Sethji 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Baji comes to Kasturi’s house. Praagati says baji.. You are here. To meet your butterfly? He says you are devsu’s sinner. What are you doing here? She says I am here to save you from that girl. baji says Miss Prgati I have no reason to trust you. She says be mad but please trust me. He says you said everything you had to. you showed my feelings the way. You have no right on my life. So now I won’t listen to you. She says then why you came here? He says because this time I will take you out of devsu myself. You insulted my mom.
Kasturi says give her a chance she is saying truth. He drags her out.

Pragati says I don’t wanna go. Please listen. Some men come. Baji hiides with her behind the bushes. She says why are you doing this. He says i dont’ need to

answer you. I will take you from jungle. So you don’t come back. She says I won’t. You are so rude He says the baji you befriended broke with the idol. I have no interest in your words. I am a stupid villager but all I know is that I am getting married tomorrow. She says please forgive me. I didn’t want to hurt you.
She sits in the jungle and starts crying. Baji picks her up. The song ‘agar tum saath ho’. He says enough. She says I don’t wanna go with you. I want my old baji. He says don’t compell me. he says are you scaring me? I am not scared. He picks her up and starts walking.

Raghu is looking for Baaji. He comes to Kasturi’s house. He says where is he? That girl is not here either. Are they together?

Baji is walking with Pragati in his arms. She says I am hungry. Baji says haven’t brought dinner from the home. Stay here I will bring fruits. Don’t go anywhere. She says okay. Baji leaves. Pragati waits there for him. Pragati sees fruits there and says here are the fruits. Why did he go so far to look for fruits. Idiot. She eats the fruit. Baji comes there and looks for Pragati. He says where is she gone. He looks for Pragati here and there. Pragati is eating the fruits. Baji comes there. She says hey Baji rao.. Where did you go? Outside devsu. She laughs. He says you ate intoxicating fruit. She says the intoxication is in your eyes. She comes close to him. She says look at your eye. He says don’t. She says you mom didn’t teach you to have fun? He says don’t bring my mom in between. She says wow how cute. He says leave this fruit and lets go. She says I like this fruit. Yesterday you said you love me and now you want to kick me out of Devsu. Why? He says I don’t want to talk about that. You are not in your senses. She says when I was I was in sense you said you loved me? I think I was right. You don’t love me. You fell for my looks. You know what we call such boys in city? He says ew. You are talking such dirty things. She says eat this fruit. You have to prove your love like a man. Don’t just have to confess. He takes the fruit and eats it. Pragati is dazed. Baji says see.. Don’t ever make fun of my love again. Pragati giggles.

Pragati and Baji sit somewhere in jungle. She says this fruit is nice. What is called? He says I dont’ remember my name either butterfly. She says you called me butterfly again? I really like it. Please always call me that. He says you are a butterfly for me always. But a butterfly always flies. I doesn’t stop for anyone. Like you would leave me too.
She says why can’t you talk positive? He says I did. In my camp. But what did I get? Insult. Heartbreak. You broke my idol too. She says it was my idol idiot. He says whatever; You broke it anyway. Thank God you did. We are a mismatch. What could that idol do? Pragati says how did you love? just one no and you lost all the hopes? It doesn’t work that way. Love is very strong. How could you love shatter so easily?

Precap-Sethji says my baaji.. He is so nice. He understand everyone. In jungle, Baaji marries Pragati. He fills her hairline and take rounds around fire. He says I promise on this fire that I will always take care of you. I will always stand by you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. today baaji and pragati scenes were cute…!!eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode…!!

  2. Baaji? u totally rocked today?

  3. Asana321

    Pragaji bonding was awesome
    Hai everyone good morning
    Hai kabi where are you??????

  4. Very nice episode. I think it’s kinda day before she scolded baji and broke the idol and now she suddenly started Loving him. And what happened to baji. Pragathi said correctly that love is very strong and how could your love shatter so easily. Wait a second did pragathi confessed her love to baji? I think she didn’t confessed yet. In written update it is not clear are they inebriated due to that fruits? Since they’re​ inebriated pragathi will confess her love to baji and she might ask him to prove his love by marrying her. It’s just an imagination. Otherwise baji won’t go against his mother. Because He loves his mother more than anyone. I don’t know how CVS will show. Hope for the best. I’m eagerly waiting for next episode.

    1. I won’t like it if its in that manner.. which i feel will be that way..I wished they did it after acceptance from his mother..but certainly she will accept her as she is a mairee as well not just a sethji and she loves baji a lot..
      Btw, asana and kabi…why are you both ignoring me? I am requesting you to join India forums and gave you link on previous written update..but both of you dint reply me.. i ll not comment here if you dont like my comments. :'(

      1. Kabi...

        Sorry Padma dear. We aren’t ignoring you. If u felt so I’m extremely sorry. I will definitely join the forum if I find time. Please continue commenting here.

      2. Ok, I felt you people are ignoring me. Thanks for clarifying 🙂 keep watching the show.

      3. Asana321

        Sorry I use your link but I didn’t understand on that page(India forum)
        We are not ignoring you if you feel that sorry sorry…….
        We are really like your precious comments please keep commenting padma
        Hai padma how are you ???
        What do you do now?? Studying??

  5. Hi asana. Good morning. Have a nice day to you too.

    1. Asana321

      I too kabi

  6. superduper episode the precap was awesome

  7. Asana321

    Hai all good morning

    1. Asana321

      Sorry good evening

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