Sethji 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Devi is crying. She says no one here thought how would I feel. I have been serving you for 16 years. I have been looking after your kids. but you kept me away from my husband. I could never become a mom because of you. After all these years I begged you to save his life. You never listened to me. Never cared about my life. But you forgave your son Baji. But enough, I and Bhao have sacrificed enough. This is my warning if anything happens to my Bhaorao I won’t leave anyone. He risked his life to save baji but no one cares about him here. Pragatu hugs her and says don’t cry. Devi says they will kill bhao. Pragati says no God will protect him because he did a good thing. Devi says you are so nice. No one else cares about us here.

Sethji says i don’t know what to do. Bhao

has done a favor on us. But how can I forget that he was a traitor. He and Nagesh planned to ruin Devsu. She recalls Nagesh said Vinayak has been lost somewhere in city. I and bhao tried looking for him. I don’t know what he saw in city that he doesn’t want to come here. I understand your pain ahiliya. Maybe he will come back some day. But till then someone has to take care of this city. As Vinayak’s friend I think Bhaorao should sit on this throne. Sethji went inside in tears. Nagesh says no one has as an issue. Bhaorao is devsu’s new sethji. Congratulations bhaorao. We should celebrate today.

At night, there were celebrations in the house. Nagesh and bhao celebrate. Ahiliya is in her room. She recalled what nagesh said. Baji said to Ahiliay where is baba? Sambha said baba won’t come back. Ahiliya said he will come back. Nagesh said that too. Close your eyes I will read you both story. She reads them a story. That there was a prince who got lost in the jungle.
Nagesh said to Bhao new sethji. Bhao says this is all your favor. Nagesh says you are deserving. You have to do a lot more. Bhao says we will do it all together. They drink. Nagehs said our plan is working out. You became sethji. but your brother was so stubborn. If he had listened to us he would be with us. But he only cared about devsu. Bhao said leave it he is not gonna come back. Nagesh said if he listened to us this won’t have happened with him. Whatever happens will be good for us. A dancer, Kamini (Kasturi’s mom) starts overhearing. Bhao said we will rule this together. Bhao said everything that I have is yours too. We have to kick Ahiliya out of here. WE will distribute this devsu half half. Nageesh said no we won’t kick Ahiliya out. We will kill her instead. Kamini is dazed. Bhao said who is there? She hides. Nagesh saw her and says Kamini. Wanna dance more? She said no I was just picking my stuff. Bhao said did you hear anything? She says no. Let me go. Nagesh said then why you are scared? Bhao is your sethji. Respect him. She said let me go. I respect you a lot.

Kamini says shame on you. You should protect me instead of threatening me. You got this throne by deceit. I heard how you two fooled Vinayak. How can you do this to your brother. I swear on my daughter Kasturi I won’t let you sit on this throne. You will be punished here. Bhao says I will give you so much money for staying quite. SHe said not everyone is like you. I will tell ahiliya everything. Nagesh said how will you tell her if you die.

Precap-Kamini tried to run. Nagesh took our his dagger and said where were you running. She is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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