Sethji 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sethji said Bhaorao you are exiled from Devsu forever. Devi said no ji ji. Sethji ordered her men to kick them out. Sethji said if you ever try to enter Devsu I will kill you both. Devi said please don’t do this. Please forgive them. Think about me. Sethji said you don’t know what they did so don’t interfere. Devi said how can I not? I will die without him. Kick me out with him as well. Sethji said you are our daughter in law, you promised you will never leave devsu. I can’t let you break that rule. You will stay here. Devi said I will go with. I can’t live here. Bhao said don’t be mad. Stay here. Nagesh said I will keep attacking you from the other side of the border. I won’t let you sleep for a moment with peace.

Pragati says what he did was

so wrong. But every sinner should be given one chance. We punish people so they realize their mistake. Sethji says no matter how big is their sin? Pragatu says yes. Maybe after staying 16 years away from his family he wants to repent for his mistake. Sethji says I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Sethji is about to faint. Pragati says sethji.. She coughs. Uttara and Gauri bring food. Gauri says please eat. Uttara says yes please. Baji is here. Sethji says did baji eat? Wasu says no he has not even talked to anyone ever since he heard about Vithal. Sethji says he won’t eat. I will make him eat. She goes to Baji.

Baji is crying in his room and recalling his moments with vithal. He recalls vithal dying. Sethji comes there. She says don’t cry. See I brought you food. Baji says what else can I do except for crying? Sethji says please eat. Your body needs energy. What you think is right but Vithal is within our hearts. For him, please eat. Pragatu says baji for your mother please eat. She won’t eat until you do. Baji says you still haven’t broken your fast? Baji says lets eat together. They both make each other eat. Sethji says do some rest now. Your wounds are deep. Pragati take care of him. Apply meds on his wounds on time. They leave.

Pragati sits with baji. He is in tears. She applies wounds on his body. Baji says I.. She says don’t say anything. I will cry too. You don’t know how I felt. You should rest. Baji is crying. She says please don’t cry. Baji says Vithal.. She hugs him and they both cry. He says Vithal united us. How many more people will we lose. First Vithal and now Bhaorao. Pragati says nothing will happen to bhaorao. Sethji will handle it all. Get fit then we will fight back.

Scene 2
Raghu says to his men the problem is not gone. We have to protect our borders. We can’t lose more people. They hear something on border. When to go to border they see man there.
Sethji is doing pooja. She says please protect my family God. You gave baji a new life. Thank you so much. A man comes and tells her that nagesh’s men have beaten someone and thrown him on the border. Sethji wonders who could it be. She comes to the border. They man’s face is hidden. They realize no one from devsu is missing. Devi says has he died? Raghu says no he is breathing. Naesh says didn’t recognize him? He is from devsu; Sethji says we have counted our people. This is not devsu’s person. You had our son but now he is back as well. For the map you did all this drama and couldn’t get it. Now you are hitting your own men and trying to scare us? Nagesh laughs. He says you forgot this son of devsu I guess? No worries let me show you his face. He uncovers the man’s face. Devi screams.. Bhaorao. Everyone is dazed. Bhao is badly injured.

Precap-Devi begs sethji. She says don’t be so stone hearted. Save my husband. Sethji says whatever is happening with Bhao is because of him.
Devi says you are selfish. You can never do justice. Pragati says I will save bhaorao.
She runs out of devsu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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