THE SEVEN DAYS! episode 3


Hey guys! I am back. Sorry I am posting alternate days coz now a days im writing 2 one shots. And I left in suspense. I know. It was my target. The next 2 episodes will be main track. I found the response going low. Disappointed!! Anyways lets start.
Episode 3
“swara how can u be a..chi I cant even say”
Kavita pokes her nose in between “swara..chi. u are a..a pro*t*t**e. these photos chi”
One photo of that was swara hugging a man. In one photo swara was side hugging another man. There are other 3 pics in hugging position. In all these pics, the men were different but the girl was swara. Swara knew it was kavita. It was kavita.
“swara you deserve punishment.”sharmishtha spoke. But swara ran while crying and went to her house.
Everyone knew this. Sanskar too. He straightway drove to her home only to find her all crying in her room. He knocked the door and went in. swara lifts her eyes, only to meet his.
“now what are you doing here? Is anything left? Your bet is completed na!” swara spoke completely broken. Because she was accused of the crime which she never did.
“no swara.. just look at me” he spoke cupping her face.
“yeah you are correct it was a bet which I had with kavita. I had to win your heart. And I did but. But the truth is that in these things, I started loving you.”
She lifts her eyes shockingly.
He continues “yeah. I love you. That’s why from last 3 months I was dragging our bet. Kavita many times said to break up as the bet is finished. But I always made some excuses. And how can I take advantage of you? Did I ever touch you? No! till I realised my love, till it was only bet for me, I never touched you. It was then when I kissed you for the first time, when I realized my love for u. and I know its all done by kavita. Because I trust you and you can never do such things.”
“Sanskar” she broke down and hugged him.
She added “I never did that sanskar. They don’t believe me. Choti ma doesn’t believe me. Even ragini and lakshya were silent. I don’t think choti masi and
Badi masi will believe me. I (choked) …I never did it sanskar.. I will nev..” her sentence was left incomplete because sanskar kissed her on lips. She quickly gave in the kiss. they parted due to lack of oxygen.
“let me tell you the truth. Kavita’s friends noticed you being in gadodia house more than kavita. So they had a bet to separate you from the family. First she made a bet with me for faking love to you. I accepted because of ego. Then I fell for you. I came to know kavita’s bet with her friends. And then before 2 days I came to know why kavita made a bet with me for faking love with you. The reason was she would take our hugging pics and edit them by morphed editing. She replaced my pic with other men and exposed them so that you get separated from our family.”
“what!? Kavita..she did this?? San..sans” she was not able to complete the sentence and she fainted. Because of stress.
He gently picked her and placed her on her bed. He sat beside her caressing her forehead and admiring her. He felt pain in his heart seeing her condition. His love was going through the pain which she didn’t deserve. Her loved one’s were accusing her. Kavita, her sister like women cheated her. She was sad, very sad. She needed someone by her side.
Other side, at gadodia mansion, kavita was thinking of her plan. she was thinking how her friends teased her.
“yr kavita this swara na..she stays more in your house than you. You stay in hostel. She has her own house. But most of the time she is here. Tch tch tch tch poor baby kavita. Someone pity on you” one of her friends mocked kavita
“lol seriously someone should pity on you kavi dear” one of her friends spoke sarcastically.
Another one spoke “gawd! Kavi. Its seems like she is the daughter of the house and you are an outsider”
Kavita felt humiliated.
“no guys its not that..its just..” kavita tried convincing but of no use.
“why don’t we bet kavita..? you separate her from your family. You will get you deserved place in your family!”
“yeah bet. And I am sure kavita gadodia will win this”
“lets see babe”
Flashback ends
Kavita to herself “After that day, I thought to give swara double pain. Separation from my family and losing you love. For that I hurt sanskar’s ego and provoked him for a bet on swara. But from last 3 months he was ignoring break up wala topic. But now anyhow in these 7 DAYS I will make him have break up with her. Sharmishtha chachi, Annapurna aunty and sujata aunty have decided her punishment. Next seven days will the worst days of swara kapoor. And I will win my bet. It was so easy to edit swara and sanskar’s photos. I just morphed sanskar’s face in all the pics and indirectly gave my family. Yes. Its my family. My family not your swara. Get ready for THE NEXT SEVEN DAYS OF YOUR LIFE which you will never forget.”
Mysteries revealed!! Any doubt ask me! Next 2 episodes will be main track do not miss!
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Credit to: Kritika

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  2. Wow……such an unexpected twist ?
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      Thanks dharsha Dr! Yeah! So ur guess was wrong! Hai na?
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  3. Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan ?

    Kritu my baby it was marvellous kavita is such a disgusting girl anyways thnx for the update. Kritu do u live in London and is kritika d suza ur full name
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    1. Kritika

      Thanks sankriti Dr! Well I live in India but London is my second home! My real name is vibhavari Shende and kritika d souza is my fake swasan ID! you can send me frnd request in any account dr

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    lovely….hi im stuti friend of sarika who used to comment on ur ff movie swasan earlier she told me as im also in 9th class.she recommended to read your works n they r just awesome

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      Hey stuti! Yeah I remember sarika! Omg! She recommended u to read my works! I’m in cloud 9! Woah! Thanks yr!

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