THE SEVEN DAYS! episode 4


Episode 4
It’s the next day.
Swara goes to gadodia mansion as dadi called her.
“ji dadi aapne bulaya”
“dadi mat keh manne. thare jaise beti hone se toh na hona hi ahcha hai. Mai yaha thare ko sirf saza dene ayi hu..” (“don’t call me dadi. Not having a daughter is better Having a daughter like you. I came here only for giving you punishment”)
“dadi..i swear..i never did anything..i…I am not like that dadi”
“how many times should I tell you not to call me dadi!” parvati roared.
“where are everyone dadi?”
“achcha hua na hai..varna wha log mhare ko tuhe saza na dene dete (its good that they are not here. Or else they would have never permitted me giving you this punishment”)
“plz try to understand. I didn’t do anything” swara’s voice chokes and she falls on her knees.
“swara..” ragini goes to hold her as soon as she sees her.

“ragini. Don’t support her. She is a..” kavita spoke evilly but ragini cut her.
“bas kavita. Iska proof hi kya hai tumhare paas? Just that photos? Oh gawwd! They can be edited also ha!” ragini spoke in rage. She was broken. She was crying badly. The reason was swara and was not too. There were two reasons. One sanskar, other swara.
“bas ragini. Ab tune bhi bohot keh liya. Ab manne isse jo saza deni hai dene de”
“nahi dadi. You wont give her any punishment. she has not done anything. Okay?”
“ragini.. tanne mhari kasam. Tu manne ya ko jo saza deni hai dene degi” parvati spoke tying her in a promise. Parvati always gave her first preference to kavita. Then to ragini and then to swara. Kavita completely brainwashed her.
“dadi but..”
“shut up..(To swara) n yeah u chori..from today to next seven days will be your punishment. Your first punishment is to settle into one of the room. Take this key and the one which opens with this key is your room. Search all locked rooms. Go now”
But swara didn’t go and she was still crying on her knees.

“swara. Do you want to go jail?” parvati spoke harshly.
Swara nodded in no.
“then bear this punsuhment” parvati spoke in the same tone.
“go I said” she added screaming this time.
Swara hardly stood up with the help of ragini. Ragini was surprised because parati didn’t scold her while helping swara. So she decided that she will help swara reduce her punishment and try to reveal the truth with the help of lakshya.
“ragini. I need you help. Please come here” kavita spoke with an innocent look not letting ragini reply her. Kavita dragged ragini from there.

Meanwhile swara started to search for the room. The first 2 rooms of ground floor were unlocked. The 3rd room was locked. She tried to open the door. But failed. She then saw the other rooms of ground floor. All were unlocked. So she proceeded towards first floor. The first three rooms were unlocked. The fourth room was store room. She skipped it and saw the next room. It was unlocked. She again tried to open it but failed. She searched the whole mansion. Her legs were paining. She was trembling. She was crying. She went to hall where parvati was sitting in an indian manner. But on her way, kavita stopped her.
“where are you going swara?”

“to dadi. But that’s none of your concern”
“why? Tch tch tch..didnt find the room? Babe. Did you check the store room? No na. see I helped you. Go to store room then. Oops you room” kavita spoke in attitude after making ragini busy and breaking swara.
Swara tried opening the door of the store room. She was shocked. The door really opened. She stepped in. a rug was arranged for her on the ground. There was no light. Only a ventilator was giving light. She was scared of darkness after her parents death. She sat on the rug and wept.
Someone closed the door. The light reduced.

“you will only come out with my consent” parvati spoke locking the door.
Swara cried even more. Its night. Ragini came to know everything. How swara is locked in the store room. She knows the truth of kavita. Ragini and lakshya were talking to sanskar last night when sanskar was returning back from swara’s house. They came to know the truth. But sanskar’s car’s breaks were failed. As soon as he came to know, he drove his car to a remote place and he reached far away from Kolkata. His car hit a tree. Ragini and lakshya informed the whole family and they took him to hospital. He is in coma now. Thats why no one is in Kolkata.
Kavita planned this. Ragini and lakshya knew it. Lakshya is trying to find proofs to prove the real culprit i.e. kavita where as ragini is with swara.
Ragini at late night went towards the store room and climbed to the small window which is at the top of the wall.
“swara” ragini called her.

“ragini..u here. U go from here or else if dadi sees she will scold you”
“no its ok swara. See I bought food for you.”
“ragini” swara eyed her emotionally.
Ragini passed the food through a rope and basket. Swara caught it.
“swara. Take this torch too. I know you are scared of light.. and yeah if you feel anything msg me or call me from your phone. And hide your phone. Dadi may take it if she sees it.”
Swara nods.

“acha I need to go now. That kavita may see me. Bye dear. Take care. Don’t get scared. Laksh is searching for the culprit.”

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  1. Nice….sanskar is in coma???
    He really loves swara or not????

    1. Kritika

      Thanks Dr! Hawww! Don’t u believe my sanskar!? He truly loves swara Dr!

  2. thamiazh magan

    heart touching… this scene remembered me the little anandi punished by grandma in Balika Vadhu…

    1. Kritika

      Thanks Dr! Balika vadhu! I never saw it Dr!

  3. Too bad punishment but too heart touching part….???

    1. Heyya….is that u in the dp…..
      Very good looking : you 🙂

      And my guess failure doesn’t matter as I was partially right ???

      1. Kritika

        Thanks a lot Dr! Yeah its me!abt the guess I just said in a funny way Dr!

  4. Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan?

    Kritu is was superb but punishment was too hatsh is sanskar really in coma wake him fast pls pls

    1. Kritika

      Thanks Dr! Sanskar will come when the time comes!

  5. Awesome dear… Poor swara

    1. Kritika

      Thanks dr

  6. Purvi

    Awesome….. Dadi is just irritating…… Continue soon…..

      1. Kritika

        Sry dr…it came 2 times

  7. Abirsha

    nice……but y dadi s giving her punishment????she s not her grandchild right????

    1. Kritika

      Thanks dr! I told before only that for gadodias n maheshwaris swara is like their daughter

  8. Soujanya

    Feeling bad for swara

  9. Awesome

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