Sethji – Ek India Pragatiwala, Ek Bharat Adharshowala..!!

Sethji show makes us realise that we should be proud of our Indian Culture and its rich heritage. This show is trying to help us choose only the best from both the cultures-Old and modern.

I feel that the best part of this show is that Sethji has both strict yet softer side. She is a strong matriarch safeguarding Devsu but at the same time a mother who takes care of her own family.
In this show, So far, I liked the village Devsu for it doesn’t have to face air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution that we are facing today. It is purely working on Eco-friendly techniques that once upon a time our ancestors used. Villagers of Devsu do not make use of plastic, fast food nor mobile phones. The life at Devsu is so peaceful.
Sethji is a strong woman who is strong on outside and has a pure and sweet soul inside. She loves her four kids-Three son’s and one daughter as well as her two Bahu’s and certainly will love her upcoming Bahu Pragati.
The people of Devsu do not lie and they have punishment for robbing a bike which pragati finds interesting and she says, outside Devsu, there’s no punishment for robbing even thousand of vehicles.
The people of Devsu have no fights as money is not used a medicum of exchange. The people of Devsu sell goods for goods-Barter system.

The show is trying to tell us how we are moving away from our culture and it is very important to have a good balance between traditional and modern life.
In one of the episodes we saw Sethji boycotting her son Baji as he married a city girl Pragati without informing her. Sethji feels that she took care of Baji for last 19 years and yet he has no love for his mother and he forgot his mother for a city girl. She feels betrayed as any mother would do and as a justice to Sandhya(the girl with whom Baji’s marriage was fixed) is being adopted by Sethji as her daughter.
In yesterday’s Episode, Sandhya’s lie is being caught because of Pragati’s idea of calling the real Sandhya and in this manner she has been able to get some attention from Sethji.
As per the precap of 24th may 2017, Sethji feels that being the sethji of Devsu, she did such a mistake of not identifying the real intention of fake sandhya so do I deserve to sit on that throne? How did I do that mistake of losing my own son Baji? How should I get Baji back to Devsu? Sethji disguises herself and comes near the gate of Devsu to have a look at Baji.
I feel that She will soon accept Baji and Pragati inside Devsu and if she does so, baji is her most loved son so Pragati will get all the love of which she was deprived of since her childhood. She will get all the motherly love from Sethji(Mayri).

So far, I feel that Sethji(Gurdeep Kohli) has impressed me a lot with her acting, her emotions and expression change for soft look as well as for strong look. She is perfect for the role of Sethji. I like her bonding with her sons and even with her daughter but more importantly with Baji .
About Baji, he has improved and has to improve a lot with respect to acting skills but he looks cut yet tough. I like Baaji’s innocence and his skill of making sculptures as well as he is a brilliant wrestler.
Pragati is doing good and has to still improve more with respect to acting. But Baji and Pragati look cute together.
Rumman and Avinash were not much impressive in the first week but they are improving day by day.

In the last few weeks the supporting cast has got some plot in the show.
Overall, the story and concept of the show has created place for the show in my heart, so hoping for the show to get more viewers and more love..
Though the concept of the show needs to be given more scope, I hope for more improvement. I feel that it will be interesting to see the story of Sethji and Pragati working together for betterment of Devsu as well as how they are going to show traditional vs modernization and selection of the best.

What do you guys feel, Will Baaji and Pragati manage to win Sethji’s heart?
Do you watch Sethji? How do you feel about its current progress?
What are your say about the characters and the storyline of Sethji?
What all do you guys feel? Do you watch Sethji? How do you feel about its current progress?
What are your say about the characters and the storyline of Sethji?

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  1. Asana321

    I love pragaji bonding.
    But I can’t watch this serial 6:30 time sloat
    Story is going good

    1. Padma9

      Time slot is 7 pm on zee tv ..

      Thank you for comment.

      1. Asana321

        Sorry padma
        I mean 7 pm time slot.
        Actually I can’t watch this serial on 7 pm slot so I watch this serial on 3:30 pm
        Sorry for the writing corruption

        Your feature is good

    2. Padma9

      Thanks dear. Now Sethji has planned for wedding of Baaji and Pragati as per Devsu’s rules.

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