THE SEVEN DAYS! episode 1

hey guys! kritika here! back with part 1. i never update on sundays. family time u know. sorry!
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Episode 1
“choti ma good morning” swara spoke hugging sharmishtha with a bright smile on her face
“good morning beta” sharmishtha spoke gladly hugging her.
Swara, after wishing everyone went to a room of someone special in gadodia mansion. She opened the door and tip-toed to a girl who is standing in front of the cupboard. Swara was about to close her eyes with her palms but the girl said something which made swara disappointed.
“swara I know its you!”

Swara’s face fell in disappointment “ragini.. how do you know it’s me? You always catch me”
“ shona.. now stop this time pass, come down for breakfast and let’s leave for college” ragini spoke straightway.

Ragini has a motherly shadow on her. After her parents death, the way she consoled swara, was like a mother consoles her child. She can sacrifice her life for swara and is very matured.
“umm..kk by the way I have to go to lucky’s house today. You know na! today is pari bhabi’s baby shower. I have to help him in decorations. Will you accompany me?”
“of course, but this lucky ke bacche ne..he didn’t invite me..huh!”
“actually ragini..he told he to inform you, but I forgot..sorry” swara lied defending lakshya.
“swara..hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with a lie..”
“uff ragini..again you read a boring novel!?”
“ know na books are my life..but for now I will take revenge from lucky..huh”
“no ways, ragini you..”
Swara was cut by sharmishtha’s scream “swara..ragini breakfast is ready”
Swara sighs “let’s go”

“wait a minute” ragini spoke picking her kindle.
Swara muttered under her breathe “nerdy rags”
Ragini narrow her eyes “I heard it”
“my bachcha you came” ap spoke taking swara in a bone crushing hug.
“yes yes badi maasi..i came” swara spoke hardly in the bone crushing hug with a wide smile.
Swara calls Annapurna as maasi. Annapura and sujata were close friends of sharmishtha. In the whole maheshwari family, there’s no daughter. So they treat swara as their own daughter.
“shona..beta come have breakfast.” Sujata said dragging swara to the dining where sanskar and lakshya were having breakfast.
“choti I just ate now at choti ma’s place”

“no means have to eat this”
She sat opposite to sanskar, beside lucky, greeted the boys and started eating.
While lucky was busy in phone, sanskar hits her leg. Swara’s eyes widened and the spoon in her hand fell down grabbing lucky’s attention.
“what happened shona”
“nothing just um… arrey parineeta bhabhi come are you?” swara spoke diverting the topic.
Pari also sat with them and both had a good chit-chatting. Parineeta is the one and only daughter-in-law of the house.

“bade mausa ji..” swara saw him and hugged him, then took his blessings.
“be happy” durgaprasad said with a smile.
“chote mausa ji bless me”
“be happy always and pass with flying colors” ramprasad spoke blessing her.
Durgaprasad Is the head of the family. He is the father of adarsh and lakshy. Ram Prasad is the younger brother of durga parasad. He is the father of sanskar. The maheshwari family badly wanted a daughter but didn’t have. Before, 4 years they meet swara who becomes a very good friend of lakshya. hence, they treat her as their own daughter. Everyone in the house loves her immensely.
“oops. Choti ma is calling. I think pari bhabhi’s gift has arrived. I will be back soon”
“choti ma..i came. You called me?”

“ the way what’s this all celebration going on here?”
“nothing much.. today here?”
“nothing much.. actually bhaiya and bhabhi have come so we are just cutting cake and all.. come na beta”
“yeah sure”
“swara…hii!” kavita spoke hugging swara but not whole-heartedly
“hey kavita”
“swara. I need to talk to you dear”
“yes say na”
“not here. Come to my room”

“say kavita..”
“swara. Please don’t take me wrong but I think you should not spend so much time in this house. I mean every family has some privacy dear. Swara..i ..i please don’t take me wrong. I know I am being rude but.. i..uh..”
“kavita di..uh..i am sorry. Its me who should have understood this. i..i never meant to hurt you. i understand and I will not do it again”
“Swara..kavita come girls” sharmishtha screams from downstairs.
“choti ma..i need to go. Actually pari bhabi’s baby shower has almost started. When are you coming?”

“we will be soon there beta. But you should have stayed here. We will go together na”
“no choti ma..i will manage.bye”
“I am sorry for those things swara. But my all friends thinks that about you. and anyhow I will win the challenge of separating you with the family. I also don’t feel good by doing so, but..” kavita’s chain of thoughts were disturbed by everyone’s noise.
Swara was walking lost in her thoughts in the corridor of maheshwari mansion but someone pulled her in a room and locked the door and pinned her to the wall. Swara was shocked but later she was calmed down.
“sanskar..its you…omg you scared me” swara spoke playing with the buttons of her shirt.
“shh.. now tell me what is bothering you, my love?”
“you know me so well, hai na?”
“yes and tell me instead of diverting the topic”
“actually..actually mom dad’s death anniversary is near im just uh..sad” she spoke fumblingly

“speak the truth swara..” he caught her lie.
“actually..(she tells him everything)..”
“she must be feeling insecure swara that’s it. Don’t you worry. We all are your family. Ok!?”
Swara nods and hugs him resting her head on his chest. He kissed her hair and inhales the fragrance of her hair.
“love u swara”
“love u too sanskar”

Shocked? Swasan love each other!!? Yeah! Both the twists have started..!
Kavita is not that she? Share your views.

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