THE SEVEN DAYS! episode 2


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Episode 2
“Love u Swara”
“love u too Sanskar”
He slowly leans on her. She closed her eyes and parts her lips in anticipation. He too closes his eyes and places his lips on her. She quickly gave in. it was a soft kiss.
Both were engrossed in the kiss. They separate. Their gazes meet.
“Don’t worry Swara. Kavita is just insecure..” he spoke and kissed her forehead.

Meanwhile raglak were busy fighting for the flower decoration.
“lakshya. it’s a baby shower ceremony. Flowers should be white.” Ragini spoke snatching the basket of flowers.
“no rags. It should be red. Red roses. Understand” lakshya said again snatching the basket.
“lakshya why don’t you understand? Give it to me” ragini spoke trying to take the basket from him. But lakshya withdrew his hand. Ragini frowned.
“no ragini. Red is the best”
“lakshya” ragini glared at him
“lakshya” ragini spoke fed up.
“ragini” lakshya spoke dragging her name.
“lucky now stop it”
Lakshya started laughing and handed over the basket to her.
“have fun” he said and left making ragini shook her head.
“idiot” she muttered under her breathe.

“where are you taking me sanskar?” swara spoke as sanskar is blindfolding her. Its night after the baby shower.
“keep patience dear. Don’t you trust me”
“of course I do. No doubt”
“then wait.”

“it’s your farmhouse..and why we are here?”
“how do you know it’s our farmhouse?”
“duke’s barking”
“that kutta (dog) na”
“oye.. he is my duke.. you have restricted him to stay at home so bechara is staying here”
“you guys are also here..see na swara this lucky is not telling me anything. Why are we here.. I am blindfold yr.” ragini said impatiently as lakshya led her somewhere.
“same here rags. I am also blindfold.. ahem (faking clearing her throat) ahem. So love birds hope we are not disturbing you” swara teased them as sanskar led her too.
“swaraaa… I hope the same you know”
Swara cut her “I can’t feel his presence. They left us here.”
“now what?”
Suddenly swara felt a shot in her hand. It took no time to realize someone hit her playing painballing.
“sanskar. You have to pay back” swara said removing the cloth tied around her eyes.
“paintball” ragini said as a color ball hit her hand. She removed it too.
What they both saw was, sanskar and lakshya with paintball guns in their hands with full protection aiming at them. Quickly sanskar pulled the trigger and quickly swara dragged ragini and hid behind a table made by trunk of a tree.
“ragini. We are in the artificial forest area of the farmhouse” swara spoke whispering
“yeah yeah I know”
“see there (pointing on the table) there are glasses and the dress. There are 2 pairs. Definitely for us. Lets wear them.”
Ragini nods and they both get ready.
Swara pulls the trigger aiming at sanskar. But to her bad luck, he ducked down and laughed at her.
“shit” she muttered
Sanskar’s laugh faded as he was shot by ragini. Now it was turn of swara, ragini and lakshya to laugh. But soon swara and ragini realised their intentions and at once aimed at lakshya and hit him.
All four of them had a good time. Ragini and lakshya decided to stay back at farmhouse while sanskar decided to take swara for a long ride.
Both swara and sanskar sat in the red sports car and quickly sanskar drove.
“I loved your surprise sanskar..thank you sooo much”
Sanskar brightly smiles at her.
“sanskar” swara alerts him showing a puppy and her pulls the break with a jerk.
“swara you okay?”
“yeah…look at him sanskar” swara spoke getting out of the car. She picked the little puppy and went in the car.
“ know na I don’t like dogs”
“sanskar you know na how fond I am of dogs” swara spoke with puppy eyes.
“no one can win over you”


Its 2 days since parineeta’s baby shower. Swara is seen at an isolated place talking to someone.
“what” she spoke completely shocked. She was shattered seeing the video her personal assistant show her. She felt as if someone snatched the rug from the feet. How could anyone betray a sweet girl like this?
She was broken. Shattered. These words were also less for her. Picking up courage, she went to gadodia house. She needed her. Her second mother. Her ragini. Only she could handle her now

A vibrating sound is heard as swara presses the door bell.
Sharmishtha opens the door. She was looking angry. Betrayed. She dragged swara inside abruptly.
Swara was shocked for the second time today. Sharmishtha, who was never harsh on her was dragging her today.
“what is this swara” sharmishtha said showing her some photos once they came in the hall. Her eyes were red with anger.
Swara was shocked seeing the photos. In her worst dreams also, she won’t do this.
What is that? Oops sorry for short update.. hope you had fun. Paintball is a fun..right?
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Credit to: Kritika

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