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Sethji 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nagesh says wow I am scared. He laughs. He says I brought what you want. Give me what I what. Sethji says you want this map right. Take it and leave my son. He says you think I am foll? I wont come inside devsu. Give it to me here. I have waited for this moment 16 years.
Uttara, Gauri and Wasu are praying. Gauri says why is God punishing us. Uttara says why would God punish us. This is a test for us. Gauri says God took Vithal from us and Baji’s life is in danger. A mom has gone alone to save him. Don’t know what’s next. wasu says in this trouble we should only pray. God will fix everything.
Pragati is in jungle. She looks at Sethji. Nagesh says give me the map. Nagehs shoves Baji in. Pragati says this is a deceit.
Sambha says mom should have taken us with

her. Raghu says we can’t say that now. Sambha says she left us here. I don’t know what to do. Sethji is about to give the map. Pragati says stop sethji. Nagesh is fooling you. This is not baji. Nagesh says this is baji. Nagesh says this is baji. Sethji takes the cloth off from his face and thats not baji. Sethji says you showed who you are. Where is my baji. Nagehs says don’t shout. Why you brought her here? Pragati says shut up. Where is Baji.

Gauri sees that the dia is about to blow. Sethji says to pragati I asked you not to come here. pragati says I knew he was gonna fool. Nagesh says do this drama later. Otherwise.. Sethji says what. He says I will kill this prgatai first and then you. Give me the map.
Gauri saves the dia. Sethji says you won’t get it. Nagesh’s men come. Sethji takes her rod and fights them. She gives the map to Pragati. His men try to take the rod from Pragati. Sethji hits Nagesh. He says please don’t hit me. For Vinayak. Sethji is about to hit his head. Baji says mom.. Sethji stops. They see Baji injured on the ground. Sethji says baji open your eyes. His mouth is bleeding. Raghu and Sambha come there. Pragati is crying. Baji opens his eyes. They take him home.

Scene 2
Vaidh ji treats baji. Sethji cleans his wounds. He is asleep. Baji wakes up and says vithal.. Where is Vithal.. He recalls what happened that day. He wakes up and says vithall.. My brother. God took him from me. Why. He recalls his moments with vithal. Sethji says he will live in our memories. Sethji says ganesh? Raghhu says he is home. We informed him that you are back. He is very disturbed. Sambha says tell us what happened that day. Baji says I an ganesh were looking for tukur. He tells them everything. He tells that nagesh took him to ambrat.
Nagesh said the devsu people call him a fighter. Our men hit him with two smacks. Ambi said do you wanna be beaten more? Baji laughs and says your cowardice talks. Talk about your bravery when you fight evenly. You are a backstabber. Ambi slapped him. Ambi said lets kill him. Nagesh says sethji will do anything to keep him alive. This is our lottery ticket. baji said you don’t know my mom. Baji says when I opened my eyes I saw his men around me. He saw bhao rao there. Bhao silently attacked all of nagesh’s men and released baji from there. Baji says bhao rao kaka you. He said don’t say anything. He released baji. Baji says I don’t know why bhaorao uncle did that. But he released me from there. Without his help I would never leave that place. He risked his life to save me. I dont’ know what will Nagesh do now. He might even kill Bhao. Everyone is dazed.

Precap-Sethji recalls nagesh said Bhaorao should be sethji. Then she heard them planning to kick her out. Nagesh said we only have to kill her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. the episode was very good. Pragati and sethji ..Baaji is back..
    waiting for todays epi

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