and goes towards swara with jug of water in her right hand. Kavita gives her angry glares and was about to speak something but her ohne rang and she went to attend it. ragini feels pain to see swara crying because of spice and coughing very badly. She mover her hand to and fro on her back and makes her drink water.
“swara. You wait here. I will bring something for you to eat. And will bring some sugar also.”
Swara doesn’t respond and criesswarag
Ragini comes with food and makes swara eat it. She forwards her hand to feed her but swara nods in no.
“you also eat with me” swara spoke childishly.
“but first you eat it”
Swara nods and eats it. She takes a bite and feeds ragini. Both have their breakfast.
“where are everyone ragini? Where Is sanskar?” swara spoke while sobbing.
“swara.. swara actually kavita did sanskar’s accident. She came to know that we all came to know her truth. Now sanskar is in coma. and everyone I with him. Lakshya is trying to find the culprit.” Ragini said while breaking down.
Swara was shocked. Her life was In coma. she felt angry on herself. Because of her, he was in coma. she felt guilty.
“its all because of me ragini. I should hav not..”
Ragini cut her “no no no swara. Its not at all because of you believe me”
“ragini you should go from here. Dadi may see you..go”
“no swara I wont”
“I said go ragini. Just go..leave”
Ragini goes. The whole day swara passed in guilt. The next day she woke up waiting for her punishment. Parvati ordered her to come in the backyard.
She was going to be blackened. She understood that as she came in the backyard. Parvati wore gloves and as soon as swara came she blackened her face. Swara was shocked. She took steps back and she fell down. Parvati left from there to wash her hands. Ragini, who came just now, goes towards swara but gets startled when kavita pours full bucket of black water on swara. Swara gets shocked and she faints right there.
Ragini somehow with the help of servants took swara to her room. She made her bath and changed her clothes. She felt very sad for swara. Tears made their way from her eyes seeing swara’s pain.
She made swara sleep with her that day. Ragini woke up very early in the morning as she had to shift swara back to store room as parvati may see her in ragini’s room. Ragini makes swara shift to the store room.
“tune itna bada paap kiya hai. Bhagwan se maafi toh mangni hi padegi na. iske liye sabse achha tarika hai bare foot kali ma ke mandir jana aur paas wale well se 101 baar unki moorti par pani dalna. Ab ja. Pura din na lag jaye”
(you did a big crime. So you have to pay for that right? So go bare foot to kali ma’s temple and from the nearby well pour 101 buckets of water on her moorti. Go now or it may take the whole day.)
“dadi how can you do this to swara? She is a little baby. And moreover, it was not her mistake.”
“ha tu sahi hai. Yah uski galti na..balki yah uski crime/sin hai”
“dadi dadi she didn’t do anything believe me. Its..its all done by kavita an..and”
Before ragini could complete, parvati slapped her.
“don’t you dare go against kavita.” Parvati said with rage.
Swara and ragini were shocked. While kavita was biting her cheeks from inside to suppress her smile. No no, not smile, smirk actually.
“Swara. Swara don’t do it. Stop it” ragini tried stopping swara. But of no use. Swara didn’t stop and she completed pouring 7 buckets till now. That too bare foot. Blood was oozing from her feet. But she didn’t care. For what? For a stupid belief on god.
“no ragini. Let me do it, may be god will reveal the truth then. I have belief on him”
“who? Your stupid belief is of no use. This god is of no use. You don’t deserve it. But still you are bearing all these things. That too because of my stupid dadi.”
“ragini. Respect her. She is our elder na. and she is my dadi also. And she has whole right on me. That’s why she is giving punishment. Right?”
“no swara. If she would have been your dadi then she would not have done this. She is just.. I will not ever forgive her for what she did to you. Stop it”
“I owe you ragini. Let me do this”
“swara. You shouldn’t have done this. You shouldn’t have.” Ragini spoke sobbing.
Swara was completing her 90th round. Sweat flowed like waterfall from her body. Now she was not crying. Something made her strong. Something created negative vibes inside her for those who didn’t trust her. She wanted to take revenge from kavita. She hated her. From the bottom to the top of her heart.
She finally completed all her rounds and fell down. Soon she fainted. Ragini took unconscious swara home and let her sleep in her room. All the gadodia and maheshwari ladies came. Soon swara regained her consciousness.
“mummyji why swara is here? She should be in jail right?” sharmishtha spoke to parvati as she saw swara.
“choti ma. I..i” swara tried speaking in feeble voice but no. parvati cut her.
“I gave her nice punishment. That’s why she is here. She will again suffer for next 3 days.”
Sujata spoke “I know maji whatever punishment you have given must be justified.”
“yes yes even I agree” Annapurna also spoke up.
“ma. Chachi. Don’t misunderstand I will tell you the truth. Actually” lakshya tried to speak up. But sujata cut him.
“shut up lakshya. stay in your limits.”
Soon all the 4 ladies started their discussion of what punishment swara deserves from each of them sides. Swara gets very irritated and frustrated.
“stop it” swara screams.
Swara adds “what is all this ha? You are giving me the punishment which I never deserve. my loved ones doesn’t trust me. How could you? You wanted to give me punishment right? Give me..give me punishment. No kill me! Its better to die than to bear the blame of the sin which you didn’t do. You want to me to live in a chawl for next 3 days right? Give me the keys I will go. And yeah. ‘ONE DAY WILL COME. ONE DAY WILL COME WHEN YOU WILL REGRET GIVING ME PUNISHMENT. THAT DAY YOU WILL GET TO KNOW THE TRUTH’ mark my words. I hate you people. You always considered me as you daughter right? So this is what you give to your daughter? I bet. I bet if kavita or ragini would have been in my place then the punishment would have been something else..thats why I hate you” she screamed the last 3 words, took the keys and left in rage.

long enough!? faster update? surprised? because i am wrapping up this ss as soon as possible. yes.. now its ss. because my school will reopen very soon. and i cant afford writing ff for many days..:( 🙁 🙁
thats why. ooo..comments again decreased?
thanks for all your comments. but i always try taking out silent readers. but they are too stubborn :/ :/ :/
so after this ss i was thinking to rewrite teenage love with improved grammar and english? what say? or should i try for a hot ss? im very poor in hot stuffs and all + i dont hav ny ideas for that or i should write a new concept.? plz tell me! im in dillema!!
love u loads..!!

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      Thanks sankriti my dr!
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