heyy its kritika! sorry for the delay. as my school has started i couldnt post. so here is a very short epilogue..


Its 6 months since an innocent soul died. Everything has changed. A big layer of guilt has occupied in the maheshwari’s and gadodia’s. they came to know the truth of kavita. Kavita died of cancer. Before dying, she made a video recording accepting her deeds. The maheshwari’s and gadodia’s were shameful.

Every child of their family left them. Now sanskar, he lives in swara’s mansion. He never talks with his so called family. He is handling swara’z company. 75% of swara’s property and money were donated to various NGO’s, orphanages, old age homes. and some part of her property was given to built a big library.

Sanskar did her last rites. He didn’t want to live in a such a world where is swara is not there. But he saw swara’s will. He was very happy seeing her donations to the society. He decided to give the donations himself on the name of swara. He started the work for the library.

No doubt, sanskar loves swara immensely! But he is living alone. He is lonely. There is some incomplete place in his life. He want to live… but with swara. There’s no life without your love. Same with sanskar. There is no life without swara.

7 years passed, he today also loves her, only her. He is very angry on the maheshwari’s and gadodia’s, especially on parvati for all she did to swara. He could never forgive them.
He never felt pity on swara. Not bad also, because he felt angry on himself. He couldn’t save his love. He lost his love. No no .. his love, his swara is always there in his heart.

They could never be one in all terms. But they were and are always one mentally. She stays in his heart, forever. No one can change it, replace it..


so this was the end. it was pre planned. i really felt bad by killing swara. but she had to die. sorry! so guys..i want all of you to be my friends. those who are in fb, please do send me friend request or tell ur ID name.. i ll send u request.plz give a msg in inbox that its uh from tellyupdates so that i can understand its uh… i have 2 accounts.. “kritika d’souza” and “vibhavari shende”… if you want my email id, tell me i ll give uh..
i am taking a short break. i ll be back after few days or may be months. thats why i gave my ID name and all. do comment! i love to see you guys interacting with me.
also, guys if u rite any ff do tell me. i will read them if possible and if i ll read, i ll comment too!!
till then, bye bye!! ciao!! i ll miss uh!!

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  1. Aahna

    BT u again make me cry….??????????

    1. Kritika

      Aww sorry for that..thanks!

  2. Really Di..Its very good..I will miss you so much Come back soon..

    1. Kritika

      Thanks a lot Prakriti
      ..but I don’t think I’m ur di!

  3. Superb…….I did not knew that u were writing this but today I read all the parts in one go………..nd they were very nce

    N i think we r already Frnds in Fb……..R we????
    My id name is Laiba Khan

    1. Kritika

      Thanks dr…thanks a lot..u read it recently. Oh..
      U are laiba Khan..yup we are friends I think..I didn’t know u are laiba Khan..

  4. Divyanshri

    awsomw episode. ……

    1. Kritika

      Thanks soooooooo much sweetie!

  5. Abirsha

    Awesome…. ☺

    1. Kritika

      Thanks you Shan!!

  6. Sanskriti ?die hard fan of swasan?

    Superb kritu u made my morning refreshed thanks a lot for this but kritu do come with another ss with all four pairs together like ragsan raglak swasan swalak OK ?
    Missing u a lot stay happy ?
    R u maharashtrian

    1. Kritika

      Thanks sankriti dr..yup even I was thinking for a small ss on all d pairs..I ll let u knw when I l write..yess I live in Maharashtra..uh??

  7. Awesome

    1. Kritika


  8. nice….but sad

    1. Kritika

      Thanks dr..yep I know its sad..but it was preplanned…

  9. short and sweet… superb epi… 🙂 🙂 swara always live in his heart…!!! cme bck soon dr.. 🙂 🙂 and yeah kriti I’m sry fr nt informing about my FF… pls dnt be mad at me…!!!

    1. Kritika

      Thanks a lot nive! No I won’t go mad @uh!

  10. Soujanya


  11. Deeksha

    Awesome but sad ending…..

    1. Kritika

      Thanks n yup I know! But it was preplanned yr..

  12. Awesome dear.. W’ll miss you… I’m alrdy your fb friend.. But we never communicated

    1. Kritika

      Thanks dr..we are friends??what’s ur account name dr??

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