Sethji 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nagesh said to Kamini you won’t go out of here alive. She ran out but they both grasped her. Nagesh took out his dagger and stabbed her. She fell down. Bhao said what if Ahilya gets to know? Nagehs said go to your room and I will go to ambrat. We will say no one know who killed her. You are sethji of devsu. Go and sleep.

Ahilya found Kamini. Ahilua said how all this happened? She told her everything. Sethji was scared and dazed. She says who will stop them? Kamini said you will. People of devsu respect you. You can get us justice. You have to become seth of devsu. sethji says its bleeding. Let me get you some help. Sethji brought her first air and said I will take responsibility of devsu.

Scene 2
Sethji says Bhao betrayed everyone. He back stabbed my husband and me

and entire devsu. That bhaorao can never change. I am sure there is some game behind him saving baji. he should never be forgiven. Pragati comes in and says but why? Devi is crying all day and night. She had been away from her husband for 16 years. She has listened to all of your orders. Sethji says I know what nagesh and bhao did. Every decision is taken here according to a rule. Pragati says I don’t know the history but I know that devi is really worried for Bhao. Sethji says Devi knows what her husband has done. She can oversee bhao’s sin but i can’t. Pragatu says what about the favor he did on us? Bhao saved baji’s life. Sethji says you don’t know what nagesh and bhao did. They did the same drama 16 years ago. They had one mission back then too. They wanted to ruin devsu. If you knew about their sin you won’t have said this. Pragati says then tell me what happened 16 years ago. Sethji said they stabbed Kamini. She tells Pragati everything.

In flash back, Nagesh said what is this rubbish. A man said sethji we all welcome you. Only you deserve to sit on this throne. We are all with you. Bhao says what drama is this ahiliya. Sethji said there is the drama. She points at Kamini who is sitting there and sobbing. Bhao said to Nagesh how was she saved. Lets run. Nagesh said don’t be coward. Nagesh said Ahilya enough of this joke. Get up from there and let the real sethji sit on his throne. Bhao says go from from here and do your work. People don’t listen to him. Sethji says they are people of devsu. Bhao said that is why they have to listen to what I say. Sethji said a few minutes ago I told you that I am the Sethji.
Nagesh said you have backstabbed him Sethji. But you are forgetting he was made sethji yesterday. Sethji said who made her? You? you have nothing to do with Devsu. Bhao says but I am from devsu and brother of vinayak. I have right to sit on this throne only. Sethji said you had the right. After your last night’s sin you have lost your right to sit on this throne. Devi says don’t make these stories. What he did? Sethji said you don’t know what sin am I talking about. Sethji said last night. Bhao and Nagesh tried to kill Kamini in the house. Her bruises tell the story of brutality on her. So this morning the elders of Devsu chose me as Sethji.

Bhao says this is all your made story. Bhao said a woman can never be sethji. And that too a woman who is pregnant. An elder said Bhao mind your language about our Sethji. We have made her Sethji. No one is more deserving than her. You never deserved it. They all chant in favor of Sethji. Sethji said I am a woman. But you forgot that a woman brought you in this world. When a woman is pregnant she can do anything to save her child. I can’t forgive you both. And bhao you don’t deserve to sit on this throne. you will never sit on this throne. Today, I Ahiliya Vinayak, Sethji of Devsu announce my first verdict. Nagesh you will never enter Devsu again.

I am taking decision for security of people of Devsu. When people inside devsu are traitors to devsu. They should be punished more. you should be ashamed of yourself Bhaoroa. With Nagesh you are exiled from Devsu as well. You shall never enter devsu again.

Sethji says now you know what bhao did. Pragati says but he should be given one chance to repent. Sethji says no.

Precap-Nagesh comes on border with an injured man. He saays this is someone from devsu. Sethji says no one from devsu is missing. He shows his face everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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