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Scene 1
They all come to papiya. He says what nagesh stooped so low. Pragati says he has baji as well. Sethji says call nagesh and tell him I want to meet him at the border. Papiya says I don’t have that phone anymore. I hated myself for using that phone and helping nagesh. I burned that phone on the border. That is when nagesh’s men beaten me. I am sorry I couldn’t help you. Pragati says we can call him from my phone. Sethji says is that possible? she says yes. She brings her phone.
Devi says I need to find out whats going on. I will have to update Bhao as well. She sees pragati running towards her room. She goes after pragati, Pragati looks for her phone. Her battery is low. Devi stops her. Pragato says I don’t have time. Devi comes with her.

Scene 1

says wow baba you played so well. Nagesh says finally that day is here when sethji’s weak point is in my hands. She will come to give me map. Ambi says what if bhao gets to know that we are gonna fool him. Nagesh says he is fool like you. He won’t ever know what my plan is. Don’t worry about him. We need to get the map anyhow. Bhao is there overhearing.

Papiya tells pragati number. Her battery dies. Sethji says what? Pragatu says like we need food it needs battery. If there is no battery it doesn’t operate. Like it died. Devi says what. Sethji says how will we contact nagesh now. Papiya says I can help but i have a condition. Raghu says you have conditions after your sins? We are letting you live here. Papiya says that is my condition forgive me sins. I won’t repeat them. Let me live in devsu with peace. I don’t want my daughter to hear that her father was a traitor. Sethji says okay no one will taunt you in devsu. Tell us how can we contact him. He says give me a moment. He takes out a big box. There is a powerbank. He says with it we can charge her phone. Pragati says yes. She charges her phone.

Baji is roped. Ambi says you can’t break these ropes weak. Baji says release me and then see who is weak. Ambi punches him. Baji says that was a weak punch. Call your mom maybe she might hit more than that. Ambi says joking much? Your mom is so worried for you. Baji says once I am released I will kill you. I won’t leave you. Ambi says your mom will come here. Baji says if you do anything to my mom I will burn your whole ambrat.

Sethji calls Nagesh. He says sethji you.. Why are you talking so angrily. Devsu is progressing? You broke the rule yourself. Worried for your son? Sethji says where is my son. Nagesh says you know that already. Why else would you call me. This is fun. Your baji has power but doesn’t have a mind. He came alone. Sethji says lion comes alone. Nagesh says when lion enters a village the villagers kill him. You want baji and you know what I want. Sethji says I knew you would say this. What you want, I will bring it. But there is one condition? Meet me at border of devsu alone with baji. Nagesh says why alone? She says you don’t want the map? He says I do. I will come alone. Sethji says tonight only.

Sethji is praying. She says today is my exam. Please give me enough strength. Show me a way.
Ambi says to nagesh that baji is trying to break the ropes. Nagesh says go and check. Ambia says did you talk to sethji? Nagesh says yes and she agreed. SHe will give me the map. We will party together.
Sambha says to Sethji we all want to talk to you. Rahhu says you shouldn’t meet that nagesh alone. Sethji says don’t worry about me. He cant do anything. I vowed that I will meet him alone. He can kill baji. Sambha says please try to understand. He can not be trusted. Pragati says at least I have right to come with you. Sethji says I am more worried than you. I have decided that no one will come with me. Try to understand my problem. I can only go alone. If you want to come you can only stay inside jungle. I don’t want anyone near border. They nod.

Scene 3
At night, sethji comes to border. Nagesh and ambi come there with a man with face covered. Nagesh goes forward with him. He goes to the border. Nahes says see your son. You came alone. Sethji says when child is in trouble a mother alone is enough for sinners like you.

Precap-Nagesh’s men surround sethji. She fights them.
Pragati has the map. Sethji says take the map from her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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